Monday, November 3, 2014

Lace ButtonKeep...

Previously I shared the beautiful Lace PinKeep that my friend Judy (visit her blog here) gifted me.  I knew I wanted to create one of my own...just because I love lace.  I mentioned I have plans for these. This is the one I have created from Judy's inspiration.  Thank you sew very much once again Judy Dear.  These buttons are from my SIL when she worked for a designer furniture company.  I love the textures and fabrics covering them.  They also are a visual notation of what is inside.

Well I dug out my laces and some muslin and sewed a foundation cover.  This is the front and back. I looks dismal at this stage.  I really doubted my abilities for a while here.

Here is the inside front and the wool felt pages I added.  I created a pocket with the eyelet lace.

Here is the front inside cover.  I added a sweet little kitty lace applique that reminds me of my beloved Sasha who lived 18 years.

This is the back inside cover and it also has a pocket created with the white lace.  I added an applique that really means a lot to me.  Instead of keeping my treasures in a box or drawer or worse I am going to enjoy seeing them each time I pick up this little "book of lace and memories".

This is the back cover and I kept it flat so I could lay it on a table and not worry about scratching any surface.  I really enjoy showcasing this little crocheted doily.  My little LaceKeep is approximately 5" x 7" in size.  What am I going to use the pages for?

This little LaceKeep will showcase some beautiful buttons I have hoarded.  Instead of having them mixed together in little jars or containers I can now stitch them onto my wool felt pages and enjoy looking at them any time I wish.  I have these buttons just laying here for the photo.  I am refining my design for attaching them and believe I will do a spiral with a large button in the center and ending with smaller buttons at the tail of the spiral.  I am thinking that these little LaceKeep treasure books will be able to have lots of uses and keep my little treasures close at hand.  I also think that instead of finding an overwhelming room of "stuff" my girls might enjoy these little treasure books that reflect what their mom and grandma thought of as special and keepsake treasures.  These little LaceKeeps will also be a wonderful space saver for the time when I must downsize and pass along my stuff but be able to savor some little memory books of treasures.  What do you think of this idea?
We have had some wonderful rain.  Over 2 inches this past weekend.  Mr. C and I were gone for an event and had to drive over Donner Summit.  Fortunately we missed the snow falling and road delays.  We left before it began and returned after it finished.  The mountains were glorious in their fresh new white winter coat.  It won't last long as the daytime temperatures are warm enough to melt it all. At least it may help the water table.  We are facing the next five months...November through March...which should be our wettest weather.  I see some of you are having horrible storms already and I pray you all stay safe.
This is the month of being extra thankful as our Thanksgiving holiday approaches.  I am very grateful for each of you and your wonderful comments you take the time to leave for me to read.  I don't always acknowledge each comment but I do try very diligently to visit every one's blogs.
May You Be Happy and Creating Something You Love...


  1. its is beautiful! I'm so glad you had rain,,,

  2. a beautiful make and a lovely way to display fancy buttons. So good to read you have had rain and hopefully your well will soon be full to the brim

  3. I see you have worked your magic once again Sherry, lovely lace book!
    hugs and JOY,

  4. Wow it's so beautiful
    And I love it so much x

  5. Hi Sherry. Such a cute idea to make a button lace book. I have one for stick pins, but never thought of one for buttons. Unfortunately I can't sew, but maybe with glue I can crete one. TFS. ana

  6. Treasure books indeed. A very good idea. Just delving into your lace and buttons is a treat, and the result is just lovely. Like the concept of the button spiral.

  7. Your idea for a variety of fun little keepsakes books is a great idea. You'll pick them up in later years and enjoy the memories they invoke and remember the wonderful times you had creating things. And they won't just be in your mind. You'll be able to touch them as well.

  8. It is a lovely memory keeper, Sherry. And such a creative way to organize and simplify the 'good stuff'!

  9. I think this is a perfect way to pass along button treasures. My daughters will be overwhelmed with my button collection...much less all the other sewing notions I have squirreled away. I have treasured buttons mixed in with common buttons...this would make a lovely way to store them and treasure them. Great idea!

  10. Wonderful idea, to show special buttons like this, so beautiful, in your lace book, dear Sherry ! Lovely and with little private stories, to remember good times and friends !!
    Happy for you, you got rain, atlast !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  11. Yea for the rain! What a great keepsake idea for your thoughtful and it is gorgeous and looks like it would be soooo fun to make!


  12. Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous!! All of the lace you used is stunning!! So, so beautiful!! I'm glad you got rain!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. I don't know which is prettier...the lace or how you used the lace!!!! Just wonderful!

  14. I'm glad you were inspired to make this pretty button keepsake.

  15. Sherry you are incredible. I love this and the lace is stunning. This button keepsake is a true treasure.
    You always inspire.
    Hugs and Happy Creating!!

  16. Oh, this little lace pinkeep is beautiful - great inspiration from your friend, and yours is lovely. A great idea!

  17. I love lace..and my fav is battenburg...hard to find these days but I did get a few metres for some int. projects....
    you give me such delightful inspiration

  18. What a beautiful book of treasures and memories. A precious keepsake for sure.

  19. It's PERFECT! I love how we can reuse and repurpose treasured keepsakes into beautiful, useful items.

    This reminds me of my "Wisconsin Memories" project from a while back. I can't wait to make I'm sure you'll want to do the same with yours. We always have more buttons. (wink)

    Enjoy your weekend, Sherry. It's going to be beautiful here.

  20. This is gorgeous---
    and such a creative way to show off your buttons. :)

  21. This is gorgeous, what a beautiful way to store them too! ~Diane


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