Friday, November 28, 2014

Brocade BowTies...

Thank you to my wonderful followers who sent me links for making BowTies.  This is my result.  I was able to make two.  One is an inch longer than the other.   This Brocade fabric is beautiful. However it is not friendly to cut or sew.

Here is my template pattern ready to cut out of the brocade which has been fused with Pellon.  Only one side of the self-faced tie.

Here is my template pattern ready to cut out of the brocade which is not fused with Pellon.  My first attempts were very difficult and problematic.  This fabric shreds so easily that if you merely touch it the silky threads are all you have left of your edges you wish to seam together.  Sew...I purchased a very expensive pinking edge rotary blade and that helped but was very dangerous to use freehand cutting.  I spent days and days just trying to get one good bowtie sewn and ready for approval by the wedding couple.

Here are the two bowties I was able to complete as prototypes.  Am I proud of them?  Yes and No! This is not the finest work I can do.  This fabric has been such a troublesome lot that I don't believe the result is stunning.  Mr. C and I have tried to actually tie this around his neck and it just does not cooperate.  The fabric is stiff yet not crisp.  The bow looks okay but the knot is not laying well.

The end result is not very nice.  I have spoken with the bride-to-be and she already has Plan B in action.  No suspenders now as the groom-to-be is entertaining vests to be worn.  The online ordered vests will not go with this brocade so my job is done.  I will not be sewing any more Brocade BowTies for the upcoming wedding to be held in late February in Minneapolis in Winter weather.  I was so worried and stressed over this entire project and now I can merely get on with December and Christmas gift making and giving.
Our weather is just what you would expect for the Autumn to Winter season's changing.  With the shorter daylight hours making me feel like I should go to bed right after dinner is over.  My sunshine is not here to give me energy and allow me to accomplish as much as I do in the warmer longer daylight days of Summer.  I do read more in the evenings and that is enjoyable.  I am also getting some much needed hand-sewing done on gifts.  Nothing fancy and nothing fun...yet.
I shall continue to be grateful for all of my blessings.  One day is just not enough time.  The Holiday Crush is upon us.  I don't like to count down the days as they already pass too quickly.  My focus will be to make a list and check it twice.  Complete what I am able to and let the rest fall by the wayside. My goal is to enjoy every day and not get caught up in the stress of trying to do it all and then some. My wish is for each of you to also find balance and enjoy your days.  Sharing Joy and Peace...


  1. I am planning on making a bowtie in cotton fabric for my 7-year old grandson. For some reason he loves bowties, LOL!!! I have a few tutorial/patterns for a child size bowtie. I hope mine turns out. At least I am using a cotton fabric that is more friendly to cut and sew.
    The bowtie you made is very pretty. I know that fabric is not easy to work with.

  2. The fabric may have been hard to work with, but the bow tie is absolutely gorgeous!! Wow!! Such a beautiful fabric!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Daryl and Lisa: Your results are gorgeous, indeed!

    BUT I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOUR FREEDOM! Yes, we LOVE it when wise brides have Plan B's! Good girl, but I'm most happy-- SEW HAPPY-- for you, dear Sherry!

    Hugs and happy freedom from bow ties,

    P.S. You tried and gave it your best. Good job!

  4. I think it looks beautiful, but I totally get the frustration of not having something perfect. I'm glad you can move on to something else, but at least you can now say you've made a bow tie...something I've never done!

  5. I think brocade is one of the hardest fabrics to sew with so I congratulate you on making not one but two bow ties with it. Glad the Bride has had second thoughts leaving you free to enjoy the festivities at Christmas. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. you did a pretty good job with such difficult material but as you say it frayed and was not comfortable to wear around the neck so as well the bridegroom changed his mind. Enjoy your preparation for Christmas so far I have given it no thought, have been told my daughters want to come on 29th and I am to do the Christmas dinner then!so will be quiet and peaceful for me

  7. Well you did it! Congrats on the accomplishment. But a relief to not have to continue on given the challenges you had to overcome in making them.

  8. Well, the bowtie looks okay to me, but since you had such a hard time with it, I can imagine your frustration and relief in not having to make any more. I'm often asked why I don't sell the things I make and it's because I don't want the stress of deadlines or having to finish things. Now, I give when I want to who I want as I want. I don't worry about the season or the time of year or the holiday. I just do it. And if I don't, well then no one but me knows that, right! :) Happy holidays. Tammy

  9. I am glad to hear you are off the hook. The thoughts of you trying to wrestle with that fabric is enough to make us cringe! At least you have made the tie and with an easier fabric to work could create some stunning ties! There is a lady here in Ky that makes ties and customizes them with paintings...big $$$$ you may want to keep sewing and find some paints!

  10. You gave it a good try and that is all one can. Plan B will be just fine. I am also just doing the first thing next and letting the days unfold as they will. Blessings!

  11. Hi there!
    When fabric doesn't cooperate, it makes sewing such a pain!!!!!! And although your bow ties look fabulous, it must be a relief to not have to make more!!!!!

    Like you, these short cold winter days have me thinking it's bedtime before it's reasonable to go to bed. But I am enjoying the twinkle lights in the evenings, and even sometimes in the early mornings! Christmas is the best part of winter! Then, give me a long spring and summer please!

    Blessings, dear heart,


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