Friday, November 7, 2014

Calendar Pages Upcycled...

This past week has found me sorting through my desk and stacks of papers and such.  Why do I need 5 calendars all for the very same year?  Donations I make result in the annual calendar and I feel compelled to hang on to them.  So in my surge to purge I used those calendars for cards and envelopes.  I spent one hour this morning and made a dozen envelopes with matching cards.  I use these for my weekly "Random Acts of Mail" that I send out.  With one calendar page I can make one envelope and card.  I love the cheerful colors and scenes that are there for me to work with.  While I am cutting and folding and taping I am adding my good thoughts and prayers for those who are in need of some cheer.  We do not always know the extent of their needs but I feel my cheerful envelopes and cards lend a smile to everyone who sees them.  What do you think?

I realize I have shared these before however I am so happy with how many possibilties they have that I am sharing them again.  Pockets created from calendar pages.  I simply fold and double stick tape the edges to form a pocket.  Easy peasy.  With the days seeming shorter as the darkness falls so early and our schedules fill out with holiday things to do, this is quick and very doable.  One calendar, one hour and endless possibilities.  

Think of all the uses these have and they are easy to mail inside an envelope.  These would even look good hanging on a Christmas tree.  Think of decorating a senior's small living space.  Wouldn't Grandpa like a new bandana contained within this pocket?  Maybe college students might like to receive some movie theater tickets and popcorn "seed" money.  A freind who is not feeling well might like to receive a nice hanky and some soothing tea bags.  How about a delicious chocolate bar to give to friends at holiday lunches.  What would you send along to someone?
The days are getting very busy with holiday buzz.  I almost feel overwhelmed at all the barrage of advertisements and catalogs and shop, shop, shop...until I take a moment to remember I have the power to slow down the pace and enjoy each day the way I would like to.  Yes, this sounds very "Pollyanna" however we each have the ability to slow down our hectic rush rush schedules.  Stop to think of how critical each task is and then decide which ones to focus on and let the rest be done by someone else or maybe not at all.  This holiday season I am really going to focus on what I want to spend my time doing for others. This has been such a busy year for Mr. C and myself with all our travel and road trips and pleasing others wants that I feel this is a good time to reflect and enjoy...our being together, our home, our families and our friends.  I cannot slow down the clock however I can slow down my reactions to all that demands my time.  This is the first year that I feel I am able to enjoy and truly be in the moment.  Yes, I may miss out on some fun but my peace and serenity is all important to me.  May we each be able to find the balance that works for us.  I am remembering my mantra..."If not now, when?"  I am truly grateful for each day and all that I am surrounded with.
Blessings and Creative Bliss My Friends...


  1. What a marvellous way to use old calendars, and I love the idea of your weekly ' random acts of mail '. Brilliant.

  2. Truly thrifty, creative joy for the recipient! You seize every opportunity to cheer up others, Sherry. God bless you!

    Hugs and happy weekend,

  3. Fabulous way to recycle your old calendars...Have a happy weekend ahead... Hugs May x x

  4. Recycling at it's very best. Great project!

  5. What a fabulous way to recycle your old calendars!! I love the idea!! I save mine, too because I can't stand to part with the beautiful pictures, but I've never thought of a way to reuse them!! Thanks so much for sharing...I'm going to use this idea!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. such a good way to use old calenders very creative and some real words of wisdom from you today so good to be able to take time and just relax and ponder about life

  7. We all need to remember... Slow down, take time, savor the moment, take care, be thoughtful, enjoy what you can and want to do.
    Love your use of the calendars. I visited a craft show recently and they had used similar pages to create their shopping bags another nice way to recycle.

  8. Hi, Girlfriend!
    If you posted about your calendar upcycles before, I missed it. :-( What a wonderful and generous idea. I'm so glad that you'll be able to enjoy the holidays. I'm working to get my projects completed early so I can do the same.
    Thanks again for the ideas and projects you share with your online friends. You're an inspiration to all.
    Hugs from FL.
    Donna and Tag

  9. You are exactly right regarding the calendars and time! Those calendars are wonderful things waiting to happen! First, they remind you of "time", then they get a second chance when they are done (or out of time lol!)!
    You are soooo crafty, I love it!

  10. Yes dear Sherry, they are sure to bring joy to whomever would recieve one of the happy envelopes or pockets filled with goodies of every kind.-such a wonderful idea!!
    Take care , and enjoy the moment, that is wisdon, Sherry.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  11. such beautiful creations, you always are an inspiration to me, I feel better just for coming here

  12. That's a good plan to slow down, especially at this time of year. DH and I are rather lucky I suppose: living several hours away from family have meant little hustle and bustle of parties and functions. As I'll be recovering from knee surgery, I shall be missing the annual family Christmas get-together.
    With medical reasons restricting food and beverage choices, there isn't the same desire to party anyway, any more, for us at least. We prefer quiet family get-togethers where we enjoy each other's company. Ah, the simple life........Wishing you peace and serenity throughout the festive season and into the New Year.

  13. "Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials." (Lin Ytang, the Importance of Living)

    I copied the above quote into the notes app on my iPhone. And totally agree with your thoughts on slowing down, breathing and not getting caught up in the rush of things. Why do people find it so necessary to do that? This is the time of year when so many people overspend and go into debt. For what?

    I have several calendars saved for the same purpose -- making envelopes. Definitely a great way to give a little gift. I tuck chocolate and tea into mine, or a little tag.

    Have a great day.

  14. You always come up with the best ideas and uses for our 'stuff'!!! These are wonderful!!! As are you my friend!!

  15. I think you are absolutely right! Great post!


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