Saturday, August 15, 2009

Progress is being made...

Well this is progress for me. I have avoided using an actual photo of myself for all the obvious reasons...I hate how I look. In reality I am very aware of my age and my girth but that doesn't make it any more pleasant. I certainly do not want to show everyone, however in my wisdom of age I realize that I am who I am and I have earned every wrinkle and pound from experiencing life. At this stage of age I am actually enjoying being who I am and find it very comfortable. So on that note I say hello to anyone in blog land who is kind enough to read or follow what I have to say.
As for another bit of progress I am making...I am doing the steps to make my blog and my etsy online store and my facebook and my new twitter all reflect the same photo and name of createology so as to be consistent. In setting goals and reviewing them I find I need to update and create an image of continuity towards being successful with my business growth. I am no longer playing and having a hobby as now I am seriously pursuing a valid business of making and selling my lines of products. I will expand on this in future posts.
Thank you to my friend Margaret who is spending her valuable time coaching me.
Thank you to my dear hubby who is trying to be patient with my progress.

P.S. This photo looks like I could be looking in a mirror and I am seeing my mother. lol


  1. Awee, You are so sweet and most certainly very very pretty.
    Like me, I often feel, OMG.. I look awful.. but am growing into myself.
    Your new expansion of life sound marvelous and I pray you much success!
    Hugs, Darlene

  2. Hey, I enjoyed your blog! I found you in a round-about way, like usual, lol. Can I give you a hint that's easy with Etsy? If you go to the bottom of your Etsy page, you'll see a link for "etsy mini". If you follow that, you can put your own little etsy shop right on the sidebar of your blog, and it shows little thumbnails of stuff in your shop. I know Etsy is hard work, but kinda fun work. It does take time and I haven't spent nearly enough time working on my shop! Good luck! Karen


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