Sunday, August 9, 2009

Working on blogging better...

How ironic that I am working every day on how to blog better and as a result I have absolutely nothing to blog on my blog.

I will try to have something new this week.

How hard it is to think right now.

Maybe I am experiencing "writers block" like in the old fashioned days of actually hand writing or typing for a story or book. Now days I think people merely "google" and their block is gone. lol

How do each of you find worthy content to blog about from day to day?

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  1. I try to keep a little notebook all the time, and whenever something funny or interesting happens, I write just a few words to remind me of the topic. I may not get to the topic for weeks, or I may decide later that it wasn't as funny or worthy as I originally thought, but that usually gets me going. Forcing it is the worst for me. If I decide I'm going to blog every day, for example, my mind will go completely blank!!! -- that title of your blog might just be the problem (oh the pressure!!!)


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