Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jillayne's Christmas Journal...

This is the most beautiful handmade journal from Jillayne of A Fine Seam.  The fabric has a soft vintage holly theme with micro glitter all through it.  The hint of pink is dreamy.  I feel so fortunate!  Thank you dear Jillayne.  Your heart and hands have produced an heirloom treasure.

This is a project Jillayne has been working on since last Christmas.  She offered on her blog if we wanted to hand make and send her 6 Christmas cards she would bind them into Christmas Journal books for us.  I believe she made 14 after all the cards were sent and received.  

Each book has lots of papers for embellishing and journaling and adding our own personal touches.  It also contains 6 cards from others who participated.  I would like to thank each of my card givers that are in my book:  Diane of Diane Hobbit; Wendy of The Crafter's Apprentice; Karen of Todolwen; Tanya of Bead and Needle; Freda of Sew What's New.  And of course, Jillayne.

I do not know who is attached to each card as some of them are not signed.  Each one is precious.  The top little bird has hand stitching on the tree branches.  This little tree is made of fabric strips sewn together with silver thread.

This snowflake embellished card is signed by Karen and has a lovely snowflake ornament on the inside.  Beautiful work.

Vintage Santa with Tanya's perfect handwriting on the inside.

Paris Peace with tiny pink bling by Freda is tres chic.

A dimensional winter scene with some red bling for sparkle.  I love each and every card and page in this beautiful Christmas Journal.

Here is the binding that Jillayne so carefully hand stitched.  And my very favorite part of all...the bead and button charms she so carefully creates and attaches.  My most sincere heartfelt thank you my friend.  You have outdone yourself.  I will cherish my journal forever.
Now I am hoping to see all the others posted as each journal is unique and no two are the same.  Now this is dedication to a promise made.  Jillayne you are amazing and priceless!!!
I haven't even put together last years Christmas cards and letters to enjoy.  Now it is fast approaching Christmas 2013.  All my work ahead plans have not gone as I thought they might.  Life Happened!  I am thankful life happened and I know I will get my Christmas gifts completed in time.  My list is lessening as I get older and wiser.  Money is so impersonal however it is what the young like best.  Easy peasy for me.
Our local five day fair begins today.  Normally our weather is scorching but this year it is very pleasant and only in the 80's so I think the crowds will be overwhelming and I really think I shall be staying home as I don't care for crowds and long lines.
Happy Birthday today to my baby girl.  She is a grown woman and I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished.  Happy Birthday to you Jenifer Michelle.  I Love You!
What will you be enjoying this fine summer/winter week?  Are you getting your kids ready for back to school?  I love the smell of fresh Crayola crayons.  Maybe a new bottle of Elmer's white school glue to add to my glue stash?  How about some old fashioned lined three holed paper for a new ink pen and some hand writing?  I did buy a new titanium electric pencil sharper and some neon pencils.  Some habits are hard to break.  I am not going back to school but I do enjoy some new supplies each year when they are on sale.
I welcome my new followers and embrace every comment I receive.  I treasure my faithful followers who stay with me and really take heed of your comments.  Input is always good for growth.
Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts and Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. My Christmas book arrived too!!!! It is beautiful and there is a special card from you in it! I will try to take some photos later today!

  2. That is a very interesting idea, one I will share with my daughter Andrea. It's not something I would enjoy making, but it's definitely something I would enjoy receiving, and Andrea loves creating journals. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. What a gorgeous journal and such a creative and awesome idea!! It's a lovely keepsake!! Happy birthday to your daughter!! I hope her day is filled with much love and happiness!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. What a wonderful remembrance of your favorite's a treasure! I have been spending some time reading through some of your blog posts and you do beautiful work and your heart is generous! I hope your husband continues to improve, concussions are nothing to shake off easily.
    I really love making new Blogland friends and you are one of the nicest.
    Give the paper doll stamps a will smile the whole time you're using them!

  5. What a fun idea to share with friends!
    Your Christmas book is just lovely and so special. Enjoy!

  6. Such a beautiful Christmas journal and a very creative idea!
    Back to school time already - hard to believe how fast the days go by! I love checking out those school supplies too, but haven't bought anything this year.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter! Hope Mr. C's healing continues to go well!
    xoxo Jane

  7. What a treasure you have in that beautiful album, Sherry! Happy birthday to your girl.
    hugs and JOY,

  8. Hi Sherry! The journal you received from Jillayne is just beautiful! I love the fabric she used and her beaded bindings are sooo pretty. All the handmade cards inside are so special as well. Lots of work and love went into creating such a lovely book!

    I love the smell of crayons too...the first thing I do when I have a box of them in my hands, is give them a big sniff! :)

    Happy Birthday to your precious Jenifer!

    Have a fun weekend, sweet friend!
    xo Paulette

  9. Gorgeous journal. I have a new pencil sharpener on my September supply list. ah, school shopping. I can smell it now! lol

  10. What a treasure!! Wow! It really is amazing. Don't you just want to sit and hold it, keep turning the beautiful pages,...?! Some of my happiest childhood memories, whether at Back to School time or Christmas, are when I received a brand new box of crayons, Sherry.

  11. Beautiful christmas book, great idea. Love the binding as well.
    I am also a sucker for the school supplies. Although my girls are also grown and not living with me, I tend to buy supplies as well (pencils and the erasers) are on my to buy list every year and anything else that is cute. LOL.
    Enjoy the last weeks of summer and Happy Crafting to you.

  12. Oh Sherry, that is the most beautiful gift from dear Jillayne.
    What a huge work she has made to you all, she is fantastic!!
    The binding is wonderful and I so love the button strings,too.
    Also the cards you recieved are all so lovely and sweet.
    Happy writing and creating, dear -
    with your new pencils .
    Hugs from Dorthe

  13. The journal is adorable. Happy birthday to your baby girl. They're always your baby, no matter how old they get. My youngest graduated HS this year, and as I passed the supply section of our local store, it finally hit me. No back to school shopping.

  14. Hi Sherry, wow what a gorgeous book and what a great idea. She did an amazing job, what talent. I love the binding, so beautiful.
    Sending blessing,

  15. a wonderful journal and how lovely to have extra cards in it.
    Happy birthday to your daughter.
    You ask what we are doing, well I am off to the Festival of Quilts the best and biggest quilt show in the UK tomorrow, sure to have a fab time and will try not to spend too much money

  16. Happy Birthday to your girl - I hope she has a wonderful special day!
    Getting new school supplies was always a favourite thing - we used to get them in pre-packaged bundles according to Grade, and always, a free movie ticket for the Saturday matinee..
    And you are so very welcome for the book Sherry, it was a pleasure!

  17. Ooooh, you got me all excited about Christmas. I'm a a Christmas nut, can't come soon enough. What a beautiful journal and idea. That French card is my fave!
    Happy belated birthday to your girl! Aren't daughters wonderful.
    Enjoy you weekend dear one!

  18. Oh Sherry what a magnificent Christmas collection of cards all combined into this beautiful journal and so beautifully bound with beads.
    What a big heart Jillayne has to have created these for you little group.
    So many happy hearts will be sharing these.
    Wishing you a lovely time sharing in your daughter's birthday Sherry.
    Thank you for your sweet thoughts on my current post dear!
    Happiness is receiving a beautiful Christmas journal in the mail!

  19. What a beautiful Christmas card journal and such a great idea too. I hope you find out who received your cards. Hugs Mrs a.

  20. Wow, that is a gorgeous journal..Talk about above and beyond..Truly a labor of love!!


  21. What a beautiful and unique journal and so thoughtful of her to create these. I remember the days of school supply shopping...along with hundreds of other moms packed into WalMart on the first day of school.

  22. What a wonderful gift. The journal is beautiful and I love the binding with buttons. All the cards are so beautifully done too. I have been playing catch-up with my blog friends. I love how you organized all your papers. I need to do that SOON or I shall not be able to move around my studio. Hope Mr. C is fully recovered and doing well. Have a glorious week.

  23. What a wonderful book. How lucky you are to have this. I found it so inspiring too. Possibly something to do with all those old cards, make books and share with others. Thanks for sharing.

  24. What a wonderful idea and such a treasured keepsake.
    How sweet of Jillayne to put these all together.

    So glad to hear Mr. C is doing better!
    Hugs Lynn


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