Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Coastal Road Trip...

Three days, Seven hundred Fifty plus miles later and this is what we did and saw.  Fair Warning: Photo heavy post.  Our West Coast Lotus club and an interloper 1964 Corvette went on a whirlwind weekend trip.  We made it three days however some had to do it in two days.  Can you read...EXHAUSTING?!!!  This is the famous Monterey Wharf and yes the weather was this beautiful. 

Lots of water in the bay and assorted boats parked in the marina. 

Our small private group of two Lotus Esprits and the Corvette are enjoying some excellent fresh fish at a lovely little restaurant on the wharf.  The salmon had just been caught earlier in the day. YUM!

Driving Highway 1 along the Coast to Big Sur.  It is amazing how we take for granted just how spectacular our country is.

We stopped to enjoy a bit of salt air and the most beautiful view.

This historic bridge is amazing and was at this same Vista Point stop.

No extra space for parking so we really packed the cars tightly together.  Mr. C's black Lotus with the Magnolia interior is the one we maneuvered next to the guard rail. 

Here is some of our group along side this very sporty Lotus Elise in the proper Colin Chapman British Racing Green with Yellow stripe.  Colin Chapman was the founder of Lotus Cars.

We have reached our destination for the Grand Tour of Hearst Castle.  It was a bit disappointing as our Governor Brown declared to close all the Visitor Center bathrooms and only have Port-a-Potties in honor of our drought.  The outdoor Hearst Castle pool was also drained and dry.  For the price of our admission to only see three rooms, out of 165 in the residence, I would think they could afford some water.

If you have never seen Hearst Castle it is spectacular.  Here is a link.

This is the "receiving" room where famous people would gather at the end of a day playing tennis or horse-back riding or swimming.

This is merely a glimpse of the most beautiful and amazing indoor pool I have ever seen.  For you architecture buffs this house was designed by Julia Morgan out of San Francisco. 

To end our trip we gathered for dinner at the Sow's Ear in downtown Cambria and enjoyed a wonderful evening of food, fun and laughter.  All in all our trip was far too fast and we feel like we missed so much.  Having time schedules and rushing is not the way to do this lovely Coastal trip.
Thankfully we arrived safely home.  Our Heat Wave continues with no rain in any forecast for our area.  Fires continue to be the news of every day and so far...we have been spared. 
I was able to sew two dresses and will share them soon.  While at dinner and telling my friends about Dress a Girl Around the World the lady and daughter at the next table told me they are just finishing their batch of 3000 dresses.  I was gob-smacked to say the least.  Upon more chatting it turns out she and her daughter and their church make all these dresses.  WoW!!!  She inspired me to keep sewing.
Blessings and thank you for your friendship.  I adore this blogging community we share. 
As June comes to a close I can honestly say I did find my JOY in each and every day...sometimes it was a little search but it was always there.  Now I shall see what July holds in store for me and what word might inspire me.  I am liking a monthly word as opposed to an annual word.  Life is ever-changing and I want to be flexible and tolerant.  Creative Bliss is my forever that I follow...


  1. Oh my gosh, what amazing photos!! The west coast is so incredibly beautiful!! What a fun trip!! Nothing better than fresh salmon - yum!! I'm glad you had a great trip!! But such a shame so much of the Castle is closed. I wish I could send some of the rain we are getting right now your way. Happy last evening of June :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. What a great trip!!! And I didn't have to leave the couch! My daughter went to hearst castle..she loved the house..so interesting and so much to really see and take in...just beautiful. So glad you got 'out' to do this!! And thanks again for the trip!

  3. Too bad you had to rush. It does look like a lovely trip and one that could take many more days to see. But you enjoyed your time and did something different; that's what's important. A shame, too, about the water. This country spends a lot of money to provide fresh water for its residents and every single day they waste it washing their cars and the ground. Makes me very angry. Doing a little rain dance from here. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. If only it were so easy to produce water for the price of an admission. We're needing to turn that lovely salt water into drinking water. What a lovely trip on the fast track you had! Any trip about the countryside is a good one though.

  5. Your monthly word is a great idea. Wow, lovely scenery and what a building. You certainly drive in style! :)

  6. Dear Sherry, what a fantastic tour you both had,-the photoes tells of amazing experiences, and beautiful surroundings.
    Must be an experience just to travel in your husbonds car !! I dearly hope you make it through the heat, and that water will soon come from the sky, to fill up wells again, my dear.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  7. Hi Sherry! I've been thinking about you a lot with this latest round of sweltering weather ... ay yi yi. Sounds like you had a lovely, albeit at a fast clip, a lovely few days away. You went to all the places I love, Cambria, Big Sur and Monterey. Big Sur is glorious, isn't it?! Wishing you lots more adventures this summer! Sally xo

  8. Looks like you had a lovely trip! Great photos - and, freshly-caught salmon - oh, my! That lady's group making 3000 dresses - Wow!
    Those cars look fantastic - what fun to travel with a group and in such style! Hoping you'll get some much-needed rain VERY soon!
    xo Jane

  9. It's funny that you went to Hearst Castle, because a childhood friend of mine just went there for her birthday a few days ago with her daughter who just graduated from junior high school. I have fond memories of visiting Hearst Castle as a child. Back then not only was it cheaper for admission, but you got to see so much more. I saw the indoor and outdoor pools and several bedrooms, kitchen, living, dining rooms, sitting rooms, etc. Plus the grounds and views there are magnificent, aren't they? Do they still have zebras and other wild animals rooming about?

  10. OH YOU WERE THERE TOO! And Cambria, my goodness, on our first honeymoon 33 years ago, we ate there. I even remember what I ate: A HALF A CHICKEN, peas, a fabulous dark bread and potato. :))))))

    Isn't that a fabulous stretch of land and sea? And when we were in Monterery, we ate on the wharf and were amused with the sea lions and otters while eating. What a dream, huh?

    Thank you so much for visiting today. Enjoy your fourth! Anita

  11. What a wonderful trip you had, Sherry. There are so many gorgeous places in your country. The drought is awful. I hope you'll get some rain soon.

  12. Hi Sherry, what a fabulous coastal trip and your pics are wonderful. Looks like such a fun and happy group. So awesome about the dresses from the church group.
    Sure hope you get some much needed rain and stay safe from the fires. I wish I could send you some Texas rain.

    Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July and a great month ahead.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm


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