Friday, December 18, 2015

Is There a Mouse in the House?

It has been told that I collect mice.  Since I was a little girl.  I even named our little house we lived in "The Mouse House".  I love tiny and small and cute and mice are just that to me.  So...when decorating for Christmas all the special Christmas mice come out for Joyful Sentimental Times.
Each one has special meaning for me.  For Mr. C they are just...well let's not tell that!

There were times when I had little money for living expenses however I managed to acquire a new mouse each year during after Christmas Sales.

Through the years I have quite a collection.  Each one unique and each one makes me smile with happiness.

And then there are the very special mice that have been gifted to me from family and special friends.  This Mr. and Mrs. Santa Mice are extra special because a dear blogging friend whom I was lucky enough to meet in person actually created these for me.  You might know her and her blog.  She is Jillayne of A Fine Seam and her blog is Quilting Fabrications.  I adore her and her magic she creates with fabrics and thread and needle.  Thank you Jillayne.  I am eternally grateful.
I don't usually post gifts I receive from blogging friends.  I feel it may be uncomfortable for others who either don't get a gift or may not be able to give a gift.  I am beyond thankful for each and every card and gift my blog friends share with me.  I hope you know how special you are!  Thank You.
As the days are checking off I am accomplishing enough to not get all stressed out this year.  I hope you are able to enjoy this wonderful time of celebrations and merriment.  I realize it is not easy for some.  Mr. C is in this group and I try to respect his feelings.  The other day he requested home baked cookies with icing and sprinkles.  I was so surprised and felt badly because that is not my area.  So this weekend it is my task to shop for supplies and then hopefully bake and decorate cookies for him.  After all it is such a simple request from such a caring and loving man who is living with hundreds of Mouses in his House.  Let us all keep the true meaning of Christmas and enJOY this magical time...


  1. I can't even imagine living with such a Scrooge. I would have thought it impossible for him to still dislike holidays living you. But with the cookie request, maybe we just don't want anyone to know too soon that just maybe we ARE liking some of this holiday shenanigans...hohoho...hahaha. Your mice collection is adorable. The only kind to have in the house and enjoy. Merry Christmas Sherry!

  2. Aww I love mice so much too..they all my fav :)
    Yours decoration is so sweet.
    Sending you big hugs
    Love you x

  3. All of your mice are absolutely adorable!! I love how you've displayed them!! I collect mermaid-themed items and I've tried to keep them all in one area but they've slowly taken over :) I hope you have a wonderful time baking the cookies!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Love this collection of very sweet little mice.Your collection connects you to Christmases past, and that's why they mean so much. Sometimes these little objects have more meaning than a side-table, lamp.....they are small, and can be handled.
    I have a big box of samples of things I have made over the years, and all the gifts I have received from Pen Pals blogging friends etc. Every time I take out a little thing I have made or received, I am transported back to that time.
    Happy Holidays prep's to you.
    Judy x

  5. I like mice too, but don't have a collection. My maiden name was 'Michie' (pronounced 'Mickey') so of course mice enter into my life! My favourite is a little hooked one that a friend made for me before she's a special treasure on my tree every year.

  6. Your little MICE family (or should I say families!) are adorable!!! Just so adorable!!!!

  7. ...not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse... Our collections and how they make us remember and smile, are such personal treasures. I love gingerbread anything, and Russian Nesting Dolls. Merry Christmas, Sherry and Mr. C.!

  8. you certainly have a lovely family of mice to celebrate with you this Christmas! Have a peaceful and joyous time

  9. Funny how we all have a special Christmas character or thing we love the most. Terry doesn't like Christmas either. He can put me in a HUGE depression. One year I got so upset I didn't put one decoration out or buy one present..that was the last time he EVER complained about Christmas decor. He DID feel really bad.

    I collect Nativities and Christmas Village items. I hve so many that I limit new purchases to the little people and enhancements.

    Merry Christmas

  10. Your mouse collection looks like a special treasure trove, full of so many memories! That's so sweet that Mr. C wants you to bake & decorate some cookies! Maybe he'll add a mouse to your collection one of these days :)

  11. I have several mice families in my house and fortunately they are like yours not real ones (though we once had some of those, too.) LOL Such a sweet collection!

  12. Everybody needs a collection! :) Christmas blessings to you and your 'house'!!! ;^)

  13. A very sweet collection and lovely gift from a blog friend. I'm sure you'll do just fine with the cookie making. I'm going to a cookie festival today where my friend does all the baking herself so I'll be coming home with lots of goodies. :)

  14. Hi Sherry, your collection is amazing and so extra sweet. I love it and what a treasure to enjoy through the holiday. Have fun with your cookie baking. I am sure they will be delicious!!!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all good wishes in the new year!! xo

  15. What a darling collection of mice Sherry.
    I collect Elves and put them in our bay window,just not this year. I've about run out of room tho so I may have to find a new place for them next year.
    Merry Christmas. Hugs Lynn


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