Monday, December 3, 2012

Boys Train Toys...

Once upon a time there was a little boy.  His family was not well off.  They didn't have much.  There was a father, mother, sister and brother.  The father worked as a glazier.  The mother was the homemaker.  The sister was a brat (according to her brother).  The brother was an angelic child (according to him).  This little boy is now my husband so I get the story straight from the source.
This little boy desperately wanted an electric train set for Christmas one year when he was about 9 years old.    Here is a photo of him with the train he actually received.  It is not electric and the little boy was very disappointed.  The smile in this photo is a forced smile.

Here is a close up of the train.  Can you see the key laying down in front of the tracks?  This train set was a wind up version.  The little boy's heart was broken.  It wasn't just about not getting what he was about his father never doing anything for him or with him.  This little boy grew up to dislike all holidays and birthday celebrations due to the disappointment he always experienced while growing up.  Now fast forward to me meeting this little boy who is now a man.  When I met him he was very stoic and was always working to provide for his family (even for grown adult children).  He did not have that magical childlike wonder in him.  I have plenty in me so I made it my goal to share mine with him and bring out the fun for him to enjoy.  After 25 years I believe I am making progress.  However I have gotten side-tracked...just like a train.

When this wonderful man turned 60 I threw him a surprise birthday party.  I rented the local pizza parlor.  I invited lots of his friends (most of whom are car buffs along with him).  I had a theme for the party...trains.  This was to be the party he never had when he was 9.  I have no photos of the actual party but I can honestly say it was a huge surprise and everyone had lots of fun (yes the grown ups got to have beer).  This photo is of the train set...ELECTRIC...that I bought and gave to him.  It was the closest to what he had wanted that I could afford.  I had to search high and low for this.  Even my girlfriends helped me search (it helps that we all love to shop).  My little boy who is now grown into a wonderful man was very touched and surprised.  He finally has his electric train and each year that we put up a Christmas tree (some years we are gone) he lays out all the track and surrounds the tree with his train.  When the train is running it has a wonderful whistle and full recording of a real train chugging along and it has smoke from the stack.   Now there are happy smiles as that little boy plays with his electric train.
I could never change his childhood and how he endured growing up.  What I can do is share my childlike wonder of magical things and hope he begins to BELIEVE.  You can be certain no matter where we are at Christmas...Santa always finds this little boy and leaves him presents and a filled stocking.
Thank you for traveling down Memory Lane Monday with me.  Thank you Donna of Brynwood Needleworks for hostessing this each month.
We definitely have had rain!  And it was "Biblical Proportions" that was predicted.  Over 12 inches in about 5 days so that will last us a while.  What?  More rain coming?  Okay since this is really Winter for us.  Our ski resorts did finally get some snow.  These storms were a "pineapple express" so it was warmer than needed for snow.
I am truly enjoying seeing all of your holiday decorations and gifts you are creating.  Lots of beautiful inspirations.  Thank you all for sharing so much.
Joyful Jingles and Creative Bliss to all...


  1. what a sweet and wonderful lady you are! your story brought tears to my eyes...As for our "boys" I don't think they ever grow up, they just some times need to be reminded, that the "little boy" still exists within them!

  2. Oh Sherry,
    what a sad story, ending happy,-you are truly a very loving wife, and I am sure your husbond was so very touched when recieving the gift and wonderful party, you made him.

  3. that was such a sweet gesture to have a train set for him on his 60th birthday. I hope you plan on taking pictures of the train set, set-up under the tree for us to see.
    I will be posting pictures of my home decorated.
    Hope your weather gets better soon. ANA

  4. You are such a sweet lady... what a story, so glad he got his train after all. Can't wait to see it maybe under the tree. He has pleanty of years to play with it, maybe he'll let you play too,lol.

  5. Bless your loving heart, Sherry. I had good parents but I do relate to disappointing presents so they don't excite me much. But when some one does something for me that is huge and you have certainly done for Mr. C and many others!

  6. What a wonderful story and with a happy ending! No wonder you two found each other!!

  7. Ah, you are lucky to have found each other...what a wonderful story. I am SO happy he got the train he so deserved. XOXO Tanya

  8. OK, I got choked up! what a sweet story, you are just what he needed in his life, God does not make mistakes. I heard about all of the rain and the many problems it caused...Crazy weather this year!


  9. I can just see his face when he gets his train going for the first time each Christmas, such a touching story very sad beginning but a wonderful ending, like others you bought tears to my eyes both of sadness then joy.

    That is some rain you have had, hope it has now dried up and the sun is shining once again

  10. Wow, what a story!
    So you proved it is possible to make things right, or at least less wrong.
    Mr C is very lucky to have such a wonderful loving wife like you, dear Sherry!

  11. What a touching story of your husband SSD - he is indeed very lucky to have met you, and some of your magic must be rubbing off now - even though he still doesn't care for all your boxes of 'stuff' re post below - lol.

    Your gift of an electric train is just the best - he must have been truly thrilled with it - and the surprise party too.

    Take care and thanks for sharing your story xx

  12. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read all about it at

    Have a great Day!!! Laurel

  13. Cute story Sherry. Boys and their toys! Got my envelope yesterday. love it. thanks as always for sharing.

  14. What a precious story. We put a train around our tree every year too.Boys and their toys you know.(but I love it too)!

  15. Sherry, I'm sitting here with tears running down my face. Your story of your hubby touched my heart in so many ways. Bless you for giving that little boy his dream!
    He's so lucky to have you in his life!
    Now I understand!!!!!
    hugs Lynn

  16. This story, and your absolutely charming telling of it, brought tears to my eyes, Sherry. I love your enthusiasm and positive attitude. That boy is fortunate to have you, and I'm sure he knows it. I BELIEVE.

  17. Sherry this is such a sweet story. God bless you for making his boyhood dreams come true.

  18. Oh this is so sweet What an amazing person you are.

  19. How lucky that little boy is now that he is grown and has a wife like you!

  20. Hi Sherry, What an amazing story of true love. You are a beautiful lady and God blessed your hubby with you. What special memories you created for him to make the story have a wonderful continuation.
    Merry Christmas to you and your guy!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  21. I enjoyed reading this story. I have been a little focused on some things that have "hurt my feelings" lately and now I thnk the answer to this is to do something to encourage someone else and build them up. I have the flower pin you sent me in my sewing room and I want you to know that I think of you, a very kind lady, when I see it.

  22. OH my goodness.... how precious you are to do that for your hubby-- loved reading your post
    big hugs,

  23. A very touching story, Sherry. So wonderful that you were able to finally fulfill hubby's childhood wish of an electric train. Happy holidays. Tammy

  24. This is so sweet, Sherry! No wonder your husband doesn't like Christmas and other holidays! I'm so happy you found a train for him!!! Such a loving, thoughtful gesture.

    I still have our childhood electric train, but the engine needs some repair. Must get it to the shop one of these days - a little trip! The train was a gift for my younger brother and me one Christmas. I was the one who wanted one, but my parents didn't think that was a proper gift for a girl :) The first time we went to NYC my brother & I had to make sure to visit the Lionel headquarters! Years later, my brother gave/sold it to someone & when I protested mightily, my mother bought it back. My children enjoyed it for years, and now I need to get that repair so others can enjoy it. Maybe I'should give it back to my brother for his grandchildren!
    xoxo Jane

  25. My sweet friend. How could I have possibly missed this wonderful post? I so enjoyed reading every single word, and the love you feel for this man came through in your story. He's lucky to be married to a woman who still has and shares her playfulness and sense of wonder. You're a true treasure, Sherry. I'm proud to call you "friend".
    Long distance hugs,


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