Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Love August...

Hello August.  I Love August!  August to me represents the very best of Summer and I Love Summer!!
This sweet little angel ATC is flying her way through the mail.  Summer colors, flowers, butterfly and ladybugs.  I couldn't resist putting this together.

Recently I was recycling some cardboard and boxes from shopping.  I couldn't resist cutting out this fabulous strawberry from a Truvia box.  The cardboard is thick and  glossy and I was able to cut out a nice stack of ATC blanks.  This strawberry just said "Summer" to me.  So I embellished it and called it complete.  It is ready to be put into the mail and sent to???

My kitchen has little shelves under the overhead cabinets and I did not want to display the normal coffee mugs on them.  The lighting enhances what is on the shelves.  I had these sweet little cottages, buildings, people and adornments from my mother's things.  I chose to display them on these shelves and I am enjoying my little treasures every day.

I have a total of three shelves in my kitchen that I am featuring the little buildings on display.  I am always pleased when company is over and they compliment my little collection.

This is me...nothing ordinary here.  Unique and happy.  I have other shelves in the kitchen and I will share those collections another time.  What do you surround yourself with in unexpected places?
Our weather is just perfect in the high 80's.  I am not keeping up with my weeding or trimming but I am still able to enjoy all of our roses and the blooming crepe myrtle.  I am doing my second trimming of the woolly thyme this year.  It is very laborious and very tedious as it is on the ground and I am not good at ground level any longer.  I love how it grows around my flagstones and therefore it is worth my efforts.
Mr. C is continuing to improve.  We are learning about his concussion.   He is no longer listing to one side from his ribs.  However he is "off-kilter" and has a balance issue.  The testing shows a cranial disconnect from the head trauma.  The good news is that with physical therapy he can re-learn how to correctly balance and function.  We feel very blessed as he is improving daily.  We are very grateful for all of your well wishes. Now that August is here...What are you doing this month?
Blissful  Summer days to you and yours...


  1. So glad hubby continues to improve!! I love your little building collection!



  2. Such a cute collection of buildings, but the best part is who they came from. they look so pretty on the shelves.
    Glad to know that Mr. C is doing better.
    Our weather is hot, humid and still raining but not all day. Thankfully.
    I am trying to work on some things that I have had on my to do list in my craft room. Will be taking pictures and posting about it hopefully by next week.

  3. What a perfect spot for your sweet little cottages, they're so charming all lit up. Always happy to hear that Mr. C is continuing to improve.

  4. so good to hear DH is doing well.
    Your little shelves are so cute and it is nice to have something different to display on them
    The angel card and the strawberry both look good. Not doing anything special this month apart from going to the Festival of Quilts on 10th, really looking forward to it and seeing lots to inspire me.

  5. I'm so happy to read that Mr. C is improving!

    August is a special month for me. Two of my daughters were married in August. My wonderful grandfather was born in August. My beautiful grandmother was born in August. My brother-in-law's birthday is in August. School starts in August. In short... what's not to like?

    I love your little houses! In my house, you will find tatting shuttles, thread, and little eggs in unexpected places!

  6. I luv your little village! I also luv to make vignettes on window sills or shelves. It is fun to change them around. August is indeed a great month, not so rushed I think. I'm off balance. ;) ;) I'm glad Mr. C has a reason for his and it can be overcome. Happy summer, Sherry!

  7. I love the look of your kitchen and I love even more that you express your own style and not follow tradition, I'm so glad your husband is coming along, my head injury left me with many problems and balance was one of the mos miserable ones, my heart goes out to him, does it make him nauseas, it did me, when I;m tired I still have balance issues, and if I talk to someone while they are rocking in a chair or swinging in a swing I becom very dizzy, all from the concussion, its amazing how deep this can effect you. I wish for him a fast and thorough recovery, with no lasting damage, this was how I lost my sight,

  8. How wonderful that Mr. C is improving each day! Soon, I hope, he'll be back to himself.
    Your houses and people are very cute, and it's nice to surround yourself with things you adore, and that make one smile. I have some of my mother's pinwheel crystal in the dining hutch, and I love how it sparkles and catches the light. I've saved the crystals from her diningroom chandelier, and hope to incorporate them into a fixture in our new diningroom. I really don't collect things myself, unless you count my art and craft supplies. Then, i have a ton! lol
    This month I hope to get our new, smaller house organized, and the weedy, overgrown gardens tamed, plus stitch, and CQ, and paint, and bead, and........hmmmmm, where will I find the time?! Oh well, I shall never be bored.
    Wishing you a wonderful August!

  9. A neighbor of mine use to have the little village pieces setting in her windows all around her house

    I thought of you when I was making my last altered art piece necklace

    not real creative but I got it together LOL


  10. What a blessing!! Mr. C is going to be fine!! What wonderful news!!
    Your ATC's are gorgeous and I love your little houses!!
    Keep being happy!!

  11. Gorgeous collection, so nice to be able to think of your Mom every time you see it too, kinda like a little piece of her there with you I imagine. Your cards are fabulous, I have some of that flocked trim too, looks great with the strawberry. Good Mr C is on the mend, take care of yourself. ~Diane

  12. Good morning my dear! So good to see you today as I read my comments, then to come here to see how you've been creative this week! August is a great month, though ours is rather COOL! Such a difference from the humid August weather we're so accustomed to here! HAVE FUN and thank you for your kind words....words are powerful indeed! Anita

  13. Yipee, good new for Mr C.
    I love my mailbox when cute stuff arrives in it. Thanks for the sweet and pinkish ATC. I love it. It is sitting by my computer.
    Smiles and love from you very devoted pen pal...Cory/Dogwood

  14. Dear Sherry, your ATCs are gorgeous! What a great idea to use that bright yummie strawberry from the package. I love how you combined it with the black curls. Such a great combo!
    I'm happy to hear about your hub's improving. But I feel for him that he has this balance issue. I have a light concussion at the moment from a meeting with an open window and it's not fun to feel dizzy all the time. So I'm really hoping for your Mr that he'll be recovering fully and soon from it. Wishing him and you all the best! Hugs xx

  15. Sherry, I used to have some of those same little houses! I love how you have them displayed on those pretty white shelves. I remember seeing your kitchen in a previous post and it was just so lovely. :) (I remember seeing your mouse collection too...I LOVED that!)

    Your ATC's are adorable!

    xoxo Paulette


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