Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday so soon...

Well here we are at the close of another week. My the days are quickly passing. I have so much I want to get done but the hours are just too quick for me. Then again I could seriously do nothing but watch the grass grow. Speaking of grass here is another picture taken with my new camera...the detail is amazing to me.

Today I spent a very nice lunch time with a friend of mine who is extremely bright and interesting. We had no hurries or time constraints so we merely enjoyed our chatting and lunching without the usual time issues. I am afraid I did more than my share of the talking though. I will need to be more mindful of listening more than talking.

I am thinking of taking my brand new box of crayons I got from my Saucy Chick partner and doing some coloring. Maybe that will get my creative energy flowing. I have some ideas in my head but they need some inspiration. It will also be a challenge as I shall color with my non-dominant left hand. Actually my mother and grandmother were both left-handed so I know I can accomplish this simple creative task. Hmmm...will I stay in the lines or go beyond them? I was fortunate when I was little because my mother and father were both open minded enough to let me color a cow purple if I wanted to...or anything any color I desired instead of the "normal" colors one would think of. Usually I did just what one would predict...a brown cow or a black and white cow however sometimes I just went beyond the norm. Maybe that is why I just loved the decorated cow statues that were popular some time ago. Lots of color and design on each and everyone of them so that people really paid attention to what the theme of each cow really was. Okay, enough of cows. Here where I live we have a lot more deer than we do cows. Yes, our town did the decorated full size deer statues a few years back and yes I was more than ecstatic to participate in decorating one of them. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show. It was lots of fun and a fund raising affair for some non-profits here in town.

We are continuing to enjoy much needed rain so maybe tomorrow I shall put on my galoshes and splash about. Oh dear, I don't own any galoshes. However I do have rainboots...

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