Sunday, February 26, 2012

Please Meet...Miss Gwendolyn

 Please let me introduce you to Miss Gwendolyn.  I have mentioned her before but never really told you much about her.  She is very shy and extremely quiet...unlike me.  Here she is sitting in a little wooden chair that Mr. C purchased.  He actually purchased this chair for Anne Sherry but Gwendolyn liked it so she acquired it.  It seems to suit her just fine.  Before Gwendolyn sat on my Grandparents bed and Grandpa got tired of moving her every night so he went out one day and bought her a little wooden high chair.  I don't have it but I wish I did.  Nothing special but the memory of Grandpa doing something so sweet for a doll which was completely out of character for him.

 She wants you to see her fancy stockings and lace pantaloons.  And she loves her little black Mary Jane shoes that tie around her ankles.  She does not like her dress or hat because it is not of the quality she used to wear however the previous silk fabrics began to wear thin and were horribly faded.  Grandma had a nice lady in Utah make this outfit for her.  Some day I am hoping to make her a "proper" outfit once again so she can be dressed in the manner she was accustomed to.
 Gwendolyn actually belonged to my Grandmother.  This photo is showing them both.  Mr. C actually had this very old bedraggled photo matted and framed for me one Mother's Day years ago after my mother passed away and I then received the photo.  Pretty special from a man who doesn't like dolls and isn't sentimental.
 Here is another photo of my grandmother and Gwendolyn.  This is just so precious to me to have these photos to go along with this beautiful doll.  I just missed buying a carriage like this one at the Doll Shoppe in Hobby City one day.  The curator couldn't believe I walked in with Gwendolyn just an hour after another woman bought the carriage.
 A close up to show the little tea party they were having while reading to one another.  Priceless!
Here is a close up of Gwendolyn so you can see her pierced ears, tiny little teeth and big brown eyes.  I think she is the most beautiful doll ever.
Although Grandma had this doll for so many years, the photo is taken approximately 1911 as Grandma was born in 1906 and she is about 5 years old here, she never named her doll or so she told me when I came to visit.  I would always ask if I could go in to her bedroom and look at her doll and there I would stand for the longest time just admiring her.  One day Grandma asked if I would like to hold her and that was the best ever.  She asked me what name I would give her and I immediately said, "Gwendolyn".  I have no idea where that name came from but to this day she is Gwendolyn.  Thank you Grandma for allowing me to enjoy Gwendolyn and keep care of her for you now that you are gone (many years now).  I so love you both.
With tears in my eyes (I am extremely sentimental) I am sharing my Gwendolyn with you as part of Memory Lane Mondays.
I feel so blessed to be entrusted with Gwendolyn until my daughter will inherit her and carry on the legacy.
I look forward to reading your shared memories...


  1. It is touching and emotional that you have a doll which belonged to your grandmother, and I find incredible that it is in such good conditions and that you also have pictures of them with it.
    You are preserving the history of your family.
    I wish I could do the same, but due to the earthquakes in my country Italy we lost all our memories, even pictures.
    Need to do a Time Capsule to ensure my family int he future will have this possibility.

  2. That is so sweet. She is really a great doll. Gwendolyn looks great for being so old. You truly have a piece of history with you. I hope you are able to find a carriage like the one your grandmother had.
    TFS, ANA

  3. I have my Great Aunt Imogene's doll with a china head and kid body. Aunt Imogene died when she was 19, and I remember the day Great Grandma Morris gave her to me. When I was in high school, I had her kid body repaired. She's wrapped in a beautiful piece of fabric that Grandma gave me. It's supposed to be used for a dress for her. Some day...

  4. What a precious memory, indeed. You clearly treasure Gwendolyn and well you should. She is absolutely beautiful and in such wonderful condition. And the memories she represents are priceless.

  5. How precious is your wonderful dolly Sherry and also the photographs. Thanks for sharing your wonderful childhood memories x

  6. ... oh and I'm wondering where Anne-Sherry has gone to now her chair is otherwise occupied!

  7. What a priceless story and family item to have!!!! Just priceless...she is a beautiful doll and I LOVE the pictures!!!! Sometime so special to pass on down in the family!!

  8. Oh1 What a super special memory and to have all the photos and memorabilia that goes with it. I almost need a tissue myself. Hugs!

  9. how wonderful to have a doll with so much history. She is lovely. Hugs

  10. Oh Sherry, how lucky you are to have this old doll, from your grandma- she is a beauty, and the old photoes so wonderful- together with your memories from time long gone- she is so sweet in her lovely chair.
    Hugs dear.

  11. Dear Sherry:
    I can just feel the love in your heart for your grandma and her sweet Gwendolyn. What a lovely story to share with all of us, and all the memories your little doll holds.

    Thank you so for joining MLM so that we could take a walk with you today.


  12. I have tears in my eyes. I had a doll that was very old . I named her Precious. She certainly was and is very precious to me. So I can feel your thoughts as you look at your Gwendolyn. Such wonderful memories and your dear husband knew how much they met to you.

  13. Miss Gwendolyn is charming, and how precious that you have photos of your grandmother with her! I have several pieces of jewelry that belonged to different grands, along with photos of them, quite young, wearing their treasures. That makes them all the more special.


  14. Oh, what an incredible story!! I can't believe you have not shared this before. She is in such perfect shape. It is incredible that you have so many pictures of grandma with the doll and the one where she is playing and not posed. There was not a lot of pictures taken in those days. My Mom was born in 1935 and she has only one picture of her as a young girl, she said a traveling photographer took the picture. Thank you so much for sharing!


  15. Isn't she sweet! And I love that photo of the little girl & her doll. There's a little girl in all of us I think.

  16. Oh she is just adorable! My mother had kept her dolls so BEAUTIFULLY, and I never could understand how these bisque dolls survived a child's hands. Then she let me at them and POOF, they were destroyed! Ohhhh if I only had been more careful! LOVELY DEAREST and thank you for your visit! BE WELL! Anita

  17. simply fascinating story, Miss Gwendolyn is soooo lovely and a truly jewel!!!

  18. Awww, that's so sweet of Mr. C to have those pictures framed for you. It sounds like he's just as special to you as your grandpa was to your grandma.

    Your Gwendolyn reminds me of a doll that my grandmother has. She too let me hold her once when I was a young girl. Somewhere I even have a picture. The doll will go to my aunt but I do have two dolls that my grandmother made. One stands next to the rocking chair that my great-grandfather made for me when I was a baby. It's nice to have connections to family that way.

  19. What a beautiful family treasure. Gwendolyn is a cherished member of the family. Enjoy the richness of this family treasure.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie
    P.S. Thank you for stopping by Queenie's wee blog and your lovely comment!

  20. I have a very similar doll. Well actually it belongs to my daughter. The doll belonged to her Great Grandmother Kathleen and since my daughter carries on the name Kathleen, she is now the proud owner. The doll sits in my living room on the couch. Since it is a typical living room.....where no one sits or goes she has the seat of honor!

  21. What a keepsake Sherry to have a doll that belonged to your grandmother! love the old photos that go along with her!
    Don't let Mr. C fool you for one minute. I bet he has a soft spot but doesn't want you to know about it! You know the tuff guy thing LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  22. Sherry - how lucky you are to have hold of Gwendolyn - AND the photos of your grandmother with her. She's wonderful, and I know she will be cherished for generations to come...thanks for sharing! Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  23. Wonderful story and Gwendolyn is in such good condition. See you are using the new linky tool. Me too so following you on there as well. Hugs Mrs A.


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