Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today begins our annual county fair. We have lovely pine tree fairgrounds and people seem to come from all over California to enjoy our local doings.
This picture of we "Saucy Chicks" Lorraine and Sherry was taken several years ago. The fair had a chicken theme that year. We were already making and selling saucy chickens so we fit right into the theme quite well.
This year we are not participating due to time constraints and being on our road trip. I am certain everyone will have a wonderful time visiting and enjoying the fair.
Meantime, I have been working on some new thoughts and plans for this blog and for my etsy shop. It is time for a revamp and a new spark of creativity. I will be addressing my profile and updating it. I will also be making and posting some new lines of items for purchase.
Please stay tuned and see what is in store.
Enjoy your days and savor the wonder of it all.

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  1. great photo! looking forward to seeing all the changes you have in store for your blog and shop :)


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