Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gift Wrapping Fun...

I am so happy that my sister and I like fun and eclectic.  This is her gift basket I put together and we exchanged last weekend when we got together for a day of shopping and lunching and visiting.

This basket is from our new Dollar Tree store and it did in fact cost only $1.00, so a bargain.  My sister carries lots of cleaning supplies in her vehicle as she cleans homes for elderly folks so I knew she could use the basket.  I also got out lots of holiday know the ones you can't throw away and absolutely must save.  Well now my sister can do some saving because she likes ribbons as much as I do.

I merely wove the ribbons in and out of the holes in the basket.  I tied random lengths to add interest around the basket.

Filled it with some wrapped gifts and called it done.

Oh yes...I also tied a little folk bird ornament to one of the handles.  I can honestly say it was raining glitter all over me and my room while I was weaving ribbons.  There is a red snowflake ribbon that was the champion glitter fest.
Sister loved her basket and goodies inside.  We had a much needed non-rushed visit and I am truly grateful for the time we get to spend together.

Here are some cards I prepared and mailed last week.  I did a baker's dozen cards...thirteen.  Just after dropping all of them into the mail slot I got a feeling that something was not right.  I should have Googled Snopes to confirm before I mailed these.  According to Snopes and a local news channel's report these will never be delivered.  I feel sad that my time could have been spent doing something that would have made a difference.  Please be cautious of any requests or offers and always check their reliability first.
Our weather is pure rain and rushing winds.  Snow is falling in the mountains and our water table is getting a good soaking.  We are finally having much needed rain storms and hopefully our drought will be drenched.  Praying for all in bad weather to stay safe and warm.  We have our generator ready if the power goes out.  I also bought some fresh batteries for a lantern I like to keep handy.
I must get back to my elf workshop for there are many things to keep me busy...paper, glitter, fabric, beads...just a few of my favorite things.  I see that each of you are busy with decorating and baking and making wonderful handmade gifts for giving.  Sharing Blessings, Bliss, Peace, Joy...


  1. Love the basket idea. Sorry about the cards. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. you certainly transformed the basket into a very colourful present.
    Not sure why the cards will not be delivered, love the envelopes did you design them or are they sold like this in USA?
    The gale force winds we had for 2 days have now gone and the rain stopped so hoping to see some sunshine today I live in hope

  3. Lovely gift basket! So sorry about your sweet & well-intended cards - such a shame! I think I've sent one like that before but not as many. There are 2 Wounded Warrior retreats here each year at our church camp so I do cards & notes for those. The list of names is available to us a few wks ahead so we can address them inidvidually. Some make lap blankets or even quilts. The Walter Reed idea sounds so good but I'm glad you let us know not to do it. Your heart's in the right place! Sorry I've been out of touch but will email soon. SO happy you're getting the rain at last!!! xo Jane

  4. Handmade, heartfelt. Well done!

  5. I love that basket with the woven ribbons...too cute! I've been grateful many times over for Snopes and it's information. It's so sad that people do such dishonest things, but your heart was in the right place and your envelopes are adorable.

  6. Your elf shop is surely a flurry of colourful ribbons and such!

  7. Glad to hear the rain is steady and not too much. Cute idea with the dollar store basket...those are the best gifts...ones that have thought and love put into them.

  8. Such a fun basket. How neat that you have a sister to share with and enjoy the same things.

  9. What a gorgeous gift basket!! I love the ribbons you threaded through the bag and the adorable bird!! How horrible that your cards won't be delivered after all the work you put into it. It's the thought that counts. Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. What a fun festive basket you have made. Hugs Mrs A.

  11. Well, the thought was there...isn't it sad that this 'idea' was started by someone and just think how many thought it would work. Your efforts will be rewarded in other ways. The basket idea was great!!!

  12. How fun, dear Sherry, and so festive in all the bright colours.I`m glad you two had such a wonderful get together , and also that you at last is getting a good amount of water from the sky !!
    I`m hoping it fills up your well!!
    Happy weekend to you, and hugs

  13. I didn't know what you were talking about....Then, went to Snoops...Oh poop I know you probably took a lot of time to write just the right sentiment to a service person! I bet Sis loved her gift!


  14. My kinda wrapping. My very best fiends know that I recycle and don't throw anything away. Gift wrapping is such a waste as the paper and even good ribbon is just tossed by most folks. A shame about the cards. You would think they could just randomly pass out the cards to anyone who may need some cheering up. Of course they would want cash donations. One never really knows what happens with all the cash that is given to all the charities out there. Sadly, not everyone is on the up and up. Happy holidays, Tammy


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