Friday, December 7, 2012

Little By Little...

I started with a little velour leaf.  It wasn't very pretty but I thought it might work.

Sew I got my needle and crochet thread and put some stitches into the little leaf.  Now it is getting some texture.

Here is the little leaf awaiting its next phase.

If you squint real hard you might now see a little holly leaf with some red buttons that might look like berries.

Here is a long scarf (folded up in this photo) that I have attached the leaves and buttons to.  I think this will look very nice as a table runner for the holidays.  It could even be worn as a scarf or shawl.  Very simple but completed and that is a good feeling.

Here is our mantel decorated for the holiday.  Mr. C actually did all of this for me as I cannot reach it.  It was fun to see how he arranged things very differently than I have in the past.  He even turns on the twinkle lights when it gets dark and that makes me very happy.

Our decorations are simple.  I unpacked a few boxes and put these items on the shelves.  It is amazing how many "mouses" I actually do have.  I adore each and every one of them.  Mr. C about fell over when he saw all this STUFF!  I thought I kept it simple.  True to my word I am editing as I am unpacking.  Some of the things I will enjoy this year and then donate.  Some I let Mr. C recycle already.  It makes him very happy.
May you take the time to enjoy your holidays as you rush through this busy time of year.
Holiday Creative Bliss...


  1. check out that cute little red stove!!! love it!

  2. Hope you're feeling more "festive" now you have some of your decorations up.
    Love the masks, and mice.Good idea with the leaf.Really dresses this piece up.
    Judy x

  3. You are looking very merry! Might be helpful to remember that you will be able to see the best ones better and not be quite so tired after arranging them. Wonderful weekend, Sherry.

  4. Well, you never cease to amaze us with your talent! Love the leaves!

  5. How fun! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Your leaf is just beautiful, Sherry! Your tiny stitches so comforting. I like your Christmas decorating! Hopefully this weekend I will get mine out, too...I hope you are feeling better each day. Thinking of you, ~ kathy

  7. It's beginning to look very cheery! Cute table runner/scarf with your holly leaves. Happy Holidays.

  8. What a cute idea, your holly berry buttons and leaves are wonderful! I enjoyed seeing your process photos so much...beautiful holiday decor as well!

  9. Hi Sherry, so enjoying catching up here with you and all your pretties. Love the runner with the leaf and holly buttons you created. Such a special idea. Your decor looks so festive.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. so pretty and you're so talented with sewing!

  11. The scarf is PERFECT - and your decorating with Mr. C. is so sweet - sounds like he's getting better with the decorating idea! Happy Saturday, Sherry - Tanya

  12. The leaf looks great with the added detail.

    Your holiday decorations look very pretty SSD, and you have trained Mr C very well - love that he is turning on the fairy lights of his own accord :)

    Due to our two mischevious little kittens we've decided to cut down drastically on our decorations this year - we'll make up for it next though as they'll be all grown up and sensible by then (here's hoping anyway!!)

    Take care and enjoy the weekend xx

  13. The scarf looks very pretty and the buttons add so much to the girl you are to think that up. I too have been editing the amount of Christmas I put out...years of collecting make one big stash of stuff. Need to weed out and donate too.

  14. wow the little leaves look so pretty . And that little red stove? gorgeous.

  15. Love the leaves. I think I can do that! I love how we have all focused in on your little red stove. Can't help ourselves!

  16. Thanks for sharing your creative process with the leaf. The finished project is lovely. I too am trying to decide which items in my decorating boxes can be recycled but it is fun to see our decorations out again.

  17. You always seem to create just simple lovely things.
    Why do I seek always the toughest ways to do things ;-$

  18. Your leaf and berries make a lovely addition to your scarf! Now it is really in the holiday spirit!
    I have just finished putting up my decorations, and I have kept it simple this year. But it does really cheer the house!

  19. Hi Sherry, loving you scarf is so pretty.
    You and your Mr. C are so adorable, great team! He did a great job, I love that red stove. Everything is beautiful.

  20. What a darling table runner Sherry, Your home looks so inviting with your Christmas decor!
    How sweet that Mr. C helped you!
    Enjoy the season.
    Hugs Lynn

  21. Looks to me like you did keep things pretty simple. Funny how people see things differently. My husband could care less what I do around here -- but I'm getting to the point where there really is too much stuff and not enough space. I really must purge! Best wishes, Tammy

  22. Your needle work is so lovely! I like the way you have your decorations, simple but inviting.
    I thought I'd given away a lot after last Christmas, but it seems I still have way too much!


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