Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas...

This is Mr. C's beautiful Nativity set.  It is hand carved out of Olive Wood.  He purchased it decades ago in Bethlehem during his many world travels.  It is something that we cherish together now. 

This is "baby" Jesus.  The wood carvers don't know how to do a baby so they merely carve a grown man's face.  We don't mind.

This is my tiny little Nativity set.  It is ceramic and I purchased it decades ago.  It is so old the price tag on it reflects I paid $4.99 at a dime store. 

I love this little set and it brings me comfort.  There is a calm to it.
Merry Christmas to you my family and friends.  Today will be one of JOY as we spend time together reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas and not just the presents and food and libations.
Blessings to All...


  1. I have a simple little nativity set that I bought in Bethlehem when we were there in February. Both yours are very lovely. Merry Christmas!

  2. Wishing you Merry Christmas dear friend xx

  3. Both beautiful sets and wonderful memorises of them. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. 2 lovely nativity sets the real meaning of Christmas

  5. they are both lovely,, The wooden set show such talent in carving,, the wood so rick and warm,, the small set reminds me of one my Mum had,,I love that,

  6. You have two very beautiful nativity sets. I would be more than happy if that was all we put out for Christmas 'decorations' - after all, it reflects the true meaning for Christmas. Happy day after!

  7. Merry Christmas to you Sherry and Mr. C. beautiful nativity sets. I forgot to put my white one out that i purchased years ago as well. I did put the one my mom gifted my husband that was hers from years ago as well.
    You are right about the real meaning of Christmas. Most people get so wrapped up in gifts that they really forget what Christmas really is about.
    Happy New Year, may 2016 bring you Good Health, lots of love and happiness.
    Pleas share the cookies you baked for Mr. C.
    Hugs, Ana

  8. Those are both beautiful - special in their own way.

  9. Oh, what a stunning Nativity set!! It's so beautiful!! A friend brought me back a wood rosary from Bethlehem and I treasure it!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! Happy New Year!! I hope 2016 is filled with much love and happiness my friend!! Big hugs :)

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