Monday, January 5, 2015

Origami Sewing Companion...

While sitting at my computer which is a huge "library" of great information and inspiration I came across this "Simple Sewing Companion" from Popular Patchwork blog.  You will find all the information just by clicking her link.  Thank you very much. Now you know me enough to understand that I "save" things like this for future reference.  Fortunately I needed some birthday gifts in a hurry and Voila!

Here is the beginning of the next few I need to sew.  This shows the interfacing step before the sewing happens.  With any first prototype the going is a little slow and unsteady.  However the next several are much faster and clearer.

I think I would skip drawing the lines as once you sew and turn they are of no help.

Still using my stash of fabrics and buttons.  I even had a stash of small tassels to select from.  I think that is a perfect reason to in fact have stash!  No wasted time or trip to the store.

I will be mailing these so will not fill them with the usual scissors and needles.  Besides the person who will receive this definitely has a lifetime supply of sewing supplies.  She taught me how to sew.
Do you think you will make one or many of these?  Or are you like me and file the idea away for future use...possibly forgetting that you even saved such a great little gift idea?
January is off and running quickly.  I am off and running to my local Chamber of Commerce.  I stopped in on Saturday to do some local shopping.  I happened to look "around the corner" to my shared desk area and saw the stack for me.  I better get in there and complete my stack of tasks!
Still not thinking of a word for this year.  I am enjoying reading your blogs and seeing what you are doing.  I did come across this quote (sorry I do not  know where I saw it to give credit) by Albert Einstein and find it very fitting to my thinking...
"Play is the highest form of research".  Now lets all play...every day!  After all Play was my word in a previous year.
Enjoying a Creative Blissful life and hoping you are doing so also...


  1. Your stash fabric is nice. I imagine the little case could be used for all sorts of things. A useful, lovely gift. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Researching! luv it! Glamorous gifts!!!

  3. These are gorgeous!! I love the pretty fabrics!! The buttons and tassel are awesome!! Absolutely beautiful gifts that will be treasured!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Happy 2015 Sherry! These are so very lovely and I a sure they will be welcomed at there new home. Still working on "my word" too.
    hugs and JOY to you dear friend,

  5. Intriguing, but this one will have to be filed away for a while. I have way too many irons in the fire already!

  6. Very, very cute - The tassels really add to it! blessings, marlene

  7. Darling idea! yes I save ideas too. I love the quote.

  8. what a lovely gift for a lucky person, must check out the link

  9. Those are very pretty. The tassels are such a cute final detail.

  10. What a cute idea and a good stash buster too....well in our case a stash scratcher!

  11. Very nice! A good fabric choices, too.

  12. Those companions are really cute!
    I have to stop saving these new projects for 'one day' and do the pile I already have...............before I drown under all the!

  13. What a great idea Sherry! They look gorgeous but I don't have the time to make them at present. The fabrics you used are just perfect with the tassel and all with the closure! I couldn't possibly think of adding to my pattern pile at present. I manage to create enough stress without adding to my piles!
    Hope the New Year is starting out well for you!
    x Suzy

  14. They are so sweet, dear Sherry, and the fabric looks beautiful, -love you added the tassel!
    Yes I`m saving,-- and forgets where, as I have ceveral maps !!!!
    But I think we are all incorrigible, in our sawing this and that ,and everything- LOL

  15. I made some of these right before Christmas… love them! They make great gifts. Good idea to keep some sitting around just in case.

  16. You certainly have beautiful fabrics and button in your stash! And your pouches are beautiful!

  17. They are gorgeous little sewing gifts Sherry, bet the receipients will be delighted x


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