Sunday, December 7, 2014

Creating Holiday Tags...

It has been said of me that I do not have focus and therefore do too many things instead of getting really important things done.  Hmmm...  Well I am probably guilty of this but I wouldn't change me. During this overly busy and hectic season with lists of too many things to do I find I keep adding to my lists and not checking off many items.  Every year I say I am going to "cut back" and then I totally overdo it all.  So I decided I needed to make some tags. Hmmm...  What???

Out came lots of supplies I already had and I just lost myself in creating some tags for gifting.  It was so much fun and I really don't think it kept me from doing anything else except adding more to my lists of too many things to do.

Here are a few of the completed tags.  Simple, Sweet and Handmade.  My very favorite kind.

Here are a few more I completed.  Of course now I feel I need lots more however I really must get back to checking some things off my lists.  Do you keep making gifts right up to the dash of reindeer on the roof?  I know I do.  I was paying for a purchase the other day and the young lady at the register asked if I do a stocking at Christmas.  I said, "Of course I do for I still believe in the magic of it all!" She then shared that the family next door to her have young children and therefore she will be putting out carrots.  I so love that and left smiling with wonder of the magic of the season.  Santa's reindeer love fresh carrots and they need lots of fuel for their long night of flight.  Of course Santa still loves his cookies and milk.  Sharing Magic and Wonder...
I am happy to report we are still having some rain.  There have been a few hours of dry but overall we have had rain every day.  Thankfully our ground is soaking it in very well.  We have gotten over 8 inches right here at our property.  Our pond is full and that is good news.  I am overlooking the huge mess of leaves and pine needles that are covering everything from gutters to grounds.  There will be time to clean it all up when the weather is drier.  What is keeping you busy and bustling?  Are you able to enjoy as well as accomplish what you need to get done?  Christmas tree lots are doing a very brisk business.  This year the trees are extra gorgeous as they are nice and fresh and not dry.  We truly have so much to be thankful for.  I wish for each of you Blessings and Bliss...


  1. I see Santa's workshop is busy!!

  2. Sherry, your tags are so pretty! They've got such great details. I really like the uniquely cut tops. I was looking around on your workspace to see if I could find a hint of how you cut them, but I dont see anything that gives away your secret. I would bet that your lucky recipients feel really blessed to be on the receiving end of your super creative talents.

  3. Such sweet tags Sherry.Glad your getting some things done.
    I'm so over booked right now hardly any time for crafting. I can relate to the over busy holiday season
    Hugs Lynn

  4. what lovely tags you have made here. I own up to not having given Christmas a thought yet but maybe today I will think about Christmas cards. I only have 2 daughters and a granddaughter to buy for and that could not be easier as they all want money. We will have a get together on 29th and have the turkey then.

  5. Sherry your post are always so fun to read. Love your blog and the way you always send a beautiful message to all of us followers. Your tags are beautiful. I am guilty of adding things to my to do list and not accomplishing as many as I would like to. But I am hoping to change it up al little next year. Not to watch so many youtube videos and then add the things I saw and liked to my to do list. Mine doesn't seem to be going down.
    Our weather is pretty nice here in the sunshine sate. Lots of rain last week, but no rain on the weekend. Thankfully. I only wish we could have some cold weather the rest of the year.
    Happy crafting. Ana

  6. I love these-just beautiful! Merry Christmas

  7. Nice tags, Sherry! I'm busy trying to think of creative things for the grand kiddies to make! lol

  8. I love your tags! I was making some yesterday, along with a few ornaments. I have lots to do, but sprained my knee, so I have an excellent excuse to sit. :)

    Hooray for your much needed rain!

  9. Carrots for the reindeer is a new one to me. Your tags are beautiful and isn't it nice to have your supplies at hand when our creative muse strikes! Glad to hear you are still having rain and the pond is full.

  10. Dear Sherry, your tags are so very beautiful and sweet,- and yes, I`m also still creating cards, and little things.
    I`m happy you recieved the card from me, and wish you a lovely day .
    Here it is already dark outside !

  11. What gorgeous tags!! I love all of those vintage angel images!! So beautiful!! I'm glad you are getting the much-needed rain!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. The tags are lovely! And your post so funny as well as 'hitting home'...I've been SO busy of late and will only get worse until we leave on the 27th!!!! Take care my friend...and start checking off that list!

  13. I love the story about the carrots. So precious. Your tags are a gift in their self. So beautiful. I am putting carrots on my shopping list. LOL

  14. Hello Sherry, I have missed visiting you and thought I might stop by and catch up before the new year arrives already.
    Your tags here are beautiful! You always do such a lovely job!
    Wishing you a merry Christmas!

  15. Beautiful Christmas gift tags, they will be so very much appreciated by all who receive them.

  16. Your tags are lovely. Yes just like you I have lists and then I get distracted onto something else and nothing gets done. I have finished all my cards though.
    hugs Mrs A.

  17. Hi Sherry, how wonderful your tags are and what special items to share with others. Love the story from the girl at the register putting out carrots for the reindeer. Such a sweet thing to do.
    Yes, I make lists constantly. Some days lots gets checked off and other days not so much, but I keep one going all the time to try and stay on track and get things accomplished. Problem is, I get side tracked by other things that come up not on the list. ;)
    Have fun and happy creating and marking off your list!

  18. It's fun to go in every direction...I wouldn't change you either!! Your tags are wonderful, I actually made some this year too (Not that pretty) because I forgot to buy some. I love hearing about your rain!!!



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