Monday, January 19, 2009


Hello readers:

Here is a picture of a bracelet that I made for someone getting married and she had a starfish theme and loved pearls. Unfortunately this picture is very poor quality. This is something I am learning and studying so that I might be able to take much better photos for as I believe the photos are what catch a persons eye and get them interested enough to look further and ultimately purchase. In order to take better photos I just knew I needed a new digital camera. I have been telling Santa for a couple of years that I want and need a new camera. This year I was certain I was getting my new camera from Santa since I have been such a good girl all year long. Well, Santa was the bad boy and did not honor me with a camera. Luckily my husband felt badly for me and decided to buy me one. We went shopping and my greatest wish was for small in order to carry it in my purse or pocket. Since my husband is an engineer and very detail oriented he couldn't care less about size and cuteness or color of the camera...only the functions and how well it works. What a concept. Of course I was also worried about the cost and was trying to keep it down in case I don't succeed at taking the most fabulous photos. Again, I am very fortunate because my husband is oblivious to the price if the functions are right. This results in a far superior camera for me...but still small and cute...and for him enough technical capabilities to keep him happy since he is a true photographer and knows what he is doing. So today I wait and study my 163 page manual I printed off the manufacturers website. Tomorrow I hope Mr. Brown of UPS will deliver my little jewel so that I might begin my new hobby of taking better photos with better composition, lighting etcetera. I am beyond excited as you can tell by this lengthy post. I won't be able to retake this bracelet photo since I gave it away but I will do something comparable so we can see a "before and after" photo.

I also recognize the historic events of this country in today and tomorrow as we celebrate Martin Luther King and our new president Barack Obama and the challenges we all face together.

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