Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bonjour Provence Hilltowns...

Another photo heavy post.  I find it very difficult to condense over 2000 photos into just a few to share with you.  When Mr. C and I travel we love to explore the old town centers as opposed to the newer parts of any town.  So on our recent trip to Provence France where we stayed in St. Remy we drove to many hilltowns and explored their ancient charms.  We also take very different photos.  I like charm and he likes life scenes.  I turn the camera to the right and he turns it to the left.  We balance one another very well.
Welcome to Arles, France.

This ancient Roman Arena was featured in a few scenes in the movie Ronin starring Robert De Niro.  Arles is not a touristy town so the authentic old charm feel was quite prevelant.

Breathtaking Les Baux.  Crowning the rugged Alpilles mountains the sights are spectacular.  With its medieval castle you are transported back in time.  These were some bicyclists who climbed over a wall.

Rugged limestone softened with flowers and living trees and vines. Now this is charming.  See the hand carved face in the stone in the right front?  These are details I enjoy.

This current cemetary dates back to the ancient times and is peaceful and beautiful.  I seemed to be very tranquil while visiting this part of history.

Very rugged terrain and it was sunny and quite hot this day we visited the castle.  We had driven to Les Baux a few days earlier but couldn't even get close as it was celebrating and full of visitors enjoying the reenactments of medieval pageantry, tournaments and demonstrations.  Thankfully our day of visiting was much less crowded and we went early when they first opened.

I am always awed by the fortitude our previous ancestors must have had to endure building and living in such forebidding circumstances.

This is Pont Du Gard.  An ancient Roman Aqueduct built in about 19 B.C.  Truly awe inspiring work that still exists today.

There is a grotto from ancient times when the river flowed through.

This is part of the grotto.  I can only imagine the power of the river and its waters back then.

Today the river is all but a stream.  There were lots of day-trippers who come and play like it is their day at the beach.  Pont Du Gard actually sells a yearly pass for locals to enjoy it.

On to Uzes for us.  Officially Uzes is in Languedoc, not in Provence, but we did not notice.  We were hot and tired as we had just visited Pont Du Gard and were parched and ready to sit and enjoy a break.

After parking, which is a feat in itself, we wandered through this archway not knowing what we would find.

Ahh...feeling better and refreshed.  Nothing like some beautiful shade trees and a cool drink while sitting in a plaza enjoying the people watching.

After eating a delicious lunch we wandered through a wonderful artisan open market.  I regret not buying some of the items I found and loved.  I should have then as I won't be visiting here again anytime soon. Maybe I should learn a lesson.  It seems I have missed out on some special momentos from just about every place I have traveled.  The one that comes to mind is the amazing artisan mask in a tiny little back street shop in Venice.  By the time we decided we should buy it, the store was closed and we were leaving the next morning at dawn.  Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda...
I hope you have enjoyed my wanderings.  There are so many more places I wish to share with you.  Maybe another time soon.  Traveling is such an eye-opening horizon-expanding experience and I am so very fortunate to be able to enjoy the journey with Mr. C.  We are both still adjusting to getting back into our regular routines.  I have signed up for my favorite Chamber of Commerce volunteering.  Mr. C is helping a friend with his computer issues.   Mr. C is also working on his cars which he loves doing...as long as it allows them to go faster. We are both working in the yard as the weather permits.  It is so hot and dry here.  We are having an issue with Voles (yes you may Google Voles) who are destroying our lawn.  I can only imagine the orgy that field mice, gophers and moles had to beget Voles.  I actually saw one yesterday and they are furry and fast!
May you be enjoying your lazy days of Summer (and for my Winter friends...brrr).  Spending time with family and friends and just soaking in the slower paced life that we should be experiencing.  I don't however believe the world clock is any slower paced.  I am losing full days at a time and have no idea where they have trotted off to.
Creative Bliss My Friends...


  1. Beautiful photos, looks like you enjoyed your time and spent it well, getting in all the sights. Glad you are back. ~Diane

  2. Oh my gosh, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I could just keep looking at them!! I so want to visit there after seeing these!! I've had the same coulda, shoulda, woulda regrets on not buying things when I saw them traveling. At least you got some amazing photos to remember the trip!! No voles, but I don't even want to talk about moles that are terrorizing my yard...ugh!! I hope you are having a wonderful week :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. I/we aren't much for traveling so it is great to see the sights thru your lens! :)

  4. beautiful adventures!!

  5. You are right, the views are breath taking!!! So much to see...but looks like you both did a good job!!! And so good to have you 'back'!

  6. What fun! You are so brave to drive in Europe! I love the pictures...What a great time for you to spend together!!! I am going to Google what a Vole is ????


  7. So glad you had such lovely things to look at while on hols. Getting away to a new country must be so invigorating!Are you getting back to normal yet?
    Judy xx

  8. such a good variety of photos here of your trip, many thanks for sharing places that I would never would have seen

  9. Just beautiful photos- and the weather looks as if it was spectacular. OK- buy it when you see it is the new motto. It's a challenge to think about packing items when traveling though.

  10. what an awesome vacation-really enjoyed the photos-thanks for taking us along with you

  11. Beautiful-- just beautiful. What an amazing trip. I don't think you can post too many photos when you take travels like this--I love looking at them!!


  12. You sound just like us on holiday. We shun the tourist spots and always head for the hill top tons or the old parts with the cobblestone streets. We love to sit and people watch too. I can loose hours that way and in fact we do as at the end of most days we can't recall actually doing any thing much. Hugs Mrs A.

  13. Wow! I love all the photos you shared~ I bet this visit will influence your art-so much history and magic!

  14. Gorgeous photos of France. Looks like you enjoyed your vacation. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my studio. Wishing you a wonderful summer.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photos. I felt like I was right there with you. I am up here doing the "rain dance" to no avail. Had 10 minute drizzle 2 nights ago.

  16. Your pictures are so beautiful. That looked a super fun trip. I know the food was great. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. what a lovely trip..your photos captured such beauty and essence....there really is nothing as pleasant as summer memories

  18. Lovely photos, Sherry. I do so enjoy your charming ones--they are of places I would love to explore.
    What a wonderful trip you've had!


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