Thursday, December 25, 2014

Reviewing 2014 Notes...

This image is courtesy of Vintage Dragonfly whose blog is this link.  Thank you.
I am busy reviewing my notebook of this and that jotted down for various reasons throughout 2014.  I am finding so many bits of wisdom and would like to share a few.  I can only give credit to FaceBook with no name as I do not know who posted this...

"Its Impossible", said Pride.  
"Its Risky", said Experience.  
"Its Pointless", said Reason.  
"Give it a try", whispered the Heart.

Here is another bit of wisdom I noted in my little steno book...

Before you Assume, Judge the Facts.
Before you Judge, Understand Why.
Before you Hurt someone, Feel.
Before you Speak, Think.

This is the last tidbit I want to share today...

Wisdom is knowing the Right Path to take;
Integrity is taking it.

Simple little words of wisdom that I know I can do better to follow.
With 2015 approaching quickly I am truly thinking of how I want to spend my precious time every day.  Usually I choose one word to focus on for the year, however this year I am not hearing my inner voice tell me what my word might be.  Each word that comes to mind is one I have already chosen in prior years.  Hmmm...maybe I need to re-visit those and really believe I am doing my very best.  
Our weather is very chilly.  We had rain and hail but no snow Christmas Eve day.  Christmas day was sunny and very cold.  I stayed indoors except for a brisk walk down to the mail box.  
I am very grateful for each of you, my blog friends, that I have come to admire and be inspired by. Thank you very much and may we all finish out 2014 with Blessings and Creative Bliss...


  1. certainly words of wisdom you have shared today. I am sure you will find a word to focus on for 2015 and then you must share it with us

  2. beautiful quotes, have a wonderful day today,

  3. It is hard to believe that 2014 is nearly ended. I like your idea of jotting down tidbits throughout the year. I may have to give that a go. I think instead of choosing a word to follow this year I am going to focus on learning new skills. My word last year was 'explore'.

  4. Thanks for the words of wisdom, and the link. More vintage images... oh boy! You still have time to receive your word for 2015.. be blessed in the New Year.

  5. Words of Wisdom, for sure! Maybe you should choose Words as your word for this year, and see what words you find for your journal? You are so good about sharing your many talents, your creativity, and your lovely spirit you might want to reflect, review, and/or revisit for this new year. Thank you for sharing so much and for your wonderful friendship! xo Jane

  6. What beautiful words of wisdom!! I especially love the first of my favorite quotes!! I hope that 2015 is filled with so many blessings and endless happiness!! Thanks for being such a sweet blogger friend!! Have a fabulous weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. I certainly need a lot of them these days! I'm very grateful to you as well and for your wonderful warmth and encouragement.

  8. Hello Sweet Sherry! I hope you had a very lovely Christmas this year. Ours was quiet but nice just the same...I enjoyed this post. It made me think! ... I love your photo in the post below. You are just as beautiful on the outside as you are in the inside! xoxo

  9. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom. I too am wondering what, I want my focus to be for the coming year. Our time is precious and I want mine to be used on something worthwhile. I guess I will have my thinking cap on for the next few days!

  10. I love quotes or bits of wisdom and find ways to share them with everyone whenever, however I can. Finding a word for me would be hard as sticking with anything long term is not my forte. I do want to spend my days wisely, happily and healthily. :) Wishing you all the best in the new year, Tammy

  11. It's funny, I always have a word or saying to focus on each year too. Love all those words of wisdom. :)


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