Friday, July 27, 2012

 This summer has been one of very little creative time in the studio or sewing room.  Mostly because I am busy doing other projects outside the home and my volunteer work in the community.
When I do sit down to make something I have a general idea but definitely no plan or pattern.  Sometimes my finished result is nothing at all like I had in mind when I began.
Here are some home decor fabric samples I pulled out of the closet.

First I serged some wool felt to the backs of the fabrics. I like the feel of the two fabrics together.  And wool felt is so easy to work with as it never frays like fabrics can do.

I am also a saver of previous year calendars.  There is something so intriguing about the pages that are not the little daily blocks.  Here is one of the calendars I pulled from the stack. The colors and words really speak to me.  The pages are quite thin however I can work with that.
 Here I am embellishing my serged edges with lace.  I love lace.  There can never be too much lace for my liking.  I prefer finished edges over shabby rough edges.  Personal preference only.  There certainly are lots of shabby chic things I adore.

Here is the brocade side with some more lace and now some buttons added.  This lace is not really this white...much more creamy ecru that blends better with the vintage fabric look.

Here is a photo of using the calendar pages.  I made a signature of papers and used the beautiful calendar as the front and back.  I actually glued two calendar pages together so it was beautiful on both sides of the front and back, inside and out.

And here is what I ended up with after completing my little project.  This is not what I had originally been thinking of however I am thrilled with the results of my time spent being creative.  This simple journal is sitting here on some coordinating colored mat board for wrapping and mailing purposes.
When you sit down to create do you begin with a plan or do you let the project come to you?
Our weather is wonderful and Summer is blissful.  I am winding down my month of July.  Now I shall go get busy on lots of tasks I wish to accomplish.  My list is long yet my desire to create is greater...


  1. So that's how you did it!!! Brilliant. Lots of times I do have a plan but I just got a new blank sketchbook and I'm beginning each 2 page spread with no expectations. Very fun! I did throw away the list and now I am just desiring to create!
    Bless you, Sherry! From a blessed recipient of your creativity. :)

  2. I looooove lace too! Your handmade journal thrills me. You did such a lovely job on it. I have actually created a pencil case recently, if you'd like to have a peek you can hop on over to my blog and see it...

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous creation!

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  3. Dear Sherry, I think I work a lot like you,---I have something on my mind, but very often it comes out as something totally different, --your journal of fabrics and papers are very wonderful, and I love you used the old calender pages- .
    Now remember to relax in between all you accomplish in your home and garden :-)

  4. Just adorable!!!! How clever and good way to repurpose!

  5. So nice to see the different steps you've taken to create your new journal.
    I hope the new month brings with it more time for creativity in your studio. May the sun shine warmly during the day and the rain fall gently at night.

  6. Dear Sherry, you make it look so easy. I am in the midst of creating my Travel Journal and am so overwhelmed....!

  7. Very pretty hand made journal cover. I love lace too.I also prefer to have edges"finished" rather than loose.

  8. What a very pretty handmade journal. I save old calendars, too, and you've used yours in such a creative way. Fabulous! Have a great day. Tammy

  9. Hi Sherry, WOW you are amazing. I love this so much and the details are fabulous. You inspire me more then I can say and make me want to put down my brushes for a bit.
    I hope you get to all the things on your list. Mine is never ending too, but we are having lots of fun aren't we?

    Thank you for sharing your talents.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. Another great creation . Thanks for showing how you did this. I always start out with an idea and it usually ends up totally different than what I planned. Such is life.

  11. Love how you went with the flow for this project. And the result is beautiful.

  12. This is really creative and lovely to look at. I would never think of it.

  13. What a great journal,I love home decor fabric samples. No, I never wing it, I always have a total vision before I start what I want to end up with. Unless I am doing something like embellishing bottles


  14. Oh MY!!! That journal is awesome!!!

    Thank you also for your prayers for my BFF. It means so much to me. Blogging gals are so kind!

  15. What a great use of old calender pages, your fabrics book is so beautiful.
    I usually have a plan in mind and do some quick sketches. but often go in a different direction.
    hugs Lynn

  16. And mail it she did!
    What a lucky recipient I am!!!
    Love it, Sherry!
    When I started reading this post, I thought, "hmmm, I've seen that color somewhere recently - and then, "oh, my! Sherry sent this gorgeous creation to ME!!!" Really like the tutorial too.
    xoxo Jane

  17. Such a lovely and creative journal you've made and what a great way to use those meaningful calendar pages. Simply wonderful :)


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