Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Snow & Snowmen...

Today did not let us forget it is after all Winter.  This is around 9 am when it began snowing with sincerity.

I just had to get my camera and try the "snow" feature it has.  I love my camera so much I have already had it for several years.  It is a Canon Power Shot SD880 IS Digital ELPH.  I know how old fashioned I am because I don't have a smart phone or an iPhone, iPod, iPad or anything else i really want.  Wanting them and knowing what to do with them are why I don't have such technically advanced toys.

I didn't take any later in the day photos but it finally measured just about 6 inches of snow.  Not bad.  Mr. C did have to shovel the driveway though as it will ice overnight and he has an early morning meeting of the "car guys" to attend.  They meet once a week for breakfast at Penny's Diner and it is a good group of guys.  I know because I had to "crash" their party one morning.  Lots of Testosterone in that group!

So because I am fortunate and do not have to go to work or anyplace else I was able to stay home and cozy.  I spent a little time in the studio.  My little "keeper" was storing some beading supplies and how appropriate that I work on them today.

Pretty cute if I do say so myself.  Little beaded snowmen.  I made some as lanyard charms and some as earrings.  I will be putting these into my Christmas stash of gifts for giving.  I usually do work on Christmas all year long so I am better prepared when the time comes and life is hectic and busy.  It is such a relief to have some gifts already prepared.
The rest of our week is merely supposed to be cold.  I thought for a while we might lose power as the lights blipped pretty badly but alas we were spared that Winter "camping" experience. In past years when it snows a lot more than this we would lose power for up to five days.  Not very fun when you have your own well for water.  So I am happy and thankful we have some added water table moisture.
I am seeing so much Easter crafting yet I haven't even thought about it yet.  I did do some fussy cutting of Shamrock themed St. Patrick's day items.
Silence and Beauty of the Snowflakes Dancing to Earth was amazing today.  Blissfully ethereal...


  1. Looks like it was coming down pretty good - we are supposed to be getting rain in Vegas, with a possibility of snow on Charleston...we'll see.

    Perfect weather for staying in and making snowmen! XOXO Tanya

  2. your camera catches the snow flakes so very well, who needs a modern one when yours does what it does.
    Good to see you are being creative with the snowmen, they are really cute

  3. Yeah Sherry, those older cameras are good machines. Your snow photos are so beautiful.Looks so magical to someone like me who has never experienced snow falling.
    A lady I met today is loaning me some gorgeous beaded shoes for the exhibition.Can't wait to see them!

  4. Gorgeous photos, there really isn't anything like the quiet of a snowfall. Well it was actually sunny and quite warm here in Victoria, unless there is a surprise spring is truly just around the corner. Love your little charms! Hugs

  5. Boy don't I wish we had just one day out of the year snow. I don't think I am asking for alot. Just one day. It is gorgeous. We had since sunday 60 degree weather and then on sunday and monday we had high 40's. I was in heaven. Loved it. But tuesday morning reality checked in. Back to the 80's. Yuck. But I guess this is what it is after all I do live in the sunshine state.
    Is that glitter in the bottle. Love it and love the snowman. Super cute idea.
    Stay warm and happy crafting. Ana

  6. Your snow looks pretty. We are so buried in snow with more coming on Friday. Spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming...... I sure hope soon!

  7. The snow is pretty and I am glad YOU have it! LOL love the little snowman charm. I have the angel charm you sent me on my Nook, everytime I see it I think of you!

  8. cute snowman indeed! Good thing to get started with next Christmas already :) Love the snowy photos, I think we're done with snow this winter here in The Netherlands. No more sledding for us!

    hugs and happy day,

  9. I love that darling snowman! So cute, and sparkly.
    It's nice to be cozy and warm indoors when the snow is falling, and your pics look great!
    We had a snowfall, too, so I've been hiding inside.......
    Happy creating!

  10. You got is just as we did, dear Sherry- snow and snow again!! so wonderful you could enjoy your warm home and create little lovelies while watshing the beautiful whitness.

  11. I have a feeling in my bones it is heading our way. Though I don't want anymore snow... it is beautiful! :-)

  12. Oh Sherry, I love your beaded snowman, so cute!
    enJOY a warm evening,

  13. Yeesh - we woke up to snow yesterday here.... it was feeling like winter was over and then reared it's head yet again.
    Your pictures truly show the beauty and peacefulness of where of you are and how nice you could stay inside and create your own idea of a snowman!

  14. Your pictures are beautiful-- the snow really is lovely to look at- I just hate having to drive to work in it!

    It's wonderful that you can stay inside and craft-- snug and warm!


  15. The beaded snowman is so cute!
    Amazing how a few beads can form something special.
    Enjoy your weekend! Marjolein

  16. We have had snow flurries off snd on all week here in Englsnd but no snowfall. The temperature dips really low at night time so having to wear extra wrapppings to stay warm even with the heating on doing a booster.
    Cannot wait for spring!!! hugs Mrs A.


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