Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lace Cuffs...

Lace Cuffs are rather popular and come in all colors and styles.  I needed two in red and black for an upcoming event so off to the sewing room I went.

Here are my supplies.  I pulled out some red wool felt for the backing.  Some really pretty laces in red and black are my feature materials.

Here are the backs of my completed cuffs.  I finished them with a large black snap for fastening.

Here is one with a vintage black button that is very sparkly.  I do hope the recipient likes this.

Here is the other lace cuff with a vintage button that has rhinestone bling on it.  Another gift all finished and ready for giving.  These were quick and simple to create.
The holiday season is in full swing.  I am trying to enjoy all the aspects of everything that needs to get done.  I managed to avoid all the shopping crush and yet still accomplish some gift acquisitions. I merely put on my giant patience smile and let the days unfold.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Chamber helping out.  Did I have the spare few hours?  Not really but I am so glad I made time since I enjoy my "volunteer work" there so very much.
We are having lots of rain.  Maybe too much rain in some parts of California however we have such a desperate need for the watertable I am thankful for any rain.  Prayers for all those in burn areas experiencing flooding and landslides.
May each of you be enjoying the magic of this wonderful holiday season.  I am enjoying your blog posts and seeing everything fabulous in decorations and gifts you are creating.  Sharing Joy and Jingles...


  1. Oh my, these are so gorgeous!! I love the beautiful black and red lace!! You did an amazing job with these!! They are stunning!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Pretty lacy cuffs!

    Oh yes, I think that we've had enough rain. The poor ground needs a few days or so to absorb what we already got before it can take in anymore. But it is nice to be inside and hear the sound of rain dropping against the roof. :-)

  3. I was thinking about you today with all the rain, lets hope it just rains and there is no mudslides. The cuff is adorable


  4. what amazing wrist cuffs.
    So good you are finally getting all the rain you need, trust the well is now full

  5. Sparkly? Lace? Vintage buttons? On a cuff? Those words are music to my ears. Lovely. Sometime maybe you'd give us a glimpse at your stash of laces and trims- having it at your fingertips when you need a go-with accessory is wonderful!

  6. They're gorgeous dear! Beautiful and unique. Are they for a Christmas celebration? Hugs and good weather wishes sending your way.

  7. Sherry,
    These are so unique and beautiful. Hope you are receiving rain but not overwhelmed!

  8. WOW Sherry your lace cuffs are gorgeous. You always create the most wonderful treasures. Your talents are incredible.
    Love the color, they will be perfect for your upcoming event.
    Happy Creating!

  9. At first, I thought "lace cuffs" was a fancy word for 'garters'!!!! Well, you could use them for that too..BUT these are wonderful, Sherry!!!! Just beautiful!

  10. Beautiful cuffs! Glad you're getting some rain at last, but hope it doesn't cause any problems by raining too much at one time. xo

  11. Oh Sherry, these cuffs are sooo beautiful ... and dare I say a bit sexy looking too! ;) xo

  12. Woo hoo are those darling. Must be a really special event. We had sunshine and 50 degrees today. After 18 degrees a week ago with 5 inches of snow the wildlife around here are very confused. There are still bear around not sleeping! I love those cuffs. Have fun!!


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