Saturday, July 5, 2014

Home Sweet Home...

While I professed to be slowing down with my blog posts of Slow Down Therapy, I was actually NOT doing any such thing as relaxing or slowing down.  Mr. C and I went on holiday.  The trip we had planned last year but missed due to unplanned activities by Mr. C on Summer Solstice 2013.  Thankfully he is recovered and we have been able to celebrate his amazing recovery and life in some beautiful and breathtaking places. This is the two of us as we left our home to begin our journey.

We drove to San Francisco and parked our vehicle at a Park and Fly hotel.  Here I am on the shuttle to the airport.

 And here is Mr. C on the shuttle.  I will share lots more of our trip in upcoming posts.  We took lots of photos and it will take me a while to upload and organize them.

This is just one of our amazing places we visited.  Do you recognize this?
Thank you to my faithful followers for hanging in with me.  We chose to travel without any modern technical devices...not that I own or use any even here at home.  It is amazing how Wi-Fi is covering our planet. Every place we were there were thousands of people on their cell phones and tablets and whatever else they have. It is so good to be home now.  I love traveling but the logistics and schedules are hectic and harrowing. Unfortunately upon our landing I had to go straight from San Francisco airport to my doctor.  I had gotten sick half-way through the trip and my throat was flaming and I was coughing more and more as my chest got heavy.  Fortunately I am on the mend with antibiotics now.  My doctor has no idea what I got as I was exposed to every nationality on this earth so he just wanted to knock it out of me since I already had it for almost three weeks.  After four days and nights with NO sleep I have finally gotten a good night of sleep last night. I even skipped fireworks and celebrations for good old fashioned sleep and feeling better.  I was very relieved to wake up way too early this morning and see that our uber dry forest is safe.  I am eternally grateful for our house sitters for taking such good care of our home and property while we were gone.
Now I shall get into my blog groove and see what you all have been up to.  It will take me a while but I will visit each of you.  Now to find my Creative Muse whom I put on hold while gone.  I never even touched any type of hand-craft while gone.  This trip was totally for Mr. C and his passions...yes we ate well!
Summer Sparkle and Creative Bliss...


  1. WELCOME back, Mr. and Mrs. C

  2. Welcome home, lovely photos. So glad you are beginning to feel better. How did you manage not to craft anything while you were gone?!

  3. Dear Sherry, Welcome back home,-I`m happy for you, you had such a wonderful vacation. How fantastic for you,-- I look forward seing all your photoes. So sorry, though, that you have been feeling bad for so long, I hope the antibiotics have already made you feel almost well again.
    Hugs and remember to relax my friend.
    Dorthe, xo

  4. What beautiful photos!! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! I hope you are feeling much better. Can't wait so see more pics of your trip!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. So glad to see you had a good time on your so deserving trip. Can't wait to see more photos of your adventure. Ana

  6. Hello Sherry,

    Sorry to hear you've been unwell, but so glad you're on the mend now. Look forward to seeing some of your holiday photos - you both look stunning in your first photo on this blog post. Take care xx

  7. Awwwwww, Sherry - I am SO sorry you've been so sick...not much fun to start out a trip that way, either. I look forward to reading more - haven't been around much lately, as I was in Denver myself. Back for just a little while, and leaving again this coming Tuesday. I will catch up here more later - in the meantime, you look FABULOUS, my friend...SO pretty. OK, and Mr. C's not bad himself! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  8. I am so sorry that illness tried to ruin your plans, thankgoodness you recovered, what beautiful photos of you both, such a beautiful couple, inside and out! I can't wait to see more of your trip,

  9. Sherry I am glad you had a great vacation. I'm off on Monday to Oregon and the Sisters, Oregon quilt show next Saturday.

  10. Glad you are back...sorry you brought back something you didn't want!!! But glad, also, you are on the mend. Look orward to your stories!

  11. good to read you had a great holiday with himself but such a shame you got sick. Looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing more about your travels

  12. welome home and you certainly have been missed by many..great photos of you look both at peace..

  13. Goodness- you must have had a wonderful trip-,can't wait to see the pictures. I love to travel-- but it's always nice to come back home:)


  14. Oh,Sherry, looking forward to more photos and reading about your adventures! So sorry about your illness! Hope you're truly on the mend now!
    Rest up!
    xo Jane

  15. Welcome Home! Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Hopefully now that you are sleeping again, you will mend quickly. I look forward to seeing your vacation photos. I am not sure how you manage not to craft while you were gone!!!

  16. Welcome back, Sherry!
    It's awful to get sick while on holiday. I know that all I want is my own bed if I'm not well. I hope you've fully recovered now, and you're back to creating and enjoying.
    How wonderful to celebrate Mr. C and his recovery on your holiday. You both look great on the shuttle--anticipating wonderful adventures ahead. I'm looking forward to lots of great photos!

  17. Welcome home you two! I am so glad everything went well, and that you had a wonderful time - I've missed you!!
    I am looking forward to each and every post you will do, and to hear about your marvelous adventures - and of course, the food...
    You have been sorely missed my dear, and I am delighted you are home safe and sound, and finally on the mend. I also hope your muse comes out to play with you soon...
    Healing hugs,


  18. So glad you had a fun adventure! Yes, technology and gadgets are what it is all about now. Kinda sad really. Hope you are all better very soon.

  19. I never like the idea of traveling, but once Dave convinces me to go, I really enjoy myself. Despite your illness, I hope you found it to be a time to refresh your spirit.

  20. Hi Sherry and welcome back from your amazing trip. I am so sorry to read you have been sick but hope you are on the mend now and feeling better. Lots of sleep does help a lot to heal.
    I sure missed you but knew you were on a wonderful adventure.
    Have fun getting back in the groove of blogging.
    Hugs and Blessings~


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