Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Handmade Gifts...

This is a gorgeous gift I received recently from my dear friend Theresa!  She has no blog.  Her talents are many and she is amazing.  This gift was so unexpected and I was truly overwhelmed.  This is a hand felted and beaded clutch envelope purse.  The funny thing is that I didn't even know Theresa does felting and beading.  I am so very grateful for not just this gift but for the friendship I share with this wonderful woman whom I have yet to meet in person.  Thank you sincerely my friend!

Along with the felted work of HeART Theresa gifted me with a lovely hand made card and Tag in the style of T!m Holtz.  I will be able to add these to the beautiful hand made book she gifted me with and I shared on this post

Here are some simple little hand made gifts I have sent out.  Angel earrings on a tag with fabric sewn to it. 

No scraps go to waste at my home.  I sewed them to manila tags and then attached some ceramic heart charms I put together.  Off in the mail to surprise some of my faithful blog readers.

This little boy on Toile just begged to be a tag with heart charm.  He arrived safely at his destination.

Here is another idea I like to do.  Simple piece of fabric attached to a card as the background for cut outs.  Nature theme here.

Here is the inside of the card and another little bird attached to offer a beaded dragonfly charm to the recipient.  This has also arrived safely and was very much appreciated by the birthday girl.
My love of hand made gifts is truly a gift in its own right.  I love to give and receive what someone has spent time and thought and talents to create.  Do you like to receive hand made gifts?  
June is here and moving briskly along already.  I am going to find JOY in every day of June.  I can't slow down the clock however I can be mindful and enJOY what each day holds for me.  This will be a very busy month as Summer seems to be here.  Mr. C and I have a lot already filling out our calendars.  I will have no excuses not to find a lot of JOY in every day this month.  I'll be sharing with each of you along the way.  Creative Bliss and JUNE JOY...


  1. Hi Sherry, what a wonderful gift from your talented friend. Love this and the felting is gorgeous.
    Also love the gifts you created using fabric on tags for your designs. What a wonderful use for special gifts.
    Wishing you much joy this month and beyond.
    Happy June!!
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  2. How lovely to receive such a wonderful gift in the post. Your little fabric tags are a great idea to and show off th earrings and charms perfectly.

  3. Wow, what gorgeous gifts you've received and also what stunning gifts you've created!! Those fabric tags are amazing!! I love the earrings and charms!! Have a very joy-filled June!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. June is a good month! I do enJOY it! It is a special treat to receive a handmade gift. I am sew glad you received a special treat as well. Here is to a very enjoyable month!

  5. Love your gift and your gifting gifts. Your friend is very talented and you have such great ideas.

  6. Thank you so much Sherry for posting my little gift. It was lots of fun to make and I can't think of a better person to receive it. Hope you find it useful. I love the tags you sent me too! I am designing a book just to hold the ATC's you have sent me. With you in mind, I think it has to have a fabric and lace cover. Many hugs my friend.

  7. such beautiful gifts from the heart, your work is so beautiful as well, its so very unique, each a tiny work of art!

  8. Felted/beaded purse is wonderful! Love your tags! My friend suggested I use a circle clip to hold my Weekly Wednesday Pattern tags together! Might work for you ags too...if you have any left after giving them all away! HA

  9. awesome gifties...lucky you!!

  10. Love your hands and what you create - I still have my little angel charm as a scissors fob. LOVE the clutch - you will get so much fun out of that. What a lovely friend you have! Happy Tuesday, Scherry - XOXO

  11. A very pretty clutch! Quite unique as well. Your tags and cards are wonderful and inspiring. I'm quite enjoying the tags you have sent me. I'm thinking I'm going to soon need another tag display for tags gifted to me.

  12. what a beauty the clutch bag is and you have been busy making some lovely bits and pieces too

  13. They are all so beautiful Sherry. Enjoy them.

  14. It certainly was very much appriciated dear Cheryl, I love both the card and the dragonfly charm, and you are so very kind to think of me. So many other lovely ideas, here.
    I can tell you that my scan came back totally clear, so I`m very happy for that. Thank you for thinking of me, my dear.

  15. The little tags you make are delightful Sherry. The fabrics you have chosen may be scraps but they look amazing on the tags, and are such a lovely way to display your charms and earrings. I love how thrifty you are!
    I love to make and receive hand-made gifts... they truly are gifts of the heart.


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