Monday, January 26, 2015

Disintegrating Paper Repairs...

I truly never quite know what Mr. C will bring to my studio and plop down on the table and say, "What do you have to ...?"  Well honestly I love it when he does this because it means our two creative worlds come together and we collaborate.  Do you have any idea what this black thing is? Well...

Here is a better view.   Now do you know what this item is?  This is the Glove Box from our 1969 Rambler American.  Mr. C is putting the dash board back together and this part is literally  falling apart. It is some sort of black paper/poster board that is very old and brittle and dirty.  Together we had to save this relic.

With trusty black duct tape and Aleene's Tacky glue we put it back together and hopefully it will last another 45 years or so.  Mr. C was able to squeeze it back into the surrounding dash board and so far it is holding its own.  I do realize I have not shared much of Mr. C's project he has been working on and I will do so for certain.  It has been quite the journey.

Last year I participated in several of Kim's ArtJoyStuff ATC swaps.  I was so happy with each and every one of them that when I saw her newest for 2015 I jumped at the chance to join in.  Kim is the most organized hostess and always includes such a wonderful surprise gift with each swap.  Thank you Kim Dear.

Here are my Parisian Beauties for swapping.  I had fun working with matte board, fabric, feathers, laces and rhinestones.  I do hope the recipients like them.
We have been having Summer-like weather.  Of course I love warmer days and lots of sunshine...however this is so not good for our drought conditions.  Maybe we need to seed some clouds as rain dances and prayers don't seem to be helping much.
I am seeing lots of Valentine inspiration and realize that all too quickly January 2015 will be completed and in the history books.  I must admit I have already been creating some cards and ATCs for mailing.  I have also been working on a couple of swaps due in February and will share them later.  Staying busy and creative is at the forefront for me right now. I am truly enjoying Creative Bliss and wish the very same for each of you.  I am grateful for your visits and comments.  This blogging community is Creative Bliss...


  1. It is truly fun to see our better halves come into our creative spaces and ask for help. I especially like when my husband ask me for something that he probably thought why did I need it when I first bought it.
    Love your ATC's. Are those for Valentine's?
    Crafty hugs, Ana

  2. Great collaboration! :) The grand kiddies and I have been working on the colour yellow so your ATC's are simply wonderful. yellow and black- the bees knees!

  3. Love these sweet ATC's . I am a car free zone, although I can imagine that it would be satisfying restoring an old car, and maintaining it.
    Judy xx

  4. Now that's teamwork! It's happened to me on a rare occasion, and I took, am thrilled to help out! Good job, and I can't wait TO SEE!

    Your ATCs? Oh, my heavenly goodness!

    Hugs and happy week,

  5. I love that the two of you are creating collaboratively! Your post brought to mind a song that I sing with the kids when we do our unit on cars. Perhaps you know it... Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! His horn went beep beep beep.

  6. I was surprised the glove box held up this long. They say you can fix anything with a bit of duct tape! I see them have contests for the best use of duct tape, you should enter this idea. Your ATC's are really cute!

  7. I don't think I've seen black duct tape, but looks like it came in very handy for Mr. C - good work! Your French ATCs for Kimberly's swap look beautiful! I really wanted to join it but still working away at all the necessary paperwork, notifications, etc. etc. here. Hope to catch the next one! Will do a little rain dance for you!

  8. So lovely to work togeather. My hubby loves old cars and I have a convertible karman beetle in the garage.

  9. Your cards are beautiful! You can never have too much duct tape in house...great fix!

  10. Great glove box fin Sherry! Beautiful swap cards too.

  11. How awesome that you were able to fix the glove box - duct tape is an amazing creation!! Your Parisian cards are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the designs and details!! Praying for rain for you!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Hi Sherry, what a team you two are and how wonderful to fix the glove box. I love duct tape. It is a decorators joy!!
    How beautiful are your swap cards. So talented.
    Have a great week and hope you get some much needed rain .
    Hugs and Blessings

  13. Love that you too can collaborate and save the Rambler!!!


  14. I left a message last night but see it didn't go through....anyway I love that you two are creating together. What a team !!!! Also love those cute ATC's you have made.

  15. Hello dear Sherry, I`m home again after wonderful days with my loved ones.
    Your loved one must be happy for the two of you working together, on special occations, and you too I`m sure . I hope you show the finished result.
    Your atc for dear Kimberly`s swap looks real Parisian chic, I should really also take part in some again !!
    Hugs to you-

  16. Your Parisian Beauties are beautiful!! So funny about the project 'togetherness' with Mr. C.!!!

  17. how fun that you can collaborate! very cute atc too!

  18. Those are cute ATC's Sherry. According to Red Green (The Red Green Show where duct tape was de rigueur) duct tape works great on everything except, funnily enough, ducts!

  19. That really is so cool, when your two worlds come together... Marc sometimes does that with me - I've jerry-rigged all sorts of things for his hockey gear and the vacuum - too funny. It certainly gives him a different perspective on my "stuff" - a tad more respect for it anyway!


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