Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snowy Sunday...

This is a picture of Sasha BooBoo kitty. This is not her favorite shot but she did approve my posting of it tonight.
Well today I braved the snow as it was falling to drive down the hill to meet my sister so we could finally celebrate our Christmas together and give one another our gifts. I just did not want to cancel our visit so that is why I weighed the "should I stay home or be brave and leave and hope the snow quits and I can get back up the hill to come home and take care of my beloved fur-child Sasha BooBoo kitty". Thank goodness I was lucky and returned home with no incident of snow on the roads. Actually it turned out to be a beautiful day both visiting with my sister and with the weather. Now as I am watching the evening news...what? No television signal? Oh, of course, it is snowing again!

Of course I did take a few pictures with the fabulous new camera but the multimedia notebook is not home so I am not able to transfer them or upload to my blog. I actually went outside this morning and took a photo of the snow falling and my camera has a "snow" feature so I got the actual snowflakes in the photo as they were falling. Amazing!!! I will show it in future posts.

My sister had a theme to her gifts she gave me and I love them all. The theme was pampering and I am going to get used to this treatment very quickly I think. My feet are nice and massaged, my body is buttered and my senses are peaked and calmed with Ruby Guava scented candle and I am wrapped in a luxurious soft plush plum colored throw. How special I feel. Thank you my dear sister. I love you very much.
Have your best week of January as it is the last week of January. Make time for yourself.

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