Monday, January 12, 2015

Beautiful Book of Cards...

This is such a beautiful book of cards.  I am truly swooning over this amazing gift I have been so fortunate to receive.  My friend, Theresa, whom I have shared about before has no blog to link to.  I wish she did as she is honestly extremely talented and makes the most beautiful works of art.

When the envelope arrived it was flat as a pancake.  I had no idea what was inside.  I pulled out this book, a card and a baggie of delightful decorative yarns pieces.  Hmmm...
After reading Theresa's note I then understood what I was to do.

Off to my studio to gather.  I keep everything I am gifted by friends in categories.  Cards are in a "photo" box labeled cards.  The box is rather full so it took me a while to sort them out.  My instructions from Theresa were to take the cards she has created and gifted me with and add them to the book.

Here is a stack of the fabulous cards she has been creating and sending me over the last several years. I was so happy to be sorting through this stack and enjoying each one once again.  Her work is stunning and rivals any designer out there.

Now to add the cards to the book.  Tie each spine of each card into the book with the fancy yarns.  Oh I am loving this!  The free-spirited yarns draping deliciously over the book still my heart!

Here is a view of the book opened so you can see the "outside" back.  This is artistic bliss!!!

Here (and in the first photo) you can see the cards inside the book.  I do believe!  Thank you so very much Theresa.  This is a gift I shall enjoy every day...not only while it sits on the counter so I can see the dancing yarns but also each and every time I pick it up and review each card you have lovingly created and gifted me with.  I am speechless.  Bless you my friend.  I really need you to have a blog so everyone can enjoy your creativity dear.
Dry weather continues here.  We are hoping for some rain the end of this week.  Funny that Southern California was having pouring rain and we had nothing.  Kind of topsy-turvy.
Mr. C and I had company over the weekend and we enjoyed our time together so very much.  We honestly relaxed and got to spend time together without crazy hectic running around.  Did a little local shopping and dining which was light and easy.
Still celebrating all those January birthdays and still eating way too much.  I will get back into my healthier routine soon...I hope!
May you be enjoying your "New Year Beginnings" and Creative Bliss...


  1. This selflessness, this creativity, this beauty has warmed my heart and taken my breath away. What an honor to have the love of such a friend. Truly the gifts we keep are what we give away. May God richly bless this dear treasure on earth for her acts of kindness.

    Hugs to you BOTH this week,

  2. Lovely collection of cards. And what's better than a book to leaf through and appreciate all the creative goodness!

  3. What a wonderful idea for all your treasures!! So clever of you.

  4. Oh wow, what a creative and amazing gift this is!! It's such a shame she doesn't have a blog...her work is beautiful!! Love those yarns!! Enjoy your birthday celebrations!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Hi Sherry, what an incredible gift that gives over and over as you enjoy it each day. I so wish your friend had a blog. It would be fun to visit her and be inspired by her talents. So fun to catch up on your past posts too. You are always creating the best blissful designs. Enjoy the January birthday celebrations. I got back on my healthy routine last week. Until we have birthdays the end of the month. LOL

    Have a creative week my friend.

  6. What a gorgeous keepsake! Friendship is such a blessing!!!

  7. oh how fun for you to add the cards-a very thoughtful gift enjoy

  8. Dear Sherry, a wonderful gift to be enjoyed so many times,- first the unpacking and joy to see and read, then collecting the cards, the assemblage ,and the finished result !! This is also a beautiful way of "storing" cards from friends, and handy when wanting to re -enjoy them all.
    So good you and Mr. C had a great weekend with friends, - I wish I could send you some rain, -here it pours down, and have done for many dayes !!!
    Sending you hugs, dear friend !!

  9. What a great idea to create a book for you to keep all the beautiful cards your friend has sent! What a treasure ... :) Pat

  10. Theresa is so creative, and what a wonderful idea for a special gift that you'll always treasure! Gee, there would be so many decisions about placing the cards--by date, by colour, or by theme-- and so much fun putting them together just the way you like them!

  11. I absolutely love this. My cousin made me a Christmas scrapbook one time out of paper bags with all sorts of ribbons and yarn to tie it together. I just love that little book. Yours is absolutely wonderful. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. What a wonderful idea and gift.I wish she had a blog too. Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I am slowly getting back to normal. I chose to get this all behind me and start the year off with that behind me and I'm glad I did. Now back to creating which I have missed. But I see you have been creating lovely things. What a sweet man you have. That tree is beautiful. Take care and stay warm. Sharon

  13. This is such a great unique keepsake idea for cards. I'm so curious how the book was made. And are the yarns just tied to the spine? Sure would love a tut on this.

  14. Catching up today and read your blog post about my book! So glad that you like it. It's fun for me too to put my book together with all the stuff I get from my exchange pals. You have your own book on my shelf. I want to try the new fuse tool by WRMK to make custom pockets for my books. Hope it works as advertised. Will have something on it's way to you soon for January. thanks so much for sharing.


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