Friday, February 1, 2013

Joyful January 2013...

I participated in the easiest postcard swap ever.  Visit Clarescraftroom to read about it.  I sent a postcard from my town to my designated swap partner.  I received this beautiful postcard from Noosaville Australia.  This swap helped me learn a little about the world I live in.  Thank you Clare.

I made this very easy potholder from a wonderful tutorial shared by the very talented Tanya of Bead and Needle.  It would also make a great trivet.  I already have some ideas for future projects.  Thank you so much Tanya.  You really are fabulous.

This polka dot really makes me think of Minnie Mouse and I love her.  This is the finished backside of my quick and simple potholder/trivet.

I finished my beautiful Japanese inspired Hari-Kuyo Needlebook.  This was an e-course I participated in with Susan of PlayswithNeedles.  I admire everything Susan stitches and really wanted to make this just for myself.  I can see lots of improvements I can make in my hand stitiching.  Overall I am so pleased to have finished it.

This little needlebook is a treasure.  Even Mr. C is impressed with it and that is rare!  Thank you Susan for an excellent e-course that was informative and easy to follow.  I don't have any broken needles for the February 8th Festival however I do have a few very bent and dull needles that need retiring.  Now to find and acquire some new needles for my pages.

Here is some yarn I recently purchased at my local yarn store.  It is from Italy and I absolutely fell in love with it.  The color is heavenly.  I chose to use my wooden crochet hook this time.  I am letting my knitting needles rest after completing the pink scarf project.

Look at this yarn as I crochet and place each row upon the last.  I am in love and swooning!

Here is the completed scarf.  It is light and airy and I consider it more of a Spring scarf as opposed to heavy warmth for Winter. matters not how much I love it because it is for someone special.
Joyful January really fits because I got some projects completed.  It always feels good to complete some things before beginning new projects.  I continue to work on my sorting and organizing.  It is a really slow process for me and I am in no hurry.  I actually enjoy the journey!
Our weather continues to be mild for Winter.  Cold but Sunny.  I have been able to work out in the yard a few hours each day and pick up leaves, pine needles and acorns.  Mr. C helped me and we got the pond bogs cleaned up so the air and sunshine can feed the new growth on the special water plants.  Just in time as the weather report for next week is predicting low snow.
February is here with lots of reds, pinks and hearts.  Hearts make me happy.  May each of you be enjoying all that makes you happy.
Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. Well, those polka dots are sheer perfection, girlfriend! As well as the scarf - looks like you've been busy since the beginning of the to a grand, creative start! You ROCK, woman - Tanya

  2. I am in love with your needle book. You did a spectacular job. I have so admired Susan (Plays with needles) for a very long time.
    Look at all you have done as of late. I shall now call you Miss Busy Bee. I am wanting to work in the yard this weekend. I hope it stays sunny. I think I need a little break from painting although I felt funny not painting today! Sunshine to you!!!
    PS thanks for all your encouraging words. They mean so much.

  3. A postcard swap sounds easy and fun! I have an aunt in North Carolina who has collected postcards for years so I always send her one from our travels. Yay for getting more projects done. Your needlecase is beautiful! And that scarf is gorgeous. Did you use a pattern? I've got to figure out what to do with this yarn Sam brought back -- but I like quick and easy. :) Have a warm and wonderful weekend. Tammy

  4. the needle book is spectacular, you have been busy. the pot holder would brighten the dullest kitchen.
    Congratulation son winning the prize from Jill on her blog, lucky you

  5. A very productive January. Well done with the needle book - the colour combination looks good and you've stitched it very well. Sounds like a good start to the year:-)

  6. Needle books and pin cushions fascinate me, and yours is absolutely stunning! A post card exchange sounds like a fabulous idea. I wonder if there are post cards about my little corner of the world? It's something to check out!

    Pot holders and scarves... can we ever have too many of them?

  7. Hello Sherry. Love the scarf. The yarn looks like leather. Beautiful. Your book is gorgeous as well.
    Our weather this morning is chilly well cold freezing for us here in Miami, Florida. Our temperature is 55 degrees but by noon we should have 76 and then at night back down to 65. For us here it is freezing.
    Hope you are staying warm. Ana

  8. So many wonderful finished projects dear Sherry. They are beautiful each- you masters so many tecniques -the scarf is adorable, and the book so special, and wonderful, and love Tanya`s pot holder pattern,too.
    Hope your weekend will be a lovely one for you.

  9. You sure can be joyful. You have done Susan proud with the needle book. The scarf is wonderful. You are getting ready for spring. I have a ways to go. Good thing as I have f full February as I wasn't as joyful as you in Jan. lol

  10. Love the needle case and the scarf is gorgeous! Congrats on winning over at fiberluscious too.

  11. I love your needlebook! I love Susan's stitching, too, and maybe one of these days I'll be able to take her course. Your crocheted scarf is gorgeous! Hoping your February is filled with hearts....

  12. These are all beautiful, you have been so busy! ~Diane

  13. Yep those polka dots do remind me of Minnie! LOL. Your needle book is to die for. Its gorgeous, Sounds like a fun project and the beautiful yarn, I'm drooling over the scarf you created with it. Busy hands are happy hands so you must be very happy right now Sherry! LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  14. Such fun projects. Looks like you had a great January. Look for my envelope this week sometime, if the weather warms up enough to let me leave the house! Has to be at 20 degrees outside.

  15. Your projects always amaze me!! Love the scarf! And the polka dot trivit!! But that notebook is totally awesome!!! WOW!!!
    I wish I was as ahead as you. I have, once again, put unrealistic time limits on projects, putting myself behind. This disappoints me because my goal this year in better time management!! I hope this is a process, not a failure. ugh.
    Good luck in the Superbowl!!!
    PS.... I am watching it right now, and I am not saying a word!! LOL!

  16. Your new scarf is gorgeous too, I love your needle book. Your are so adventurous and try such a great variety of projects!


  17. Oh my, your needle book is incredibly beautiful! Fabulous design! I really love it!

  18. I love that airy stitch you've done on your scarf. It looks fabulous :-)

  19. I love your potholder. Such fresh colors.
    Your needlebook looks OK too. See, you can do much more than you know.

  20. That postcard swap sounds like fun! Your creations are gorgeous too!

  21. Hi Sherry, you are always so busy creating wonderful treasures. I love the polka dots and the needle book is darling. I love having those and treasure one made by my mother.
    LOVE the scarf too. What a stunning accent for spring. Love the color too.

    Thank you for the well wishes. I am a bit better but now have a touch of pleurisy. Just going to take time to fully recover. I am not good at resting though. LOL
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  22. Have you ever been busy! Love, love, love the needlebook!

  23. Hi Sherry
    Your needlebook is divine.
    What a beautiful job you have done with this. That is such beautiful yarn you are using too and came out looking so lovely also.
    Have a great week,

  24. Another wonderful post Sherry of all the lovely things you've been working on and have made. Love the bright colours you chose for your potholder. Your needle case looks great! I took her course last time around and made two of them as I enjoyed it so much. It'll be at least a couple of months yet before we can do any yard work. Enjoy :)

  25. Wooop! Woop!! Woooooop!!
    Doing the dance of joy here in Maryland when I saw your needelbook!! YOu did SUCH a GREAT job!! It's the first time I've seen that colorway made up and I really like it :o)
    Thanks for the kind words. I am AMAZED at your productivity! It seems like you are back to 100%. ARe you? Much love to you happy, joyful Sherry! xoxo Susan


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