Saturday, December 22, 2012

St Nick, Santa or Sorcerer???

 Here is the homemade Jolly little...Hmmm?  Is this St. Nick?  Is it Santa?  Or is it a Scorcerer?
I finally decided it was time to finish this project and send this home where he belongs.
 About seven years ago while shopping at our local quilt store my girlfriend and I saw this pattern and a sample made up.  We really liked it and said, "We can make those for Christmas gifts and give them to our family and friends."  So we bought the pattern.  And then it sat for about five years.  We even purchased some rusty jingle bells and snowflakes.  We also had purchased the hair material which I must say might be the wrong kind as it is a mess to work with.
Then two years ago we decided to actually take the pattern out of the envelope and make one for each of us as a trial.  It was a trial to be certain.  The directions were terrible and the design was not friendly.  We improvised and made our own version.  Then they sat unfinished.  This year I decided it was time to finish them and give my girlfriend hers for Christmas.

Here is a close up of how I finished off the cuff with braided trim and beading.  It was difficult to sew at best.  I managed to finish the cuffs, hem the bottom of the coat and sew on the jingle bell at the tip of the hat and place the snowflake on his hand.  Wrapped up and gifted and now he is in his new home.  This looks nothing like the pattern photo but I think there is potential with our design.

This photo I left blurred as this one is mine and I have not completed him yet. Now that I have posted this I will be certain to finish him.  Not for this holiday season but early in the new year.  I actually really like mine! I can honestly say I won't be making multiples of these for family and friends as they are unbelievably complex and tedious.  I do understand the first of anything is always the most difficult but somehow I don't think this St. Nick, Santa, Sorcerer will get any easier to create.
I am enjoying seeing the Christmas lights on homes as I drive around.  This past week Mr. C and I were able to enjoy our local Victorian Christmas which is celebrating its 35th anniversary.  It was magical and we had such a good time.   Now it is time to celebrate with friends and family throughout the next few days and evenings.  Holiday Blessings with Peace and Joy for all in 2013...


  1. I think your Santa is darling. His cuffs and mittens are priceless. I do know what your are saying about patterns. Some can really frustrate.
    I hope you have a joyous Christmas with Mr. Creatology. I just know you will.

  2. it is beautiful,so much work, must be very satisfying , what a beautiful gift! Have a merry Christmas,

  3. Well at least you saw him through to the end -- twice! Will be a reminder of your friend and the hard work you put into creating him. Now on to easier projects! Happy holidays. Tammy

  4. a wonderful Santa was well worth the frustration it caused you making it. I have problems following instructions so now tend to only do my own thing, blame my problem on age!!
    All the best to you and yours thus Christmas time.

  5. I love Santa too Sherry.He looks very cute and soft!Love the little details on his cuffs and his little mittens.
    I have patterns like that .Things I have kept for years, then suddenly the inspiration comes to complete them. looking forward to seeing him done.
    Love Judy x

  6. Considering the trials and tribulations you experienced with this pattern, he must be a sorcerer! He does make an adorable Santa.

  7. I am sure your Santa looks great. You would not want to see me trying to pull one together. Can't wait for you to finish yours and share with us.

    Happy Holidays and may 2013 bring you great health and lots of love. ANA

  8. Hi Sherry,
    I love your Santa and I think he is a darling of a little guy. Your work is always amazing and always beautiful. I can imagine how it was with not good directions, but you make it look easy my friend and have the talent to complete it perfectly.

    Love the yarn below too. The scarf is going to be gorgeous.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year.
    Hugs, CM

  9. Well done for getting him done after all that time - he looks just fine to me. Your Victorian Christmas sounds beautiful. Hope you enjoy all your festive celebrations SSD xxx

  10. You are amazing with all the sweet things you make. Yes,it seems like a good year to finish that cute little guy. The Santa stocking that I made for display at my daughter's studio/craft shop in Truckee was very very difficult. The directions were terrible so I did my own thing!!!
    I bet you are getting snow. We have been getting lots of wind and rain. A good day to be lazy. Hugs, Cory

  11. beautiful! It does look like a Santa Sorcerer!!!

  12. Well you sure improvised well. They look darling!
    hugs Lynn


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