Thursday, February 14, 2013

Handmade Beauties Won...

I recently visited Vicki Welsh and her Field Trips in Fiber blog.  I won this beautiful hand painted and hand stitched postcard.  She used the new stencils from Terri of Stegart.  This is Sunshine Smiles each time I look at it.  Thank you very much Vicki.

Here is the backside of the postcard.  Bright and cheery and beautiful.  I hope you visit both Vicki and Terri.  You will be amazed at the inspiration both these creative ladies offer on their blogs.

And look at this gorgeous display of beaded pins all kept safely in this felted flower.  Jill of Fiberluscious sent this to me after visiting her blog.  She participated in the Grow Your Blog party.  I can honestly say I am now a follower of hers.

Thank you very much Jill for this beautiful handmade box of glorious bounty.  Your presentation is fabulicious!
My time lately has been spent doing a lot of deep house cleaning with Mr. C helping me.  Actually he is pushing me along as cleaning is not my favorite pastime.  I am also continuing to organize and purge my studio of all that I insist on saving (hoarding).  Mr. C always has a rule:  "Volume In Equals Volume Out"!  I tried to show him how much packaging volume there is but he doesn't count that as Volume Out.  I do believe the more space we have then the more stuff we acquire to fill it.  When we remodeled our kitchen a few years back I purposely kept one small drawer completely empty.  I am happy to say that drawer remains empty to this day.  I find myself taking the time to really think about whether I truly need an item or if I am just wanting it.  Why is that so hard to do when it comes to fabric, lace, ribbon, buttons, beads, charms and all things used in creating?  I just feel blessed that I am able to be creative and make things.
Happy Valentine Heart Hugs and eating your favorite candy or chocolate.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. Well, both of those ROCK, but that pincushion is incredible, lucky girl! Happy Valentines Day - XOXO

  2. My goodness, such lovely things! You find the most interesting bloggers, Sherri - so creative!
    Hope your Spring Cleaning is progressing nicely! I have way too much "ephemera", but always think I'm going to use it for something.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    xoxo Jane

  3. Nice wins, Sherry! Yes, purging, the deep kind is hard. It is a good feeling though. A very merry valentine's day to you!

  4. Lovely gifts! Lucky you! The card is fab as well as the sweet flower.
    I too am working on thinning out supplies in my art room. It is so easy to get more, and then goes on and on doesn't it?
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  5. HappyValentine's day to you as well Sherry. The post card is gorgeous, I will be visiting the blog. Also the pins and flowers, just beautiful.
    In regards to having more if we have more space, I completely agree. The bigger the space the more we accumulate. i know I do. I consider myself a hoarder and a proud one. But very and I say very organized. So I am OK with admitting it.
    Have fun cleaning and happy crafting to you.

  6. such beautiful creations, good luck with the cleaning and clearing, my least favorite job!

  7. Love the textures and colors....yummy! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  8. beautiful win!! I just redid my craft room and I can't possibly get rid of most things!! I did purge 2 bags of fabric though, that seems to go out of vogue, but lace and ribbons...Never! Happy V Day to you and Mr C!


  9. Lovely gifts for a sweet lady!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!
    Thanks for popping by!

  10. you are lucky with your gifts. I think all stitchers are hoarders, I can assure you if you dispose of something you will be sure to need it in the near future, just tell your DH that!

  11. Such beautiful gifts! Lucky you! I should be cleaning right now, too, but I keep myself busy doing other stuff. Cleaning just is not my thing! :) Best wishes, Tammy

  12. Happy Valentines Day to you too Sherry!! And you see in the gifts people send you that they just love you!! You are a special lady!!
    We are renovating here. A little at a time. My Mr does the actual work, then I clean out and reorganize. So far, I did the linen closet (threw out like 3 bags of junk that I just shove in there), our bedroom was done over a year ago and the closet has not been done YET,and just last weekend the bathroom got done and now I have to remove all the junk from there!!! I know there will be 100 bags from that!! LOL!! or seriously????

  13. Congratulations on your beautiful win! Possibly you could break down some of your packages so they would equal less volume. I can not imagine an empty kitchen drawer, you are a very good girl! ~Diane PS, maybe you could fill it with some packaging? lol!

  14. You're a lucky lady to receive such beautiful creations. Love those beaded pins. I like that saying, maybe I should make a sign to keep in my garage...that's where all the volume is:-)

  15. I know what you mean...I'm very good at keeping things in order, but when it comes to creative supplies, I too have trouble exercising restraint......then I end up with more than I need....but it's just what creative types do, I suppose! Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

    And I keep one drawer empty as well, it is such a good feeling to know you've got extra space, right!

    Congrats on your wins...beautiful treasures.
    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  16. Vicki's work is fabulous, I'm so glad you won.

  17. Just love looking at your 'posts'...always a delight!!!! Just trying to get caught up!

  18. Such pretty pins and the felted flower shows them off to perfection. Will certainly go and have a look at the blogs you mention. Thsnks for pointing in the right direction! Hugs Mrs A.


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