Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabrics with themes...

Hello and no I have not skipped two months this year and yes I am aware of how fast time is passing.

I have been thinking of how fabrics can direct a project with it's themes. I gathered my Halloween fabrics from their holiday bin and set them out on the studio table. I am hoping they give me some inspiration and direction as to what to make with them this year for Halloween gifts.

Each year I usually make my Halloween cards that I mail to family and friends. This year I bought some cute simple cards but that is not enough for me. My creativity gene is begging me to make something in the spirit of pumpkins, ghosts, witches and all things Halloween.

So here I sit blogging while my brain is thinking of what to make. I have some ideas in my head so maybe tomorrow I will see what comes from fabric and thread and mmmmmmmmmmm

I am not into scary or freaky Halloweens so maybe something cute or practical. I like to let ideas spin around for a while before I put them into action. I shall post whatever it is when I have something created and take some pics to share.


  1. email me at angell100@comcast.net please:-)

  2. thank you I do.. I thank you I do.. I thank you I doo ohhhh.. I thank you I do..
    The real truth is.. my birthday was in July! LOl.. just a bit late on my photos showing..
    hugs, Darlene xo


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