Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PANIC! Handstitch...

This created huge PANIC for me yesterday.  Earlier this year I bought some lovely velvet and satin scarves. I knew they would be Christmas gifts however I wanted to embellish them and make them more personalized for each recipient.  Three to be for each of the Ladies Who Lunch girlfriends.
Unfortunately I thought this teal one was completed.  However when I retrieved it from the gift cupboard this is the mess I found.  I hadn't even begun this project and I needed it completed in less than 24 hours for our gift exchange luncheon today.

In my desire to keep this holiday as stress-free as possible I took a deep breath and gathered my supplies.  Here is the lace trim pinned down.  I opened the side seams in order to hide the lace cut edges inside the seam for a nicer finish.  I also decided each little flower needed a beautiful bead center.  So the hand-stitching began.

Here is one end of the scarf completed.  I wrapped the lace around both sides of the end.  Subtle but I like the elegant look.  This is for my friend who really likes blue.

After many interruptions and lots of hand-stitching this is the completed scarf.  Whew!

Nothing like waiting until the very last minute.  Here are the three scarves wrapped and ready to give.  One was the red one with the holly leaves and buttons I shared earlier.  The other scarf was a lavender with a lovely gimp I stitched on the ends.  See the tin on the right with the snowman painted on it?  The nose is a wooden knob painted red.  Very cute.  I did not make it but I am sharing the cute inspiration.

Here's the ladies.  Lots of fun and laughter was had by all.  We exchanged our gifts and really enjoyed our time together.
We have had some more rain.  The predicted snow did not happen here.  The ski resorts higher up got fresh snow and that is good.
Every day is filled with JOY and the wonder of the season.  Holiday Bliss and Creative Hugs...


  1. Your scarves look amazing. Glad you had a chance to have some fun with friends. thanks as always for sharing.

  2. your friends must have been delighted with these wonderful scarfs.

  3. How wonderful that you finished your project and then were able to spend quality time with your girlfriends. I love your scarves and I'm sure they do, too.

    Thank you so much for all your generosity, my sweet friend. I love the tiny angel I recently received. I'll treasure it always.

    I'm so grateful for you!

  4. Oh no Sherry, That sounds just like something I would do!!
    That being said your scarves came out beautifully, No doubt they all Loved them.
    Time with friends is such a special gift.
    Hugs Lynn

  5. Hi Sherry,
    What beautiful gifts, made and given with such love!
    I have a saying (it really belongs on a pillow), "if it weren't for last minute, nothing would ever get done."
    hugs and JOY this Christmas,

  6. The scarf is beautiful. I am sure all 3 were. Very nice gift to give. I am sure they loved them and mostly that you added your own touch to them.
    how fun to meet up with friends just to chit chat and catch up on things. I met with 2 yesterday for breakfast and then some shopping. I did no shopping but had a great time seeing them shop. Have a great week and weekend. Our weather here in Florida is horrible, cloudy muggy but no rain. Ana

  7. How could your lunch be anything less than a success. Beautiful.

  8. Beautiful scarf! So nice to enjoy an outing with your good friends. Every time they wear their scarves, they'll think of you. Happy times.

  9. Your scarf is just lovely and it is so sweet that you add that extra personal touch to make them more meaningful and special gifts. I'm sure they were delighted to receive them. Glad you enjoyed your get together.

  10. I can imagine how you felt after your discovery.
    But all ended well.
    The lace really adds something special to the scarf.

  11. I find I work far better under pressure! The scarves came out beautifully - I must be a freak of nature, because I know among my friends, I am the one who LOVES to hand stitch! AND...I will be doing a little post upcoming (as soon as Christmas is in place around the house later today) for a something special I received in my mail box yesterday - it's FABULOUS, and you shouldn't have, but I must say, I love it!!! And girls look FABULOUS in the photo. XOXO Tanya

  12. What a great gift idea, I have to remember this!! Everyone loves something with a little handmade twist! I bet the ladies who lunch loved them!


  13. Whew! You just made it! Good for you! The scarves look amazing. What gorgeous color and the trim really makes them elegant.
    I am sure your lady friends were delighted!

  14. lolol. i have a holiday lunch with two of my artsy friends today and I am in the same exact boat!!! I took the day off just to finish my gifts (okay, START and FINISH!!) xo lovely scarves. lucky ladies! for your friendship as well as your talents.

  15. oohh the scarf looks quite lux! There is nothing like a little rejuvenation with our close friends. Hugs,

  16. Sherry your gifts are amazing and I love how you embellished the blue scarf. Gorgeous work once again my friends. I know your friends loved their presents. Lovely pic of your girls together. Nothing like good lunch girlfriends.
    Have a great weekend dear one.
    XO CM

  17. The colors and stitching are amazing. what beautiful gifts they will be. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  18. Gorgeous scarves and I love how elegantly you wrapped them too! Almost nothing beats lunch with friends, glad you could enjoy it. ~Diane

  19. I`m sure your friends were all very happy for your wonderful gifts, -you all looks so pleased to be together Sherry.
    Here it started rayning, so snow dissapers here,also.

  20. What a perfect gift to make for your friends!

  21. I know the feeling so well. Give me a deadline and I'm usually right up against it!! Your scarf turned out really pretty. The lace just the right colour and embellishment
    For the teal. Hugs Mrs A.

  22. The scarves are beautiful! Lovely gifts!

  23. Yay! You got them done and with such care and attention. I can tell you really love those lunch ladies!


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