Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tatting Angel Gifts...

One of the blogs I have followed for quite a long time is Lace-Lovin' Librarian Diane.  She is a master at Tatting.  I have been wanting to learn to tat for decades now and with no luck.  I just know Diane could teach me but she lives way too far from me.  This past year she taught lots of her students...both boys and girls and I must tell you honestly I wished I was back in her school. Recently Diane posted a beautiful doily that she sees a mistake in.  I emailed her to ask if I could purchase it from her.  Later that night I thought how bold I was to request her work to be sent to me.  To my wonderful surprise Diane sent me not only the blue doily but also a bookmark and the most beautiful white snowflake she tats using a little "doodad" charm in the center.

Then in the package was also a baggie of all types of tatting she has done.  Some are samples of a pattern she tatted and some are her "oops" she set aside and began again fresh.  I feel like I have truly won the Tatting Lottery!  Thank you sew very much Diane Dear.  I think I shall try to learn once again.  These amazing pieces of thread knotted into such beautiful lace really speak to me.

Diane asked what I would do with these pieces.  Well here I am thinking they make fabulous adornments to my addiction of Little Wallets.  Yes, I am still sewing them.  Can't get enough...just like good chocolate.  Ihave some other ideas for pieces of tatting she sent along.  I feel so blessed and grateful for the heartwarming friendships I have made through blogging.

Here are some Cercis Redbud leaves that are littering our landscape and filling our pond with debris. Instead of seeing them as work to be done, I prefer to see them as Nature dropping beautiful "Heart" shaped colors of Autumn for me to enjoy.

This is a new acquisition for Mr. C and myself.  We have some friends who just moved away and this plant/tree could not live in their new environment.  When we brought it home it had some leaves and nothing else.  Very scraggly and I wasn't certain it would make it.  Then...several weeks and it must be happy here.  Look at these magical Faerie flowers.  I love them.  It is also known as Angel's Trumpet and the entire plant is highly poisonous.  Who knew?  I am still entranced with these flowers.
We have had a little rain and several days of gloomy grey drizzly weather.  I am not complaining as I have been able to stay inside and take care of my back.  Thank you each and every one for your well wishes.  My back is doing better and I am able to be up and about doing mild domestic chores and cooking.  Now Mr. C is needing extra well wishes.  He is having some sort of "allergic dermititis" otherwise known by me as a very itchy rash.  He also is under the weather and fighting off some unknown germ.  Back to the doctor tomorrow.
Being grateful for all my many blessings.  How are you staying calm in this wonderful season of lots of activities and things to do and see and accomplish?  Doing any baking which helps warm the house and smells so good too?  Creative Bliss and Joy...


  1. Wow, I have always been amazed with the skill and patience needed to tat...Gorgeous work and how sweet of her to send it...Love the little wallets. Take care of your back, I find it usually takes me about a month to get mine back in shape


  2. Hi Sherry! Your adorned wallets are so wonderful, great idea! Tatting...interesting. I have never tried it, but it certainly is beautiful. It looks difficult! You are so good with details...and so patient. Have a peaceful new week ahead, my friend. Love, kath

  3. how lucky are you getting all those tatted pieces and yes they will look great on your wallets.
    Your angel trumpet is a real beauty obviously likes where you have planted it

  4. Hi Sherry. Love that plant. So pretty. They look like bells. We have something here similar in Miami, but they are usually a rosey/peach with a hint of yellow on top. They are described as upside down bells. Not sure if they are poisonous or the same plant.
    Hope you and Mr. C feel better soon. Take care of yourselves. Ana

  5. Needleworkers who tat are few and far between. How lovely to receive these pieces! Did Mr. C handle the angel trumpet without gloves by any chance? I have heard that they can be a problem, and not just to ingest. I got a rash one time from handling a Sabo Palm without gloves or arm protection. Just a thought..

  6. I love the look of tatting, but that is one thing I have not learned how to do and do not want to learn. I have more than enough to keep me busy, lol.

  7. What a tatting treasure trove! I love that you adorned your wallets with them. Beautiful! :-) Heidi

  8. Pretty things to inspire.

    Beholding beauty is such a gift!
    Thank you for sharing the joy.

    Hope you and Mr C. feel much better soon!

    ~ Violet

  9. Hello dear,
    wonderful gifts from your blogging friend, and such lovely use of some of the tattings !
    Here in Denmark we can also grow : Engle Trompet ...yest it is called exatly the same :-) I never tried though!!
    Hugs and sending wishes for a lovely week !

  10. What beautiful oddments of tatting and with your little bags they are truly a match made in heaven. Hugs Mrs A.

  11. What a sweet friend to send you all of those gorgeous pieces!! They look amazing on your wallets!! The Angel Trumpet flowers are so so beautiful!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Beautiful tatting - what a treasure Sherry!

  13. Oh the tatting is so gorgeous. What patience and talent that must take. How generous of her! Just love your sweet wallets, which look great with the tatted embellishments.

    Tis the season to get sick. Always seems to come with the holidays. Hope you and your hubby are both well soon.

  14. Sorry that you are both experiencing some unwellness but you have some wonderful eye candy on view today!

  15. I can't imagine tatting!! My sister does and makes table cloths!!! Leaves are wonderful!!! Do take care of yourself!!

  16. Hi Sherry, so sorry you have had back trouble. Glad to hear you are doing better and I hope Mr.C gets better promptly too. This time of year is no fun to be under the weather.

    Love the tatting treasures sent to you by Diane. She is so talented and even her oops look perfect to me. I love this art form and have never tried, but it is something I would be interested in too. I had the opportunity of painting a tatting shuttle for another blogger a few years ago as a custom for her collection. She was also a beautiful tatter.

    The floral tree looks like it is right at home with you and doing well.
    Love the heart shape leaves falling from your tree. Our neighbor has this one and all the leaves are in our pool. Hearts floating on the water!!

    Feel better and have a great week.
    Hugs and Happy Creating!!

  17. Ah, Diane sent you one of her favourite spinning wheel mats! Wonderful gift, I do hope it will get you tatting.

  18. I hope you and the MR. are on the mend now!! Poor Dears! Your bizarre *in a good way* tree/plant is magical! It is your good vibes that made it thrive! As for the "Tatting" it looks amazing! And I am certain a pro like you could tat in no time! Hopefully you made tons while resting with your back!!
    Holiday bliss to you! lol!

  19. I too follow Diane's blog and love all of her tatting. How absolutely wonderful that she sent you all those wonderful tatting pieces!! They look super on the wallets you're making. Take good care.

  20. How clever of you to add the tatting bits to your adorable little wallets. Tatting is such a beautiful well as maybe a dying art. I don't see many people doing it anymore. I've always been in awe of those who tat. I'm awfully glad to see you getting the Little Wallet bug as bad as I've had it. hahahahaha

  21. I remember one of my grandmothers doing some tatting - beautiful stuff! blessings, marlene

  22. How sweet of her to send so many tiny treasures! I'm sure you will put them to great use.


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