Sunday, December 30, 2012

Memories...Cherished Remembrances

As 2012 comes to a close I am reflecting on lots of past memories.  I wish to thank Donna of Brynwood Needleworks for hostessing Memory Lane Mondays (MLM) all through 2012.  This is the final MLM as she is going to be doing something new in 2013.  I have enjoyed reading many of the participating posts and I have enjoyed my participation this past year.  As I reflect on my memories I have chosen not to select any one in particular as I have in the previous posts.  Instead I am considering the newest memories I have made that link to my previous memories I cherish.  My love of family and friends is key.  I have made many new friends this year through blogging and I am very grateful.  I have many friends from the years of no computers or blogging and I cherish them.  Now I am able to enjoy all my friends and the world is much smaller now.
Each year I take a cue from my beloved Grandmother (I have shared so many memories of her) and I try to finish up projects that have been left unfinished far too long.  Hence my Santa/Wizard that is shown here.  I was intent to finish him after his seven year wait to be created.  I wanted to dress him in vintage paisley and not in the bright red of tradition.  I am proud to say he is finished and he is quite handsome and charming.  In creating him I relived my wonderful memories of learning to sew with my Grandmother, Mother and older sister.  I am very grateful for being taught so many creative skills by my family.

Here is the sleeve detail.  I selected "Old World" matte beads that I hand stitched along the cuff edge with the braiding.  These colors are really subtle yet elegant and rich.
I also did the beading around the bottom edge.  All together he stands about 15" tall.  I finished him just in time to pack him away until next December when I can, once again, enjoy my memories of making him.  
I also spend extra time just before the old year ends to do some extra cleaning.  This way I hope to be a better housekeeper in the coming year.  Dear Grandma would always do this and have all the laundry washed, folded and put away.  All the ironing was completed too.  Check.  I have completed these tasks.  In past years you could find me literally at 11:59 pm on New Year's Eve just finishing the pile of ironing.  It feels good to begin fresh.  I do not make resolutions as that is not what fits my style.  I am more of a pick-a-word person and try to follow-through during the year.   I do keep my word from each year and build upon what I was able to achieve.  This is really quite powerful.  I did not do so well with my previous word "now".  However "focus" was a success and I am still improving on this.  Last year I selected the word "play".  Somehow my favorite quote from John Lennon derailed me.  "Life is what happens while you are making plans".  I planned on playing a lot more but it didn't seem to happen.  So I shall carry forward this word also as I enter into 2013.  I have been contemplating on several words and not one of them has spoken to me as of yet.  I may need to try a different approach as my friend Jillayne of A Fine Seam did.  She had a word of the month that worked for her.  Maybe that is why I am not able to select just one word yet.  After all I still have time for this to get figured out. 
This year I have good memories that I am adding to my previous memories.  Good times with family and friends.  Trips taken to do new and exciting things.  Lots of "pay it forward" and "random acts of kindness" activities I was able to do this year.   I had set a goal for myself to do at least one per day and I can honestly say I was able to exceed my goal.  The little things in life do count!  
This post is long and wordy and if you are still reading along...thank you.  I adore each of you who follow and share your creativity.  My days are much happier when I read your blogs and share comments. 
Blessings with Peace and Joy for all of 2013...  


  1. How sweet, your granny is smiling on you! I like "Play" I really need to play more this year I worked so hard last year...Yep, Play, I like that !

    Carol happy New Year!

  2. Each year's end brings many memories doesn't it? Have a lovely New Year's celebration whatever it is Dear Sherry.Kev and I have some nice champagne and a lovely neighbour brought us some chocolates, which was lovely.We'll share them with Mum tomorrow.Kev's off to buy a new calendar, and some groceries.
    I'm just listening to an audio book, and whizzing round circles on my sewing machine.
    May the New Year hold some special, and happy times for you Sherry.
    Judy xx

  3. Even though I didn't participate in the Monday Memories, I loved to read everyone else's posts and it was so comforting to hear how others grew similar to my childhood.
    Love your Santa, he reminds me of a woodland Santa...and yes I know the feeling of just finishing Christmas as the New Year rolls around, ha ha.....maybe we should check in with each other and call it "we are so far behind we are starting a new list to be ahead for 2013" Well maybe Jillayne's way is better using only one word!
    You have a wonderful New Year and I agree with JL's quote, sometimes I think we should just let life happen!

  4. I have enjoyed following right along with you this year. You exude positivity in all that you do and that is a very good thing. So glad to see that your Santa is complete. He's a handsome fella and will bring you much joy in the years to come. I'm not one for resolutions -- I do wish I could get organized and keep up with the house, but so much more fun to craft the day away. Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year. Tammy

  5. have enjoyed your posts and look forward to your words of wisdom in 2013.

  6. what a beautiful post, best wishes to you my friend, Happy and Healthy New year!

  7. The skills and wisdom gained through elders (like in your case with Grandma) is priceless. They teach us so much.

  8. Happy New Year, Sherry - glad I found such a wonderful friend in 2012! XOXO Tanya

  9. Here is to a great new year, my dear friend!

  10. Lovely reflections, Happy New Year! ~Diane

  11. Dear Sherry:
    Thank you so much for participating in my final MLM. It means the world to me that someone who has become so dear to me was able to join in sharing her memories. I love your new Santa, and I'm sure it will be a cherished part of your annual celebrations.

    Looking forward to a new and exciting year, filled with only love and light.

    Thank you for being a happy addition to my life.

  12. Love your Santa/Wizard! I'm so glad he's finally come to be, and shall add to your Christmas memories.
    As I get older, I believe that our purpose is to become the best we can be, to open our minds and hearts to others, and to the endless possibilities.
    Wishing you a year filled with possibilities met. May 2013 be a year of peace and love.

  13. Dear Sherry,
    You have had a wonderful year and your talents are many. I am always inspired by you and your creations. I know your family is so proud of you to carry on the learnings they blessed you with.
    Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with continued joys and blessings always.
    Thank you for your friendship. I am so glad we met here in blogland.
    Hugs, CM

  14. Sherry-- my goodness what a creation!!! You are amazing!!
    All my love and best wishes to you as we enter this bright new year---

  15. What a beautiful Santa... love the beaded details. Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

  16. here is a beautiful art that brings me much joy. Taking fabrics, lovely embellishments to make such magic, this is what my dear mum would do. SO LOVELY!

    And thank you my dear for your wonderful words of encouragement. Much love to you and may this new year bring us all closer to one another! Anita

  17. How beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful 2013!

  18. Hi Sherry! I am late, but I am here, At a place I love to visit! Your Grandmother would have like my grandmother! Grandma always used to say, "A place for everything, and everything in it's place." I love your Santa. You are such a good and hardworking person. I really admire you. Happy New Year! Blessings and good health to you and yours!
    Love, kathy


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