Saturday, August 3, 2013

Butterflies Are Happiness...

Long ago in a land of crafty I shared about using book pages in my creative endeavors.  Nothing fabulous...simply things that make me happy.  Upon reading my post, a wonderful new follower offered to send me some books of her father's.  He was an avid reader and had many books and some of them in other languages which he enjoyed reading.  So Jane of Aralia Jane blog sent me a very generous box of books.  I thanked her and sent some simple things I make.  However I never really felt like I had done just the right thank you to honor her sharing with me.  I finally did what I thought would bring a sense of happy memories to her.  I took a page out of a separated book and stamped one of my butterfly stamps onto the page.  Then I used my Inktense colored pencils by Derwent (a big treat for me one day as I don't do art very well).  I colored the butterfly and then put the page into a frame.  Even Mr. C thought it looked quite nice.

This is how I wrapped it in tissue and sealed it with a blue butterfly sticker.  Jane has received this and liked it very much.  Thank you Jane as now we have become blogging friends and I am very grateful.

When Mr. C had his company he stored lots of literature and "white papers" in this literature rack.  Through the years as he has slowly retired I have taken over this rack with my artsy papers and ephemera.  It was quite a jumbled mess so I tackled each slot and organized it once again.  This is rather neat compared to before.  Now I can access my stock of supplies much more easily.  All the boxes you see are part of the "shipping room".  I was going to be a huge success selling on etsy however that never really came to fruition.  Instead we seem to ship lots of car parts back and forth for Mr. C and his projects.  A future post.
I also have plans for etsy and am merely procrastinating the tasks I need to get done.  More on this later.

So after organizing the paper storage unit this is all I have left to sort through.  Not so bad I would say.  This pile is so short it actually has sat on my worktable for over a week now and never fallen over, which would be a disaster.  Maybe I better stop tempting fate and deal with this bit.  Meanwhile I am having a bit of fun in my studio and sewing room.  August is a huge birthday month for friends and family so I have been busy getting gifts ready and sent.  It feels so wonderful to be productive.  I am finding myself whistling while I la la.  Or dancing to the very loud music that my stereo seems to play the minute Mr. C leaves to run an errand or visit his car buddies.
Fabric, beads, glitter, glue, thread, paper, stamps, ribbon...oh yeah!  What are you playing with in your creative space?
Thank you always for commenting and brightening my days.  Welcome to new followers as it opens my blogging world and I so enjoy that.
Summer Sunshine Smiles from here...


  1. What a thoughtful gift to send to your new blogging friend. I am sure she is loving it. Beautiful butterfly.
    My husband is the one that plays loud music. I like music but not loud. I like the peace and calm in my home. You could literally hear a pin drop during the day when he is working. If you met me in person you would not believe this, because I am always laughing, bubbly and loud.
    I wish we had better weather, but unfortunately we are still dealing with rain. I know the plants and grass need it but come on, its time to move elsewhere.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Crafting.

  2. what a beautiful gift and you do the best wrappings, that paper storage is perfect, space for everything!!!
    I'm looking at a cow on my easel right now, she's looking right back at me!Soon to be finished I hope!!!

  3. Beautiful butterfly!! And, I love the literature rack...Inthink I NEED one too! You are such a kind sweet soul, Sherry.
    Big hugs, kathy
    PS. Prayers for Mr. C and is ongoing recovery!

  4. I haven't seen those Inktense colored pencils, the colors look so vibrant! Your butterfly added so much to the book page.

    I laughed at your boxes and 'big etsy success' line... I too have boxes for shipping but haven't re-opened my etsy shop, which I started with bigger intentions!

    So happy for you that you are enjoying creating in your studio!!!

    (And, my husband is into cars too)

    ~ Violet

  5. Oh my! A literature rack to die for! Lucky you. I agree, what a beautiful gift you made. Using one of the book pages is such a great idea. Well done, Sherry!

  6. what a lovely gift for your friend, the butterfly is beautiful. You certainly have lots of paper bits with a great storage system. I like to listen to music too whilst stitching but if doing something complicated that needs a lot of though.... like following instructions!! I need silence but Chris de Burgh is great company, unfortunately have the worst voice in the world so do not sing along!

  7. The framed print is great. Maybe more ideas for etsy!!! Luv that paper storage unit. Yes, you are tempting fate if it is like my table. lol aw, I thought I was the only one who turns up the volume when alone. ;);)

  8. The butterfly is lovely - I bet she was excited to get it. :) blessings, marlene

  9. Your creation is beautiful,Sherry, and looks fabulous all framed! I, too, love the loud music from the 40's tunes to new age, from baroque to classical: it lifts my mood, sends me into the flow, makes me move my feet. I'm still unpacking and organizing (!) and thought I'd be finished by now. hahahahahahahahah! Silly me!
    Have fun in your studio.

  10. The Butterfly project is beautiful and I am certain she is loving it. Your shipping station looks a little familiar to me, I have unused shipping boxes at the ready...waiting and waiting.
    I love the paper sorter! You can see what you have and it is all in one place.

  11. Dear Sherry,
    than was a very lovely idea, to resend one of the pages from your friends fathers books- decorated so lovely with the butterfly and framed to become a beautiful picture for her.
    I love the rack you use for your papers ,practical, and beautiful ,too!
    Hugs from Dorthe.

  12. I did visit your Etsy shop earlier but the cupboard was bare :-(

    With your talents there is sure to be many a buyer out there. Your butterfly page was magnificent.

  13. So now I'm green with envy here because of your rack of stash. I should do a lot of organizing... there are a lot of piles here just holding on :)

    hugs xx

  14. A beautiful gift and I love the butterfly motif. Love seeing your organization for the papers. Hope Mr. C. is still on the mend!

  15. Hi Sherry, I was thinking of you and wanted to stop by and say hello when I saw your comment on another blog.
    So great to see your wonderful creations. How special your new blog friend gave you the books and you designed a gorgeous thank you piece for her.
    Love it.

    You are so organized and the literature rack is an awesome piece.
    Sounds like you have a busy month and lots to create for birthday's and such.

    Enjoy and happy creating!
    Sending hugs your way.
    Celestina Marie

  16. What a nice thing for you and Jane to do for each other...very thoughtful! I love that cabinet, it's so nice to be able to have all your supplies in sight. Those boxes are anxiously awaiting your first Etsy sale!!

  17. When I saw that butterfly it reminded me of the pressed ones that I just saw in a little shop in Indiana. They were mostly browns but if I had only known you would have loved to receive them, I would have picked them up. My goodness.. they were only $1.50 each! Their coloring certainly doesn't match what you created, though. How wonderful to meet new friends through the blogging world!!

  18. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift for your blogging buddy!! It's gorgeous!! The wrapping is awesome, too!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for the Prima Doll Blog Hop!! I'm happy to be a new follower!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  19. I'm with you, nothing makes me happier than crafting. Oh, I am so bad at selling online, it is soooo much work! What a sweet thank you gift, wow, love how you painted the butterfly!


  20. ooh Sherry, I love this butterfly piece you created for your friend Jane!...and you wrapped it up so pretty too. :) How nice she was to send you some of her dad's books.

    Your paper shelf looks very neat and tidy. It must be fun to stand in front of all those wonderful supplies and just let all sorts of creative ideas pop into your head!

    xo Paulette :)

  21. I wish I had a place and space for everything! Your lovely butterfly in its frame is a lovely keepsake. Hugs Mrs a.


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