Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Enjoying Christmas Calm...

From that very first time of walking in the front door of this home before we even considered buying it I envisioned a Christmas tree right in this circular area.  This is the first time in 18 years my vision has come to be.  Thank you Mr. C for this beautiful gift.
The amazing quilt was created and handcrafted by a dear friend years ago and it and she are very special treasures.

The Angel topper I have had for decades and I am so happy she fits her new tree.

This is a very special and very old Santa ornament.   Mr. C has had this since his childhood.  Now that is quite the feat as he is not sentimental and doesn't save anything.  For a man who claims not to enjoy Christmas it is a miracle that this very old and delicate Santa has survived.

I read and savor every Christmas card and letter we receive.  Now this shelf is overflowing with love and care.

Here are more cards and letters surrounding a Santa/Wizard I hand crafted a couple of years ago.  He is greeting guests as they arrive.  I am surprisingly managing to enjoy Christmas Calm.  Just Mr. C and I and some friends getting together during the days leading to Christmas.  Then it will be a quiet day of JOY and LOVE.  Mr. C and I have decided to bake and ice cookies on Christmas Day.  That is what he wants and that is what we shall do.  Until then I am eating all the fudge Mr. C made.  Maybe he will make another batch and this time we will share it with neighbors and friends...I hope.
May you be making wonderful memories this year.  Merry Christmas to All...


  1. that is definitely the show place for the beautiful tree!!!It was worth the wait!
    The cards look lovely, I love cards as well, its a rare thing now to receive cards,,
    enjoy your cookies,, I love love fudge too!

  2. So peaceful and so beautiful
    Big hugs x

  3. That is a perfect spot for the tree! It looks beautiful!!! Interesting Mr. C. has kept that ornament...but what a keepsake!! Happy holidays to you both!

  4. your tree looks lovely. Have a lovely and peaceful time with Mr C

  5. Beautiful tree and it is perfect for that spot.
    Hope you and Mr C have the calm day you both want. I know Christmas can be chaotic and crazy.
    I will be driving to my sisters to have the new addition to the family open her gifts and then I am off with the hubs to the movies and dinner. This is want I want to do. Nothing else.
    Then the chaos again on the 26th shopping for the great after Christmas sales. That is my gift. That is all I asked for. LOL.
    Happy Holidays, Ana

  6. Takes my breath away! So much LOVE. Merriest Christmas, Sherry, and thank you...

  7. Just lovely, and the tree sets an inviting tone for the holidays all through the house. Enjoy your holidays.

  8. Your Mr C and my DH sound so much alike! I think making special cookies together on Christmas day sounds like the most wonderful thing to do. Enjoy every moment of your togetherness. Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas to you, Sherry and a very happiest New Year! Your home looks beautiful and festive. I'm convinced for sure now that Mr. C is a closet Christmas fanatic. Merry Christmas Mr. C!

  10. Lovely tree, special ornaments and sweet treats! Bless you both!

  11. Hi Sherry, I love your gorgeous tree in the entry circle area. This is stunning and the angel tops it perfectly. Your friends are greeted with that Sweet Santa and that is special too. Love the vintage ornament from you hubby's childhood. Things like this are special treasures.
    The cookie baking on Christmas sounds like such yummy fun. Enjoy the day and a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year! Hugs and joys by yours. xo
    p.s. got your ty card yesterday.;)

  12. dreams do come true,...your tree looks beautiful and perfectly suited with your staircase...joyous Christmas...x

  13. That tree fits the bill perfectly and your home looks all ready for Christmas.

  14. Your plans for the holidays sound absolutely wonderful - I can't think of anything more fun than baking and decorating cookies on Christmas Day - what a wonderful idea!
    I hope you have a delightful Christmas, full of joy and bliss... holly, jolly days...

  15. Love the tree! I'm so glad you liked the chewy chai snickerdoodle recipe! Have fun making it - hope you had a very merry Christmas too (:


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