Tuesday, August 20, 2013

At It Again...

I love using calendar or magazine pages or wrapping paper and making these little envelopes.  Some are folded in half and some are folded in thirds.  I use them for little gifts or notes or little pockets to save ephemera inside of.  I have also used old maps for this purpose.  You could also use these pages to make envelopes for mailing fun mail.  If you don't have envelope stencils (from years ago) you can always carefully take apart an envelope and trace around it.

This is a calendar I choose to use. I use my paper rotary cutter for cutting off any unwanted printing or advertising.  I also use a bone folder for nice crisp edges when folding.

Here is a sample of the half fold I do.  In this case I am using double sided tape to seal the edges.  I have found that using a glue stick does not hold on the slick surfaces and will come apart just when you are filling your little gifties into them.  Not a good thing!

As I have been organizing my supplies I found some cute felt cupcakes and decided to stock up some cute cards.  Using a cupcake edge punch and a cupcake punch I was all set to assemble my cards.  I added a cute little cupcake to the envelopes.  I always think homemade cards are more personal than store purchased cards.

FUN MAIL!!!  I received some fun mail from a wonderful blogger named Carol.  Thank You Carol!!!  Her blog is mamacjt and here is the link.  I cannot believe she is willing to send Fun Mail just for the asking. Check out her amazing fun art she does.  I just smile every single time I see my happy envelope from her.
Do you see how cleverly she uses her stamps as part of the art design?  What a feast you will see on her blog.  To thank her I sent some of my folded calendar pockets...in a plain envelope.
Our weather is very strange due to the fires we are surrounded by.  Thankfully none are close enough to threaten but the smoke is truly making the sun and moon almost non-existent.  I am praying for rain to help extinguish the fires, however only lightening strikes with no rain is happening all around.  Please send rain!!!  Prayers for all the firefighters who are working non-stop to contain these huge wild fires.
I was able to spend a day with my sister Marie and we had such a great time together.  Shopping and talking and shopping and dining and shopping.  Thank you for a wonderful day sweet sister!
I feel Summer waning and Fall approaching.  I try not to rush anything as the days go by all too fast as it is.  My Rosy Glow plants are beginning to wither their leaves and drop them to the ground like a carpet covering.  Oak leaves and acorns are falling...right into the pond which must be skimmed daily to keep them out.  If left in they do some chemical nasty thing and create black tea which is very difficult to clear out.  I don't mind skimming the pond as it allows me time to reflect and really enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.
I see so many of you are busy creating for Halloween and even Christmas.  Whew!
Thank you for your comments and inspirations.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. your pears are beautiful in the previous post!
    Sounds like a perfect day, shopping and visiting, I really like the calendar age envelopes, what a wonderful idea,
    I think skimming the pond sounds wonderful, relaxing!

  2. What a great idea with the calendar pictures!! I save them, too but have never used them for anything!! I will have to make envelopes - so creative!! And your cupcake cards are just adorable!! Praying for rain to end the fires in your area. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. I hope all you deal with is smoke!
    The envelopes are wonderful and such a good idea to unfold and trace envelopes for patterns. duh! lol
    I can see skimmimg leaves would be reflective. I hope you treated yourself to a cupcake when you were done. ;)

  4. You are just so clever!!! Love seeing each time what you are up to!

  5. This is a beautiful recycling project with the calendar pages. Can't get much prettier than that! I just bought my 2014 calendar totally based on recycling ideas with it. Such a cute envelope Carol sent you.

  6. now I know why I have saved nice pictures! I was very tempted to throw them away a few weeks ago, so glad I did not, you have certainly worked wonders with them. Good to read you had some time with your sister, lucky you, mine lives in Australia and have not seen her since 2001 and looks like we will not see each other again,getting too old for those long haul flights too far and far too expensive to fly out there.

  7. I do envy women who have sisters.Glad you had a lovely day.
    Cute cards Sherry.
    Judy x

  8. What a clever and creative way to make these pretty envelopes. I love the idea of using what I already have.

  9. That is a great idea for beautiful calendar pages, I knew I was saving them for a reason! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Love the envelope idea. Great way to recycle and give a unique gift.

  11. I used to make envelopes like this all the time. Thanks for the reminder. I agree. It makes for very fun mail. I still love getting mail, although most of it is not fun anymore so perhaps I will do this just to revive the tradition and pay it forward!! Thanks for checking in Sherry!! I always miss blogging when I get away from it.

  12. Hi Sherry! Your envelopes are awesome!! Your friend is very thoughtful, sending you a lovely card! I too love how she incorporated the stamp into the design!!
    Please be safe with the fire. I will hope for rain for you!!

  13. Certainly a good idea and way to use all the lovely calendar pictures. I use them to decorate my dull cubicle walls at work. Sounded like such a nice day with your sister. Hope the rain will come soon.

  14. That's a very cute creations love the idea of the envelopes

  15. What a great post!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  16. What a wonderful way to use up old calendar pages. It always seems such a shame to throw away all those beautiful pictures. Thanks for the wonderful idea! Hugs, Debi

  17. Your cards and envelopes are so sweet Sherry - I do love the edge punch detail on the cupcake cards.
    Having the sun and moon obscured by smoke must be an odd feeling - we have days like that here some summers and it is very disconcerting... I hope the rains will come soon, and drench your part of the world.My fingers are crossed...

  18. You are the best at reusing things! I love your little envelopes and your cupcake cards...Adorable. It is hard to believe, but the only craft I have never tried is card making, so I am in aw of your gals that do! Sending rain your way!!!


  19. Fabulous envelopes, you know I just love envelopes, what a great idea you have! ~Diane

  20. Love that fun mail! :)

    Sending lots of light, love and rain dances your way. It breaks my heart thinking of all the animals.



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