Saturday, January 3, 2015

Preparing for Christmas 2015...

Yesterday Fed Ex drove up the driveway.  Mr. C met the driver and then brought in a very large box.
What could it be?  An after Christmas delivery?  I didn't order anything.  Hmmm...

 Mr. C ordered something and it is just what I have been wanting ever since I saw this house to buy! How very thoughtful of Mr. C.  The man who doesn't do holidays or celebrations has ordered a beautiful faux Christmas tree for the antique round table in the downstairs foyer. Here he is testing out how easy it is to assemble and to be certain nothing is missing and that the lights work.

Thank You Mr. C! This is exactly what I have envisioned all these years.  Now I shall be ready for Christmas 2015 and in lovely style with the little white twinkle lights.  From the front door this is what will greet everyone who enters.  I am one very happy girl who does believe in magic and the wonder of it all.  I think I shall be sewing a wonderful tree skirt this year.
Our weather continues to be very cold.  In fact frigid is more correct.  I am afraid some of my plants are not going to survive the freezing temperatures.  I wasn't able to bring them indoors as I do not have a greenhouse.  I also didn't get that nursery cloth that helps cover them in a blanket of safety.  I shall be sad however this is not the first time I have lost plants to freezeing weather.  One year I lost all fourteen of my English Lavender plants.  Even the local nursery lost plants that year.  Even with the extreme cold we have no snow or rain.  How are you with your weather?  I pray for all to stay safe with the snow and ice storms across the country.
We are off to celebrate a good friend's birthday today.  It is a surprise 74th!  Lots of people and laughter and stories will be in order today.  We have at least ten January birthdays to celebrate!
Birthday Blessings and Creative Bliss will be the theme this month.  Peace and Joy My Friends...


  1. Hi Sherry. That is so thoughtful of Mr. C. My husband and I also purchased a Martha Stewart tree yesterday at the home depot. We could not resist, from 280 to 49 dollars. Now I have to think of where in the world I will be putting this one, since I already put 8 up around the house. I will also have to start getting decorations whenever I find see them.
    My husband and I were watching the news yesterday and were thinking how in the world is it so cold and snowing in so many places and our weather is beach weather. People were at the beach on the first all day. I just wish we could have a month of weather in the low 60's. I don't think I am asking for much. Stay warm and have a great time at the party. Ana

  2. We have freezing weather here in the UK too. The village we live in is bewtween towns and there was a drop of 5 degrees when we drove back home from an afternoon excursion just 10miles down the road. I like your tree and there is notheing better than being well prepared. hugs Mrs A.

  3. ten birthdays in January!!! Thats a whole lot of celebrating!!! Your surprise tree is such a romantic gift, he knows you so well, thats a special gift, it looks amazing, your home is a beautiful back drop for such a beauty!

  4. Oh my, it's stunning!! It looks perfect there!! How sweet and thoughtful of Mr. C!! Christmas 2015 will be here before we know it!!

    Our weather has been so strange. It's in the 50's here today but tomorrow the high is in the single digits. Ugh. So ready for spring!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. You can cover your plants with sheets, towels, even a tarp. The nursery cloths that are aild as frost protection really do not offer anything special. I just found uour blog and look forward to reading it!

  6. It's a Christmas miracle! I'm so glad Mr.C has realized your love for Christmas. Now keep it on the classy toned down side and don't scare him. LoL. Can't wait to see your 2015 Christmas house. Happy New Year.

  7. Um... We have the air conditioner on here on Guam. I know, I know. It's rough living on an island in paradise, but somebunny's gotta do it, Sherry, dear.

    Love x 18 your precious gift from Mr. C. These guys just get on and get on and GET ON out NICE LIST! *hug* him from all of us!

    HAPpy New Year,

  8. what a lovely tree and it looks great where you have put it. Weather here in UK not too bad the snow that fell Boxing day miraculously vanished overnight on 31st so no snow on New Years day great start to 2015!

  9. That's a perfect spot for your tree and you'll be able to see it from all angles

  10. The tree will be beautiful, decorated with your artistic touch! Expecting -15 wind chills here next week....I need sun!

  11. A perfect gift and it looks wonderful there. OK, just 11 months and you can decorate all over again!

  12. What a wonderful thing for Mr. C to do! It looks perfect for that spot!
    We're having freezing ice today overtop the snow that fell last night. Colder weather in the forecast for tomorrow: -11C so not too bad.

  13. What a sweet husband you have to get you that beautiful it! 10 birthdays to celebrate in January sounds like a lot of fun and yummy birthday cakes!

  14. Oh dear Sherry, your husbond truly made you a wonderful gift by ordering this tree. How lovely for you, and so sweet of him, now I bet you can`t wait till next christmas, lol.
    Here it is freezing ,too, but I guess we are more used to it, in Denmark, than where you live,- I so hope for you, your plants,will not all, die !!
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  15. That is a beautiful place for a tree!!! If I were you I'd leave it up all winter : ) Yesterday I packed up all the Christmas but left the lighted faux trees, the greenery on the mantles, and the lights....I'm going with the WINTER theme til the end of February!

    ~ Violet

  16. Oh, that tree is perfect for that spot, and so lovely. I'm so glad we are having a mild winter this year. 70's during the day and 40's at night. I am hoping that it doesn't get any colder and that we don't get much rain as it just causes too many problems. It is not the cold that I lose my plants to, but the heat. Oh well, there are worse things that could happen. Today is my husband's 56th birthday. Lots of friend's birthdays this month. Sending warm wishes your way. Tammy

  17. How sweet of your Mr. C to get you something that you've dearly wished for your home. You're a great couple together. Happy New Year!

  18. The tree is beautiful!!! And with the light from your flooring it really stands out!! Nicely done, Mr. C!


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