Tuesday, July 8, 2014

St. Remy, Provence, France...

This post is photo heavy so "fair-warning".  Our first destination.  This is known as the "Hamptons" of France.  I absolutely loved it here.  Warm, sunny, friendly people, great food, lots to see and enjoy.

We had rented a car in Avignon and therefore made this our home base for a week.  Our hotel was perfect! Walking close to town center and yet quiet and comfortable.

Cozy, modern, charming and very comfortable.

My very good fortune was to find this Brocante just like I had read about.  Be still my heart!  Our weather was perfect.  I wandered around and just soaked it all in.

Then I met Flavio (my name for him)(in the red hat)!  Very French and quite charming.  He just happened to have the one and only very item I was coveting to find before we ever left on this trip.  However I was certain it would be uber expensive...if I could even find one.  Yet there it was on his table of wares.  I got brave and used my sad French to ask how much it cost.  YES!!!  Score!!!  And Flavio let me have it for a better price since I was from California and the Euro was expensive.  Thank you Mr. Frenchman Flavio.

Here is Flat Fanny with my coveted purchase.  An authentique Absynthe spoon from the turn of the century. Flavio even told me the usage back when.  Of course I have already studied and know this but it was so sweet of him to spend the time and confirm my knowledge.  I will leave my cherished spoon in this exact condition...no polishing at all.

Then a few days later was the weekly open-air market.  Everything imaginable for sale.  The colors were incredible. Mr. C and I spent five hours wandering the many streets and vendors offering amazing things.

French people really do have a flair for easy living and these linen curtains really caught my eye.

Normally I would not even eat olives of any color or flavor except black ones.  And I certainly wouldn't eat anything that is in the open for bugs or germs to contaminate.  Ahh, but the colors and allure and living in the moment and feeling so lucky to be part of the St. Remy culture I could not resist.  I bought some of those green olives and they were the best I have ever eaten!

Mr. C had purchased a Blue Cheese Salami, Baguette, Olive Tapenade and some white donut peaches.  We hopped in our little car and had a roadside picnic just the way the french countryside people do it. No facilities what-so-ever...just time with nature and enjoying our food.

So being in the moment I did buy a linen top.  I was also going to buy some linen pantaloons but never found just the right ones.  In St. Remy everyone wears linen.  The men even wear the brightest bermuda shorts I have ever seen...lime green, red, flourescent pumpkin orange and many more colors.  Lots of suede driving mocs in red, bright blue and that orange again and this is the men.  All in all I loved St. Remy and have wonderful memories of our time there.
Some of you have commented how could I NOT do any stitching or crafting while gone.  It was a concious decision I made to stay in the moment with Mr. C and celebrate him and his accident recovery.  Mr. C is not a fan of my need to always be crafting as he feels it doesn't allow me to focus on him and what we are doing. As I choose my path I am very thankful that I am able to live this wonderful life with Mr. C and enjoy the travels and adventures we share together.  Putting my Creative Muse on hold is the least I can do.  Now I am feeling rested and healthier and hoping she comes rushing back to me.  As I am getting back into my daily routine of household and yard chores I find myself pulled into my studio and reaquainting with my fun supplies.  I am certain my Creative Muse has not abandoned me entirely.  She is probably merely being a petulant child and making me wait for the bliss I shall once again enjoy so much.
I hope you are enjoying your Summer (or Winter) and truly living in the moment to fully maximize all the joy we have each and every day.  Creative Bliss Dears...


  1. lovely photos of everything and you look ravishing with your chemise.....and yes the French certainly love their linens and window treatments....wink...love those linens.. I actually have some of them ...

  2. lovely photos of everything and you look ravishing with your chemise.....and yes the French certainly love their linens and window treatments....wink...love those linens.. I actually have some of them ...

  3. Oh, I am just drooling over the food. I live for olives. And the colors & textures of that market are just beautiful. I am so glad you found your treasure there. And I think that setting aside your art is sometimes necessary. What a visual delight you were able to enjoy and fill the well for your future creations. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. what an amazing vacation! I enjoyed every word, you look amazing!

  5. I enjoyed reading this post so much-congrats on your find-I love it when that happens-

  6. Welcome home Sherry! I can feel your JOY, I am so happy for you both to finally have that wonderful holiday.
    Your muse will return when she is ready, for now, bask in your happy memories of Europe.
    hugs and JOY,

  7. What fabulous pictures!! It looks like such an amazing trip!! I enjoy the trip vicariously through you!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. What lovely photos and a restful enriching trip. I'm sure The Muse is just soaking everything in and waiting her turn. Enjoy your travels.

  9. Just love the brocante - there is something about French markets, all the history etc. We just don't see these sorts of items here in North America. Looks like a lot of fun!

  10. You look lovely in that linen top and so fashionable. Great pictures...looks like such a fun time!

  11. You looks beautiful in your linen top, I love it Sherry...and oh would I have loved being there, experimenting all the brocantes and markets with food and everything else. The spoon was a great find, dear.

  12. Welcome back, looks like you had a wonderful time! ~Diane

  13. Dear Sherry, I have so enjoyed reading about your adventure and all the fun you had in the marketplaces, open air picnics and just relaxing with your dear Mr.C.
    Love your pics and your two look so happy and enjoying your trip.
    So glad Mr. C recovered and you had this time to celebrate. Hope you are feeling better too. You look gorgeous in your beautiful linen top.
    Enjoy being back with your creative muse and have fun in the studio and garden.
    Blessings and hugs

  14. Oh and forgot to say, I love the spoon you found. Perfectly beautiful with the patina.

  15. Oh my-- what a wonderful trip! Your pictures are beautiful--- and you look gorgeous in that linen top!! Your flea market find is a real treasure. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing trip:)


  16. Ah! Sherry! How wonderful! And you look stunning! Thank you for sharing your photos of France. I was in Paris and a few other stops way back in 1984, so this was lovely to read and view...especially from you! How sweet you and mr C are! Hugs, kathy

  17. Wow, you did take a vacation!!! I know you had planned it last year before the accident, so glad you went this year. Oh the shopping and I love your linen top. And a roadside picnic...It all sounds perfect....More we want more!!!


  18. Love France. These are fab photo's. glad you are enjoying yourself.

  19. When my husband and I were here, we found our earthly souls. The people, the open air markets, the fresh air, the way of living. The list goes on and on, but being a French teacher, I may be bias, but the French are OUTSTANDING people who love the moment and live life as an art. Who could make a simple linen curtain feel so regal? Who could celebrate the simple olive to such great heights? They certainly have that, "Je ne sais quoi" and St. Remy was and is the perfect landing spot for you! LOVE YOUR LINEN SHIRT and may heaven have a bit of France for us!!!!!

    Merci for having come to visit. Do enjoy your virtual travels during our link party!

    (Oh, aren't the French vendors darling? They explain their history, language and what-not to you and it's fun!)


  20. Wonderful photos! Looks like you had the time of your life :)

  21. Oh how I love your post. Isn't France amazing? Those lace curtains, sigh.

    Thank you for always stopping by on my blog. I truly appreciate it.

  22. Love your pictures Sherry - your room looks wonderful, and you look gorgeous in your linen top!
    I'm so glad you and Mr. C had a wonderful trip... you look so happy and rested in the photograph.
    I know your muse will return - better and even more creative than ever...
    Welcome home!!


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