Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beautiful Little Ladybug...

After I stamped and pencil colored the butterfly onto a book page I thought I would try another version.  This time I used a beautiful ladybug stamp I have.  It is very Art Nouveau in design and I adore it.  My daughter is enjoying ladybugs in her garden this summer and I thought I would add some memories for her.
The larger ladybug is a wooden motif I purchased to use on the wrapping of the package in lieu of a bow, flatter and easier to ship via mail.

Here is the very same stamp I added to a journal tag the size of an ATC and then colored and framed.  A personalized note written on the back if she is ever to take it out of the frame.  I used my Inktense colored pencils and they are really nice to work with.

Uh-Oh!  I previously posted how I love back-to-school shopping for supplies.  Well I couldn't resist this time.  I did need a new pencil sharpener and this one has titanium blades so it should last longer than I do.  Then of course some new #2 pencils were needed in order to use my sharpener.  The colored pencils were totally an impulse buy as I certainly did not need them.  Nor did I need the crayons...however...a new box of Crayola crayons just has the right smell and memories I enjoy.  What are you buying in back-to-school supplies?
I am happy to report that Mr. C is almost back to 100% feeling good.  He is off all prescriptions and is only taking Advil twice a day per the doctor.  He has begun physical therapy and really likes his young, very knowledgeable, pretty gal who is taking care of him.  With daily balancing exercises here at home and a couple more visits to PT he should be good as new.  I tried his simple balancing exercises and failed at them so I am thinking I better practice them too.  They are supposed to be excellent for the "aging process" which causes us to naturally lose our balance.
Our local fair is done and the weather stayed cool for the entire five days.  Usually it is scorching hot.  I didn't make it to the fair this year and that is okay.  I have managed to stay busy here at home and at Bub Enterprises where Mr. C and I are volunteering.  They are the home of the BUB Streamliner which was the world record holding motorcycle.  This year they will try for the record once again.  Hoping to go 400 mph!  Here is a link: I will post more on this later.
May you enjoy your days doing what you love.  Creative Happy Hearts...


  1. wow, beautiful lady bugs!!!! I'm glad o hear your husband is doing so well, you both sound really busy!!

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous lady bug stamp!! You colored them absolutely beautifully!! I love how you framed them!! They look amazing!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. The ladybug is a beauty, Sherry! It's a beautiful heartfelt gift for your daughter. Will you tell her about the note or not? Just curious if you don't mind. Happy to hear your man is back on the good side of life.

  4. wonderful news about your DH, so good to hear he is almost 100%, no doubt he will soon be back on the bikes.
    Good spend with your back to school bits, what are we like when it comes to stationery, my daughter can not resist spiral pads. I am a good girl and resist!Some pencil sharpener you have there and looks like you have already done plenty of sharpening

  5. I love stationery too!! have fun playing with your new supplies. Glad Mr C. is back to his old self. Must be a relief!

  6. Oh, I do love that lady bug! I am an office supply/school supply addict. I have enough supplies to see me thought the next three years, including new crayons. I probably could use some colored pencils, though. ;-)

  7. Lovely ladybug! Titanium blades should do it and that's what I want for a supply. 400mph! whoa!

  8. Love, love, love how you colored in the ladybug! Beautiful! What a wonderful gift. Jillayne's Christmas Journal on the previous post is so sweet as are all the handmade cards. What a keeper. Hope your hubby is recovering properly. I think I need to do some of those balancing exercises too.

  9. The ladybug is adorable!!!! As is the package ladybug...very nice gift. so glad Mr. C is coming along so well!!!! Whew!!! Enjoy your week, my blog friend!!!

  10. How pretty is that! Love it! Hope your honey bunny is doing much better.

  11. Good morning creative soul!!! I have an urge to stamp away today; I have not done that in way too long, and I think I shall! I have crown stamps, dog, French themes...yes, I will!

    And all is well with my CT results. FALSE ALARM!!!!! Many hugs and thanks for coming by to see the poem I needed to write. Anita

  12. Loving your lady bug, she is beautiful and your coloring is fav. So glad to know your Mr. C is doing fine. I too love the smell of crayons, brings back memories.

  13. What a beautiful gift! Your coloring is beautiful!!
    I am so happy that Mr. C is close to 100%! Such a blessing!
    and I have to agree. There is nothing finer than the smell of a box of new crayons!

  14. What good news Mr. C has progressed so well! Yay!
    Sherry, your ladybugs are a delightful gift, sure to be enjoyed.
    I have been 'back-to-school' shopping for my granddaughter's visit! i got a box of 64 crayons and other fun stuff!

  15. The ladybugs are gorgeous! Love how you framed them up too. Glad the Dh is feeling better, take care of yourself now too. ~Diane

  16. So glad to hear Mr. "C" is doing so well. I'm still sending healing thoughts so that he continues to get better. My oldest daughter and I are suckers for office supplies and can peruse the isles for hours, but I've already got all the school supplies I need.


  17. Oh what a great job you did on the lady bug, it is adorable! So glad hubby is doing well...What a relief...Now you can yell at him lol!!


  18. Your lady bug is just beautiful! I am so happy to hear your hubby is doing better - and he likes his PT! That can make all the difference in the world. We will be going through the same thing soon - we see the orthopedic surgeon on Friday - hubby has torn meniscus in both his knees right now.

  19. Dear Sherry,-
    your daughter will adore the Lady bug so beautiful made, and in the lovely frame!!
    And so glad for you both that your hubby, now is almost back to where he was before!! Isen`t it fantastic, what they can do to help people after accidents!! The balancing thing I believe to be very importent, I guess I have to try some exercises ,too :-)
    Hugs, Dorthe

  20. Ohhh - I love little ladybugs- such a creative use of them -- so very pretty.

    It's wonderful tha your husband is making progress- you must both be happy! It just takes time though---

    Thank you for the love and support you send my way-- I appreciate you so much:)



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