Saturday, February 16, 2013

Swapping, Beading, Enjoying...

A random post of catching up with cleaning out photos on my computer.  This is an ATC I made for Kimberly of ArtJoyStuff.  I adore the one I will receive.  Please visit her and see how she is trying to trade an ATC every week with a different person.  Ambious yes...doable yes!  Kimberly makes fabulous creations. Thank you Kimberly for your blogging friendship.

I made this simple beaded bracelet for one of my blogging friends.  Kathy of PaperPumpkin blog.  When she selected her word for 2013 I thought it was a wonderful word.  I made a search for just the right charm with her word on it for her bracelet.   This is my way of doing a "Random Act of Kindness" and surprise someone with a smile.  Thank you Kathy for your blogging friendship.

This is a gift we received when Mr. C and I recently hosted a dinner party.  One of the couples brought this as our hostess gift.  How fortunate for us.  More importantly how fortunate for the little birdies in our yard.  This is an edible birdhouse and is made of different bird seeds.

I had not seen one of these before and it is adorable.  I put it outside but it may be a little too early and cold for birds here.  I look forward to being able to watch them enjoy this treat.  I brought it back in before nightfall.  I think the squirrels will find it and then the little birds will not get any at all.  I am posting these photos for my blogging friend Judy of jfabrications.  Go check her blog to see her birdbath and birds that keep her entertained.  Very sweet.  Thank you Judy for your blogging friendship.
Our sunshine has given way to overcast skies.  The weather is turning cooler again and rain and snow is predicted for the coming week.  I know we need the rain but I hope the snow will stay up at the ski resorts.  Mr. C has had the flu this week.  It is not pleasant for either of us...he is not a good patient and I am a terrible nurse.  I am hoping he is on the mend and that I will not get it.
I see by my blog visits that Easter is quickly approaching.  It is early this year...March 31st!  Hoppy Creating.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. Lovely gives received and sent. The little bird house is truly amazing. Never heard or seen about them before. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Hi Sherry. Thank YOU, not only for the beautiful bracelet, but for your friendship. I wear it and look at it for reminders of how I need to trust, but I also have to just hold it and touch the Trust charm to help me. I needed this a lot lately. What a perfect, and perfectly tîmed gift. You are so good to me. Love, Kathy

  3. some goodies here you have shared with us, love your bracelet and Truth on it.
    What a great bird house, wonder how long that will last? I think once the birds have found it it will not be around for long.

  4. Oh Sherry, I LOVE this edible bird house!How wonderful!I have been lurking by the window, trying to get a better photo pf the birds darting in and out, but the little blighters see me and fly away.We used to have lace curtains up at the back window, but I have washed and put them away, as I can see the birds better this way.Our birds are just the very common domestic ones, but charming nonetheless!!
    Love Judy..Have you started your dress form yet?Sherry has one, and has the modge podge, and some pattern tissue.I am dying to see what she does with it!
    Judy xxx

  5. What a cute birdhouse. Very unique. I am sure the birds will love it. Hope Mr. C feels better soon. I know what it is to have a sick man in the house. They are horrible patients, worse than the kids.
    Have a great rest of the week. Ana

  6. So many beautiful items!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Love the beaded bracelet you made for your friend.

    Happy Crafting,

  7. Ooh la la - beautiful things today! AND, if you find out where I can get one of those bird houses, I would LOVE to know, Sherry - in the meantime - hope your week is happy! XOXO Tanya

  8. Found bunches and bunches online...nevermind - XOXO

  9. What a thoughtful gift that birdhouse is. I've never seen one like that either. How much joy it will bring when the birds come to visit.
    We have snow expected too. heavy sigh.... Will it never end!!!!
    hugs Lynn

  10. Yes dear Sherry, swaps with dear Kimberly are alwayes wonderful, I`m also waiting for one, those dayes :-)
    So sweet of you to gift a friend with your lovely necklace-and what a great birds party ,when they find out about the house !
    Wish you a great new week, dear.

  11. Hello Sweet Lady,
    I received you heart-filled ATC yesterday. What a lovely treasure. I did a bulk mailing yesterday, and your ATC is on its way. Thank you so much for being one of those special "52"!
    enJOY a wonderful evening,

  12. Thank you for dropping by and visiting My pink cartoon house.I love all the beauties you showed us.I enjoy all the same types of crafts myself.Oh and the bird house-- Oh My!What an amazing hostess gift. Now I think I'll drop by some of your delightful friend's blogs. Denise

  13. I always enjoy seeing your work and gifts/works of others you have...but...that bird house is adorable!!! What a wonderful gift!!! Lucky you!!

  14. That's a great ATC and yes, the one you will receive is adorable too. How generous to make a beautiful bracelet for your blog friend. And that edible birdhouse is fabulous. I had not heard of such a thing either. What lucky birdies you will have!

  15. I love the bracelet you made. I was thinking, i wonder how people can have bird feeders, no one here in Orlando does, it's always eaten by squirrels and rats...yes rats. Sure is a cute house, there has to be a way to keep the unwanted away!


  16. That edible birdhouse is adorable. I hope the birdies will be able to enjoy it very soon. Though I hope they don't move in and then eat themselves out of house and home. Ha! :) I hope Mr. C gets better soon. This is the first year I've heard of so many people getting the flu. I had it the two days after Christmas. Thankfully it was gone within 48 hours, except for a nagging cough that lasted a couple of weeks or so. The bracelet you made is lovely. Always nice to swap with friends. Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

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  18. Very cute birdhouse!
    It will give you a lot of joy to watch the birds.
    I hope Mr. C will soon recover and you will not get the flu.
    Best wishes!

  19. Hi there!
    That birdhouse is a wonderful idea! My grandma would LOVE that. (She has a bit of a thing for birdhouses ;D)

    I am having a 100th post Giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter to win one of my knitted hats! Would love to hear from you! :)

    Taylor Kay


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