Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Pink Scarf...

In making pink scarves for Vicki's project I was smitten by Celestina Marie's pink scarf she made.  Visit her blog to see her beautiful photos.  Thank you Celestina Marie for the beautiful inspiration.  So off to the local Ben Franklin's to get a skein of Sashay yarn.  Normally I would have never even looked at this skein because it holds no interest for me.  The yarn is not pretty but appears rather chunky and utilitarian.

Aha...don't judge a book by its cover so they say.  Upon closer inspection the yarn is very interesting.  Spread it out and you see lots of netting style openings.  Now with a crochet hook (there are also instructions for knitting) you begin crocheting this into a scarf.  I had to You Tube a video (several times) as the instructions were not clear to me.

Hmmm...its beginning to look like a lacy jabot.  Not very easy to work with and definitely do not lose your place.  I seem to constantly be getting interrupted which is not fun while working with this yarn.  I really need three hands for this.

I will persevere and finish this scarf.  In fact I am planning on having it done before February is finished.
When I posted my last pink scarf I was contacted by my dear friend Sandy who donated that gorgeous yarn.
She and her daughter and daughter-in-law are each going to knit a pink scarf and donate them to Vicki's project.  Thank you very much Sandy, Emily and Robin.  You are the best!  Isn't it wonderful how one person can make a difference?  However it takes a village to really get the job done.
Our weather is continuing to hold sunshine.  It is glorious!  Still cold but much better than snow and ice.  Our area renamed January to Junuary because it was such a mild one.    We are expecting some rain this week. I hope it is clear this weekend as our little town celebrates Mardi Gras with a Ball, Street Faire, Parade and Carnivale.  We know how to have fun!  Here is the link.
Off to crochet as I have a scarf to finish.
Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. Hi sherry. Beautiful scarf. Don't I wish I could do something like that. Not even following the instructions on youtube could I pull off something like that.
    Our weather is hot here. It was supposed to be in the 40's early monday morning but that never happened.

  2. OK, that's gorgeous...I was at Joann's the other day, and the return desk person was telling someone they have had nothing but returns on that yarn, because evidently it's NOT that easy to work with. Looks like you're doing wonderful with it, though, brave girl! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  3. Hi Sherry,
    I love the sashay yarn and have made many scarves with it. It may be easier to knit than crochet the sashay as I was able to knit a scarf in a couple of hours one evening.
    It will make a beautiful scarf for Vicki's Scarf Project. Hang in there.

  4. I saw that at Celestina Marie`s blog, too dear Sherry.It looks like you are making a most beautiful scarf of this tricky yarn- so wonderful of you.
    Hugs and happy creating.

  5. Love the colors!!! My friend(s) in Michigan have knitted with this yarn but I didn't get hooked (yet!). The scarves turn out great and I really like the shades of pink!! Nicely done!!

  6. I've seen that yarn but have no idea how you could be crocheting with it. I saw a bunch of those ruffly scarves in the yarn shops when we were in Germany. So nice that your friends are on board with the pink scarf project. Clear skies definitely make any day seem so much better. I went to Mardi Gras once when I lived in the New Orleans area and believe me, once is enough. Far too crazy and big and loud for me. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  7. I love to work with that yarn and I crochet my scarves too. I use 2 other yarns...an eyelash and a fancy yarn with the sashay. Crochet a chain with the eyelash and fancy and pick up a bit of the sashay in each stitch. Leave about an inch of the sashay uncaught between the stitches and it makes a lovely ruffle. Have fun!

  8. Hi Sherry! With our snowflakes, blizzards, high winds, and frequent temps in the single digits, a rosy pink scarf is a sight for cold eyes!! Hope you show it when it's finished. Very pretty. K

  9. Oh, I am sooo in love with pink, what a great project, wow you have become a master knitter!!


  10. Junuary! pretty cute, like your scarf!

  11. Hi Sherry,
    Oh your pink scarf is beautiful. I know it can be a little challenge as you get the rythum of this style, but it looks like you are doing a wonderful job of it.
    So glad you were inspired to try the sashay after seeing the one I worked on. You are so kind to mention me here. I appreciate your kindness.

    Thank you also for stopping by and your kind comment about my RH blog feature. You are always so sweet and encouraging.
    Have fun with the crocheting. It can be very addicting.
    Have fun with your celebration for Mardi Gras too. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    Blessings to you my friend. Hugs, Celestina Marie

  12. this is going to be a very pretty scarf when finished Sherry. Looks very complicated to me! I no longer knit due to finger joint problems but try do do a bit of crochet, usually just blanket squares.

  13. Hello SSD, long time no visit! I've just been browsing your previous posts and have missed so much! Your creativity is amazing & I love seeing what you have made. Keep up the wonderful work xxxxx

  14. Oh these are so gorgeous my dear. I only wish I could see your work in person! HAVE FUN and thank you greatly for coming to visit and comment! Anita

  15. that is an amazing pattern and the color is lovely,

  16. Your first scarf was beautiful and I bet this one will be as equally stunning. Hugs Mrs A.

  17. Your scarf is looking wonderful already Sherry, and I am sure your perseverance will last to the end - I can read the determinedness in your post! It is a wonderful project you are taking part in, and as you say, it takes a village, and a beautiful village it is.
    I hope your weather holds for the Mardi Gras festival - I can just imagine your little town a-buzz with all the excitement!

  18. I've never used this netted yarn myself...but wow! What beautiful results. Yes, you will perservere...and you will be glad when you see it finished!

    Great colour too.
    Ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  19. How beautiful! I've never seen the yarn before. I've seen the scarves and wondered how they got it to look like that. You mentioned Ben Franklin... that is a blast from the past for me. They closed ours down years ago. Too bad, they had such good personable service and was our first craft shop.

  20. I have knit a couple of these scarves but had never thought of trying to crochet one. I'll definitely have to crochet one now too. Your's will be beeooutiful :)

  21. This is gorgeous yarn, I saw my friend Celeste's scarf at Celestina Maries blog and it was gorgeous too! I really need to try this! ~Diane

  22. That is so fun!! Having your own Mardi Gras in town!! You will have such an awesome time for sure!!
    We are expecting a huge snow storm sometime tomorrow till some time Saturday. ugh.
    That scarf is so lovely!! I have a lovely white lacy scarf like that that I wear with a sweater or something for fashion in the winter. It won't keep you warm, but it looks super cute!!
    Hope your weather holds up!!

  23. I will not buy new yarn and make one of these scarves...I will not buy new yarn...I will not...

    My willpower is eroding...

  24. One of my GF's just made me one of these scarfs in reds. I Love it and have already wore it twice in one week!
    pretty in pink too!
    hugs Lynn

  25. I've never seen anything like this before, I even like it straight out of the package. Love the scarf!!

  26. Sherry-
    Oh how I love you for doing this---
    The scarf photos are gorgeous-- it's going to be another beautiful creation my friend!! Thank you thank you for doing this-- I can hardly wait to have it here!!!
    Your scarf will make the "spring" photo shoot---


  27. This yarn looks very interesting.
    How can you crochet this yarn, your crochet needle doesn't look that big.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  28. pretty in pink! (O, I see I'm not the only one remarking that, lol.) Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous scarf!

    Hugs, Wendy

  29. I am in love with this ruffle yarn! I made all my aunts and grandma scarves this last year for Christmas! And they make up so quick too! :)

    Taylor Kay


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