Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Paper Pocket Card...

My friend Ana of Scrappy Pink Corner blog sent me a lovely card with a pocket containing lots of embellishing goodies (no photo...my bad).  Thank you Ana, I love it all.  Well, you might have done what I did.  Yes, I deconstructed her card very carefully so as not to ruin it and then proceeded to make my own. Out of one 12" x 12" piece of cardstock you can make two paper pocket cards.  There is probably a die cut for these however I merely used my trusty pencil, ruler, scissors and score tool.
This tea themed one is in the mail.  I couldn't resist.  I also mailed out a few others but didn't take photos.

This one I sewed the edges as opposed to using glue or tape.  I used a postage stamp that arrived on another card I received and am sharing it with its originator.

In the pocket I placed a clear transparency cut to size with a glitter butterfly stitcker that can be reused.  The first photo card pocket holds a tea bag in keeping with the paper's theme.  I have mailed ribbon and lace in the pockets of some others.
This is a very quick and easy craft and one I like so well I will make lots more to send out.  Any time I can send a little giftie along makes me happy.
What do you think of this Paper Pocket Card?
We are still without any rain.  I do not consider a "spit" to be rain and it certainly didn't even coat the deck let alone the ground.  Mr. C and I did some weeding last evening and it was more like scraping the hard clay ground as opposed to pulling and getting any roots.  Our lawn is turning fashionable California Brown 2014.
My prayers are continuing for all of Washington State and Oregon who are experiencing horrific wildfires. California has managed to put out most of its fires so far.
I have just finally finished editing our Holiday photos and will be sharing some more of our travels with you very soon.  Now Mr. C is building DVDs of our photos which is nice to view on the TV screen.
Summer Sunshine (Winter Sparkle) and Creative Bliss...


  1. Paper pocket card is wonderful!! How clever!!! Love it!!!! I was watching on ABC news tonight on the fires and it's terrible...I've always been so frightened of house fires and would be devastated...those poor people...

  2. The paper pocket card is gorgeous!! I love the beautiful design!! You are so sweet and generous to send out your gifts!! I hope you get more than a "spit" of rain soon!! Looking forward to more of your travel photos!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. I love the idea of pocket cards. What a great gift. We went without rain for so long but have been blessed the last two months. Hope it keeps coming and here's to some for you.

  4. The pocket is just adorable.
    Ana is sweet and very creative.
    I'm sure she will be thrilled!

  5. what a great job you have done here with the paper pockets,

  6. This is such a cute idea and I like that you could make the theme to go with the recipient. Is the pocket on the top or on the inside fold? I see the one looks like it is on the top, but maybe it can be done both ways (?).

  7. Beautiful pocket cards, clever to use the stamp too. ~Diane

  8. Very clever! I don't see myself ever making one... paper and I do not get along, unless it's in the form of a book I am reading. ;-)

  9. How sweet an idea, they looks wonderful, dear Sherry .
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I`m sorry to be so much on and off here in blogland, but this summer is filled with lovely dayes with my grandkids, -first with their father and now with their mother :-) but I will be back !!!

  10. Hi Sherry. I am so glad that you disassembled the pocket card and created your own. Some youtuber sent me the pocket cards to resend to others and thought of you. I love those cards. Really are convenient.
    Thank you for mentioning me on your blog and for always taking the time to send me a little something.
    Maybe we can swap sometime this year before it is over.
    Crafty hugs to you,

  11. wonderful paper rocket cards and nice idea behind making the same.
    Led Lures

  12. Such a really neat card! I am going to get back into card making. It was so much fun.

  13. Your cards look like such fun to create Sherry! What a great idea.
    Hoping you have more rain soon.


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