Thursday, November 20, 2014

Unexpected Home Repairs...

During this busy holiday season I can truly use some extra energy and good health.  This classic Lucille Ball is still one of my all time favorites.  My daughter got me this "just because" and I adore it.  Thank you Shelby.

Poor Mr. C is hard at work...again!  I happened to see a few cracks and said, "Honey you should caulk those before Winter". eagle eyes brought to attention that caulking wasn't going to save some seriously rotted out wooden boards.  Our home is covered with wood boards due to the English Tudor theme and having decks at both ends of the house.  DRAT!!!  One board led to another board and then another and so on...

Here is our railing which had to come off.  I cannot express how unsafe a second story deck is without a sturdy railing.  I did not like the edge, especially after he had to also remove a very big load bearing timber from under the deck.  This process has been going on for weeks.  Mr. C will only do the very best job possible and not make any shortcuts.

Here is my view from the deck down to the six foot tall ladder (the little one).  The drop is at least twenty feet.

Here are the new boards replaced around the window and the corner of the house.  The railing is beginning to get back together.  Thank you Mr. C for always taking such good care of us and our home.  You are the very best!  I love Mr. C and this color blue he let me have on the house.

I am still making Little Wallets.  This beautiful tatting my friend Diane shared with me looked just like her initial "D".  My gift list is out of control.  Every year I plan to cut back and not overdo but then the excitement gets to me and I get carried away with Sharing Joy!
We are having no sunshine but lots of grey and drizzle.  Not really rain to fill the watertable but glorious sprinkles to water the plants.  Prayers for all in deep snow to stay safe and warm.
I just love seeing all the wonderful gifts and decor that you all are sharing.  Sharing Joy this holiday season.  Thank you.  Creative Holiday Bliss...


  1. I'm so glad that your railings will be safe when Mr. C. is finished! It's scary to think of someone falling because of bad boards. whew!

    I love your sweet, little wallet. It's perfectly "you", my dear.

    I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio myself. Perhaps today, after my hair appointment. Cut or grow out? Hmmmm. That's the question I'm dealing with right now.

    Thanks always for stopping by to visit. Love you, girlfriend!

  2. what a a handy man you have there taking care of all the repairs. another lovely pouch

  3. wow, that photo from above is very un nerving, yikes!!!

  4. A pretty blue! Yes, these houses always have some small thing that reveals a bigger thing. A double blessing to get fixed right and then the feeling of a job well done! Bliss!

  5. Good luck to Mr. C as he repairs the deck!! What a gorgeous wallet!! I love the pretty butterfly fabric!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Pretty blue paint for your house trim. My dh is the same way, not worth doing if you don't do it right. We are fortunate, so many people just let it go and do 1/2 way repairs on things, lucky our men are such skilled hard workers I think. ~Diane

  7. The constant needs of a home do have a way of sneaking up on us. And they've such a way in surprising us to what extent they require by the time we notice them. Still making little wallets here and there myself. LoL

  8. We've got a similar project that needs doing here. :( Your little wallet with it's tatting adornment is beautiful! blessings, marlene

  9. Upkeep on a home is never ending. At least you have a partner that can do the needed tasks. I agree that doesn't look too safe though. Your wallet is wonderful!

  10. Oh Sherry,
    I know what you are speaking about, conserning the gift giving.. and the wishes to give,-- but as you read on my blog, now I had to let it come to an end, even I wished to just go on.
    What a big work your husbond had to start, and yes....alwayes there is arriving new things ,when starting to fix ones houses. :-)
    I wish you a lovely weekend, my dear- Hugs,Dorthe

  11. Oh that photo from the top made me dizzy! You were brave to take it! It seems as though there is always something to fix, repair or repaint. The little bag is cute and the tatting is the perfect touch!

  12. Oh dear, it does sound scary. Take care there on the second floor! I love love the blue, so beautiful! I'm happy dear Mr. C let you have your colour choice. And your wallet is so gorgeous too. I love the tatting you received. When ill I started with doing a little tatting myself too and it's so much fun to do. I will share some of it later. Sending you big hugs and wishing you a wonderful day

  13. You are so lucky Mr. C can still do the work. My hubby used to do it all around the house but cant anymore. Not only do you have a good feeling of accomplishment you say bucks too. Love the little pocketbook. Nice colors.

  14. Oh dear-- it's hard to deal with repairs in the midst of holiday celebrating-- it looks like a big job going on there on your deck!!

    Your little wallets are the cutest things ever-- these should be in your gifting list for all your family:)

    Stay busy inside and stay off the deck till the job is done!!

  15. That's how it goes...One thing leads to another! Wow, quite a drop off the back of your house...yikkes. My favorite Lucy episode was her working at the candy factory and not being able to keep up with the production line lol!


  16. Dear Lord,

    Thank You for protecting Mr. C as he makes these necessary safety repairs to his and Sherry's home. You do all things well.

    In Your precious Name Jesus,

    *mwah* You're a grateful wife, Sherry. Keep up the good habits.


  17. Oh Sherry I can't stresss enough how important your safety is with these timbers needing to be replaced. Living with a DH builder I am only too aware!
    Such a pretty blue the timber is painted too.
    Cute little bags just keep coming out of your creative space.
    Such lovely tatting gifts too.
    Stay warm and cosy!

  18. Sometimes one project will turn into playing with dominoes. Building those long lines of them, like you did as a kid and watching them go on and on until they finally finished there procession. We have all been there:) That one photo taken from the top of your deck made me dizzy. That's quite a drop, do be careful. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  19. Aren't you lucky that Mr. C. Is able to do the repairs? I love that my Mr. C. Can fix up our house. I have much more control over the final outcome! ;-) I've showed him your blue trim, and he just smiled. Our deal is that when we need to restrain the house, it will be blue again!

    Thank you for my wallet. I love it! I will have to start looking at tatted bits more carefully so that I can see different design elements such as letters!

  20. Before we added our deck, we just had the sliding glass door which gave me the creeps...I kept thinking either the dogs or I would forget and fall!!!! I love the blue!!!! Take care of yourself...and hugs to Mr. C...he does take such good care of you and the house!


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