Friday, July 11, 2014

Coaxing Creative Muse...

After putting my Creative Muse on hold during Holiday she hasn't been wanting to return.  So I have been coaxing her by walking into my studio or sewing room and just letting her feel the aura.  I showed her some cards and envelopes she made before leaving.  Do you want to make some more?  No...already done that was her reply to me.

I pulled out one of the watercolor journals she had made before and she actually embellished it for a little gift.  Now that was fun...

I picked up needle and thread and yarn and did a few stitches on my Fellowship of the Flowers project.  Creative Muse was not ready for old Valentine colors so I promised to update with a new pallete of fabric and wool felt very soon.

Now here is where she came to life...just a little.  I had stamped this beach scene image onto some watercolor cardstock and a piece of matboard.  Creative Muse liked coloring this tranquil scene.  Nothing like using a virgin stamp that I have owned for decades.  Thank you Creative Muse.  We may be in sync now.  Let's try another approach...

I took Creative Muse to our local Ben Franklin and spent a glorious afternoon with Lindsay, Creator of Cuteness while she taught an Art Journaling class.  This is the unfinished page we created.  Creative Muse had such fun just playing and getting into the moment of watercolors, oil sticks, pens, collageing and glue. Before I realized it we were laughing and splattering watercolors not only on our page but on my dress. Fortunately it was a color that actually matched so no harm done.
Lindsay has given us homework to actually in journal...on our pages.  We can add or embellish or whatever feels right.  I will add a quote I like..."Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Edgar Degas.  Creative Muse really had a fun day and I feel she is back and ready for more play.

I celebrated the return of my Creative Muse with a few new art supplies.  This is the paper we used in class and it really held up to the abuse we gave it.

I also purchased the oil pastels that are a dream to work with.  I didn't even mind having them smudged on my fingers as they are soap and water clean up.  The white ink pen is amazing and actually writes and dots on top of all these mediums.  Uni-ball Signo pigment ink white...Lindsay's favorite pen for excellent reason.
Taking time to enjoy being creative was the best time spent this past few days.  I believe we are ready to tackle some projects we/I have begun but not finished.  Creative Bliss is back!!!
What are you doing this summer/winter?  Are you enjoying just being in the moment?  Last evening Mr. C and I prepared a small dinner and enjoyed it out on our bedroom deck at a small Bistro table we placed there.  Under the canopy of pine and cedar trees with the sun going down overlooking our pond...and a deer who was slowly strolling along munching some greenery.  Time to truly enjoy part of our busy day.
More travels in my next post...


  1. Your art journal page looks amazing!! And wow, I absolutely love the beach scene stamp!! It's so calming and beautiful!! I can see why your Creative Muse perked to life working on it!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. ohhh look at you in your grandeur shows a bit of relaxation and boooooom you continue to inspire

  3. A wonderful post and so glad you kept trying different things to finally get your creative muse all fired up and raring to go again. A few new supplies always helps too :)

  4. So glad your 'muse' is back in town and back at it again!! She's been missed!!

  5. Wow! You are off and running with such great stuff! Luv that stamp!

  6. Dear Sherry,
    Oh that I know!! lack of muse, after a pause....but so happy for you she returned, in such great manner, what a wonderful page you created in the workshop, and the pastels looks great!!
    I wish you a lovely weekend with more creative fun, dear.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  7. Aaah, muses are such fickle beings! Great to see that she has finally decided to play again.

  8. your creative muse has so many things to choose from to do as she is so very creative, maybe that is why she hums and hars sometimes and cannot make up her mind, well she finally got it together and produced some more lovely bits, fist the stamping and colouring then what she did at class, beautiful

  9. So happy Miz Muse has returned to play! Hope you have lots of fun journaling and mucking about with mixed media! It's like public school art class, but with way better stuff!

  10. Sometimes it's fun to just play with art. Looks like your Creative Muse is ready to go now. She just needed a bit of playtime first. :-)

  11. I love your story of waiting for your muse - glad she's sauntering back into your life!
    Like you, I'm trying to be a little bit creative, and just enjoy the moment - a little bliss every day of our fleeting summer... it will be gone all too soon!

  12. Love your new goodies, I am sure that will coax your muse out. ~Diane

  13. You and your creative muse have had a ball and i enjoyed your lovely post all about it. I am glad she has returned. Have fun this week too. Hugs June x

  14. Thank you for the info on the white ink pen, I will try to find one. Your muse was only playing hide and seek...your creativity is far too abundant to hide for long. The journaling class, or any class really is sure to get those creative juices flowing.


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