Monday, December 21, 2015

Yes, More House Mouses...

Here we are on Monday morning of Christmas week.  It is still dark outside and it is pouring rain.  We are getting lots of rain and the ski resorts are getting lots of snow.  Just the way it should be and we thank you Mother Nature! 
I will try to NOT post any further photos this year of my ever expanding mouse collection.  I do love each and every one I have.  I enjoy clearing the Cherry Wood shelves in the Great Room to make way for Christmas themed mice.    I think by this photo and the previous post you can see how Mr. C is overrun with the little cuties which he does not have any fondness for.

This is a lifetime of collecting and as you can see my tastes vary.

And through the years I have actually edited and passed along some of my mice.  After all I don't want to seem greedy.

Here we have some interlopers of Angels and Santas.  I do love them also.  My Grandma made the stitched plastic canvas Angel which is second from the left.  I really cherish this handmade Angel.

And these little cuties just joined me this year.  They were sent by a very good friend who moved away and she hasn't forgotten my love of mice.  Thank you dear. 
Yesterday I was able to spend some precious time with my sister and we exchanged our Christmas gifts.  We know one another so well and it is easy to please us with our thoughtful gifts.  The best gift of all is spending quality time together. 
No shopping for me this week unless I need something special at the local market.  This will be a week to enjoy friends and small get-togethers.  Family time will be via telephone this year. 
I have managed to enjoy Christmas Calm so far and I see no reason why it can't continue.  What is done is done and the rest is not critical.  I am enjoying all the wonderful cards and letters that are arriving daily and I truly appreciate the time spent to write and mail them.  Thank you everyone.
I have a lot of clean up and organizing to do in my studio.  I am also gathering a truckload of donations for our local charities.  There always seems to be far more supplies than I could ever possibly use so I like to share with others.  Warm coats, gloves and umbrellas will be very welcomed by the shelters this rainy Winter.  Be Kind To Others and your spirits will soar.  Blessings to all...


  1. I've enjoyed seeing your wee mouse collection. You have so many different ones. Raining here too. We had a tiny little skiff of snow on Saturday but it's all gone. It appears we are going to have a green Christmas. Not good for those that like to ski and snowmobile though.

  2. What a wonderful mouse collection! I am finished with all of the preparations and am also enjoying some Christmas Calm. Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!

  3. your mice are adorable!! I love to see such passion in collecting,, I 'm so glad you are getting rain,,the calm in this time of holiday madness is very soothing,, we are having a quiet Christmas as well,,Merry Christmas to you and family!

  4. Your house mouses are so sweet!! I love looking at your collection!! They are so fabulous!! It's raining cats and dogs here, too...supposed to all week. It's going to be in the high 50's with rain on Christmas Day, which I totally prefer to the white stuff :) I hope you have a safe and happy Holiday week my sweet friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. It sounds like you are spending Christmas just the way you should! I love your mice, the new ones are so cute and grandmas angel....What a treasure. So glad to hear you are getting rain...Lot of rain!

    Merry Christmas my friend

  6. Rain is so very welcome after your drought times.
    Love the cute mice.Glad you're enjoying a lovely relaxing time in the lead-up to Christmas

  7. a wonderful collection of mice and gd to see you have a couple of angels keeping them from mischief. Have a peaceful and happy Christmas

  8. Aww rain is truly beautiful..we also had rain yesterday and I love it so much .
    I love your sweet mice..they all so cute .
    Merry Christmas hugs x

  9. Oh gosh, you DO have an amazing mouse collection!! Love you new additions too. We are having rain also, sure beats snow!!
    Merry Christmas

  10. Everything sounds calming and I know you'll have a very mice Christmas! ;^)

  11. Glad you've had rain - we are still very dry here. Sounds as though you are well on track for a relaxed and joyful Christmas, good for you.

  12. Such a cute display. I made felt Christmas mice ornaments when my children were very young. I gave them all to my daughter a few years ago for her tree. I still think they are darling and love seeing them on her trees now. Each mouse I made held something in their hands such as a wreath, a present, a candy cane, etc. and there was a girl and a boy version of each too. I loved embroidering them and adding sequins on each. Your darling mice reminded me of those I had made and brought back fun memories too.

  13. OHHH Sherry, your collection is really huge, and so fun and sweet. Also here it rains, and will the coming days ,too. I look forward to spend Christmas with my daughter ,the kids and their father , and I hope it will be lovely and calm, just like yours.
    Happy days of Christmas, to you and your family, and a wonderful and blessed New Year.

  14. Ahhhhhhh - I love your "little" collection...probably should say your collection of "little" mice! Thank you again, my friend, for the beautiful little owl, that is sitting in my Christmas tree through the holiday season. I love it, and appreciate you and our friendship. Merry Christmas, Sherry - stay safe and warm!

  15. So glad you're getting the rain! Love your mouse collection photos! I didn't see a mouse trap so Mr. C must not mind them TOO much! Wish I could say I'm enjoying Christmas Calm, but I'm not there yet! However, I do enjoy the hustle and bustle - I think - as long as I'm here at home!Merry Christmas!

  16. You are spending this wonderful time before Christmas just the perfect way. I love you mice collection. The newbees are perfect additions. Have a very Merry Christmas my dear. Love, LJ

  17. Raining here too in the UK with muchmore forecaat. Like you all my christmas food shopping is done so no panic buying needed. I liked looking at your mouse display. My mice are out all yr long on the corner cabinet but get chrismassy because so,e of the cards get put with them . Merry christmas to you and your family. Hope you will have a crafty New Year. Hugs Mrs A.

  18. I started last year being crazy about these little mice
    yours are all adorable
    I found 3 little hand man mice in walnut shells this year in a flea market type place and they hang on a little stick tree.
    The little mice your friend sent you are the cutest

    Merry Christmas ' Janice

  19. Goodness gracious, you do have a lot of meeces around there. :) Glad to hear you are getting rain. Some places that normally have snow will be having an unusually warm Christmas this year it seems. We actually had a very cloudy today and the same is forecast for tomorrow. It's in the 50s which feels cold to me. My college boy is in CA now and he thinks 58 F is hot since it's below freezing in Colorado. :) Happy holidays!

  20. Love the mice collections. They are all adorable, but I especially like the red and green polka dotted ones.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you lots of love, happiness and most importantly good Health.
    Crafty hugs from Miami, Ana


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