Monday, December 15, 2014

Creating Christmas Chaos...

This is my room I like to call my studio.  I love this room which houses lots of my crafting supplies. Right now there is barely enough room to step around all the chaos.  I seem to have "stuff" all over every surface. I am busy creating lots of little Christmas gifties and I like to have supplies close at hand.  One minute I am cutting paper or fabric and another minute I am gluing or glittering.  This really makes me happy.

Here is one of two large containers I have which fit nicely under the storage shelves.  This one holds some bits of Christmas wrapping, bags, ribbons, bows and tags.  This year I am promising myself that it is time to use the "good stuff". I am also resigned to sorting through all that is jammed in so tight the lid barely fits.  I do love to savor my treasures.

I know I have shown you my very large island many times.  It is about 5' x 9' and it is almost always full.  Right now I am wrapping things and finding lots of inspiration for some future cards and tags.

These very simple tags I have cut from holiday cards received in the past.  I only cut up cards that are mass produced and not handmade.   I kept these very simple and merely tied colored string to the tops.  With a hand-written note on the back they will adorn packages.

These tags I had fun doing some extra hand-stitching along the edges.  I like the added dimension. It is easy to have lots of tags cut and then while sitting I can stitch them with a large crewel needle and some crochet thread.  No need to prepunch as the needle goes through the card stock fairly easily.

Here I am using some shipping tags that I got from purchasing items at a friend's yard sale a while back.  Black scribbled prices were on the tags so I gessoed them.  Mr. C came along and asked what are you doing?  When I told him he said to just throw them out and buy new ones.  What!  Tags are expensive and this way I can use them for something creative.  Silly Mr. C!  This allows my Creative Christmas Chaos to be more interesting while I think of how I wish to use these tags.
My studio will probably look like this until I hopefully clean and organize it just before the New Year arrives.  I do want to begin fresh with an organized space.  Do you work better in neat and organized space or are you happy to work in Creative Chaos like I have going on?
Our weather is very wet with rain and wind continuing.  We have had rain or sprinkles or drizzle every day and no sunshine. In the past I would be miserable for the lack of sunshine, however with the drought and our dry-well issues we had this summer I am so happy to have all the moisture we are getting.  It is cold yet thankfully it is not snowing on our property or town...yet.
Thank you for your blog friendship and wonderful sharing of creative inspirations.  I feel very blessed to be part of blogging.  Many are moving on to other forms of social media however I am still enjoying blogging.  I do admit to being lured by Pinterest.  I am such an online hoarder with Pinterest.  What am I saving it all for?  Will I ever have enough time?  What is enough time?
May each of you be safely accomplishing your lists of much to do.  I have done very well with making and checking off my lists.  That is new for me to even make the lists and keep up with them.
Blessings, Bliss, Peace, Joy and Love to all...


  1. Hi Sherry. Love your work space and the island is the best to have in a creative space. I love the one my husband built me. It is my favorite thing in my room. Inregards to how I work better with a mess or a neat area, the answer would be a neat area. i put things away as I use them. I don't function at all with a mess. It drives me crazy. It is the OCD in me. I am considered a bad scrapper because I pick up constantly. I get that from my mom.
    Our weather has been nice here in Florida this past week. We have had high 50's in the mornings, low 60's in the day and then back to the 50's, but of course today it changes. It was in the 70's. Did not last long. I wish it stays cold for the next month especially for Christmas. It never feels like Christmas because it is always so hot here.
    Hugs, Ana

  2. It is so nice to see where you create!!! And I hope you never stop blogging!!!!

  3. can see lots going on here and yes I too work in a mess but as i work in the kitchen have to tidy daily. So you also keep "the good stuff" I think we are all a little guilty of that. Envious of that 5 x9' work surface

  4. Sherry I had to laugh when you said you were determined to use the "good stuff" this year. Why do we wait to use good stuff? Hoping to find the perfect project to use it? Or waiting to get better at our craft first to use it? I too decided to use my good stuff because if I don't, I can imagine it will all be sold cheap, cheap, cheap at an estate sale when I am gone...I am determined to use it all before I go!!! LOL!!!

  5. What a fun studio! I love snooping around in chaotic creative spaces. Your island is to die for! Your gift tag idea is total recycled fun. Now I know how to whittle down my pile of past commercial Christmas cards...thank you very much. Oh silly Mr. C! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a very blessed new year of creativity!

  6. Your work space looks exactly like it should for a creative person like yourself. I love that huge table! Pinterest has opened up so many imaginative ideas for it!

  7. Happy chaos! I like to flit from one project to another, so my work space is often on the edge of unmanageable. When it slides over the edge, I have to clean it up before I can continue to work. There is a tipping point. Once clean, I dive in and start all over again. Sounds as if that's where you are headed for the New Year. Your Christmas box looks mighty inviting, and I like that you recycle. Use those tags and save money for something else.

  8. Blogging changes, but like you I'm a believer! My mess will also be cleared away for the new year but for now there are tags to make!!! :)

  9. my sewing room needs emptying out & started all over the thing that stops me is I know there's nowhere for it to go nor will it fit back in aww but one day! lol! no matter how neat jor messy that room always draws me to enetr in , love your island! your space looks cozy & has that wantta stay in here forever feel to it


  10. Dear Sherry ,
    Oh I`m just like you, loving to work ,with all out on the table, boxes opened on the floor and stuff all over , lol- and I think it is only people like us and likeminded friends, whom treasure old used tags, and tags from buying clothes , which I also save....I can whisper you that my husbond, don`t get it , too -hehehe.
    Hugs from Dorthe-x

  11. What an awesome work space you have!! I love the idea of making tags from cards...what a creative idea!! I would like to say that I like working in an organized space but since my craft area is always a mess, I don't really know what that's like ;) Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Hi Sherry, I love seeing your work in action. I too seem to get over loaded with supplies covering every surface for creating. But I have learned I have to make a mess to get creations accomplished. Love your large work table. That would be a dream to create on. Have fun designing your wonderful treasures.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  13. You know..... You can't be creative without making a mess-- LOL!! I'm living proof of that-- my room is a total mess right now too!!

    I truly love the little tags that you created from last year's cards--- totally wonderful idea.

    Happy Happy Holidays to you and yours--

  14. What I wouldn't do for your craft space! Lol . I have to manage with just a tiny corner to work in. Chaos is the name of the game when I'm creating or as The Doc insists on calling it 'spuddling' .
    Keep on blogging. Hugs Mrs A.

  15. you have an amazing studio, the materials and supplies make my heart sing!

  16. Oh my how I can relate to what makes you happy. The paper, the fabric, the glue and the glitter and this is the wonderful season to do it all in...

  17. Looks like you're having a blast! I make "messes" too, but oh! Aren't they fun?!?!?!? Everything looks adorable, Sherry!

    I'm an ocean away from my "Christmas chaotic studio," so I'm jealous... Will be home late 21 December: YAY!

    Hugs and happy week,

  18. Great post Sherry! I thought I liked working in a clean peaceful space, but my craft table is constant chaos with multiple piles. Like you I jockey back & forth between tasks, lol.

    Your studio is fabulous! Love the sweet tags.

  19. First I must say I LOVE THAT WORKTABLE!!! Lots of room and a great height. Tell Mr C that part of the fun is reusing and repurposing...those tags will be beautiful! Glad to hear you are having soaking rain and not too much too fast.
    My workroom is in a similar state...I can clean it up and in no time it is a mess all over again. I do like it to be neat with everything in it's place...but for some reason things just don't want to stay in their place! I have basket making supplies, fabric, paper, threads and shirts to iron all stacked up in there....the shirts to iron are a LOW priority!

  20. In the midst of creating my space is in chaos... but when it gets too bad I have to stop and organize. It usually is when I am creating on a 6"x6" square on my desk and clutter is all around. Love your tag ideas... Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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