Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Flower...

This is a photo taken in cloudy light yesterday with my very new promised digital camera. It is amazing and quite easy to use so far. My husband is giving me lessons and helping me. Yikes is all I can say since I am overwhelmed with technical information way too quickly and my brain just quits paying attention or absorbing after so much.
I am so excited to have such a beautiful camera and fabulous pictures that I am really doing my best to practice, learn and grow in this medium.
This morning all by myself I did a photoshoot for my newest etsy item (please check it out at and I think the photos turned out very well.
Today we are having rain which is much needed here as we have had a very dry January. And it will help all the beautiful winter flowers. By-the-way the photo is of a soft purple Vinca Minor flower that we have planted on our front slope. They are very happy little flowers and one of the very few that the deer do not eat.
Snow in the mountains and rain for the rest of us...looks like a wonderful weekend ahead.

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